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  1. Tonight (actually last night) on The Daily 10 the suspender incident made the list. They showed two very nice shots of Gerry. Dee
  2. Hobbes, I could not find a post with your blog, so I haven't read it. However, from the other posts, I think I've figured it out. Here's what I think (and hope) is Gerry's management team's thinking. It's a safety issue.....in a crowd of fans, there could be just one person who could cause him harm. We read about stars and stalkers all the time. We know we love him and would never hurt him, but there are so many crazy people out there that don't know there's a difference between fan-love and obsession. One of my prayers for Gerry has been "keep him safe" and if keeping his distance
  3. Add me to your long list of admirers Bethy. You do FANtastic work. Pilar - can't wait to hear about your weekend. Hobbes - did you have TOO much fun??? Dee
  4. I know it's Sunday.....but it's almost 6pm...where is everyone????? Dee
  5. Thanks for the info. I would not own jewelry, lingerie, dresses, blouses, shirts, etc. if it wasn't for QVC. QVC.com Dee
  6. :funnyabove: Thanks Stef... Gerry can hit me in the head with his suspenders anytime!!!!! Dee I'm sorry Hilary was hurt. I bet Gerry was sick over the incident.
  7. So many wonderful songs. My favorite that reminds me of Gerry is "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You." A few lines: You're just too good to be true Can't take my eyes off of you You'd be like heaven to touch I want to hold you so much The thought of you leaves me weak There are no words left to speak You're just too good to be true Can't take my eyes off of you. Yeah.... Dee
  8. Hello to all my GALS. Suz - you and your family are still in my prayers. Succomb2me - You'll love it here. Irene - a very special HI!!! Risa - so glad you're back from your trip safe and sound. Missed your yummy pics, and missed you, too, of course. Anna - Watch out for Butler and that knife. If he's anything like my Scotty, he'd fake a cut just for the attention!!! for all your prayers on my behalf. As you can tell, I'm feeling much better, and my "frisky" is returning. :woah: No way, I've been calm for 2 months now. Enough is enough. Dee
  9. Hobbes - thanks for the gorgeous Gerry picture. This is one of my favorites. (If I ever get my scanner to work, and can get the pictures in my photobucket account, I have some pictures I want to post.) I'm having a wonderful day off. I've spent most of the morning right here catching up. Dee
  10. Anna - what a cutie. I love reading all your posts. I was so worried about you, and now you seem to be doing great. However, you and Mac are still on my prayer list. At home today. Hope to catch up on all my GALS posts. Oh, and maybe I'll do a little housework!!! Hope everyone has a great day. To those having problems, you're in my prayers. :hugsnkisses: Dee
  11. 3? Okay. I have a bracelet I wear everyday that has 3 little words on it. I bought it because it reminded me of Gerry, but I realized after a few days that it described the NEW ME. And all because of Gerry and GALS. Dream Believe Achieve Dee
  12. Thought I had added my name for POTO but can't find my post. Please add me to the list. Thanks. Dee
  13. Risa, Thanks for the pics. Sorry you've had some bad days. I think what you need is a great big Dee
  14. Zany, My name is already on the list. Please be sure and add Texas Gramma. Thanks. Dee PS - Sue. Scotty McCool was lying on the sofa "nekked" when I woke up this morning.....now where did he hide his clothes?????
  15. Bella, have you come back down to earth yet? Are you breathing? Just have one thing to say.....girl, Dee
  16. Hello to all. I've been trying to catch up since I've been away so long. to everyone who sent PM's and e-mails and SC posts for my recovery from my heart attack and both stent proceedures. I love each and everyone of you. Weekend before last, I went to Austin to see B&G. My first time to see Gerry on the big screen. Now I'm spoiled and can't wait to see BOAW and 300!!!!! (Of course, this trip set me back a little bit, but it was well worth it!!!) to all who are having troubles right now. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Anna and Nathan - so happy for both of you. A
  17. Stef, Whatever you did must have been the right thing. I just came on and did not have to log on. Thanks. Dee
  18. I was not aware of this option. Where is it? Dee
  19. I finally was able to log in, but since 9/10 I have to log in everytime I come to the forum or want to retrieve my PMs. What's going on? Can this be fixed? Dee
  20. Leslie, I feel the same way.... until I got the companion book, I thought he was saying "You're changing your mind. You belong to me." Oh well.... Dee
  21. Leslie, In Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera Companion book, it says: Your chains are still mine - you belong to me. Dee
  22. Leslie, Your spin the bottle game sounds a lot like strip poker!!!!! I decided I'd better join you guys so I can get a Con '07 reservation. Dee
  23. What a beautiful place that would be....however, we have it now--right here in the GALS SC. I love this site and all the wonderful GALS & PALS. Dee
  24. I just had trouble getting on the forum. I kept getting the log in or register because it showed me as a guest. I shut down my computer and tried again, but got the same thing. So I went to My Controls and got on that way. I did try to log in, but I guess I have forgotten my log in information, because it did not recognize my info. Dee Clarification: I could get to the forum, but at the top, it showed me as a guest.
  25. Hello my GALS. I want to thank everyone for their prayers, PMs, e-mails, and posts of concern about me since my heart attack. Went to work yesterday, but stayed too long. I have been in bed almost all day today. Have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and the 2nd stint on the 20th. The really hard thing I'm going through is nicotine withdrawal!!!! Please keep me in your prayers. I've finally read through all these posts, and I want everyone who is going through tough times, illnesses, etc., that you are in my prayers and thoughts. And, all who have had good news....a big thumbs up!!!
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