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  1. Did I vote this week in the game?  9/16/18

  2. Gerry is a sweetheart in more ways than one!

  3. I saved your "It's Hard to Be Humble" video - it has to be my favorite one. You haven't been around lately - things alright in your part of the world.


  4. Absolutely love my new siggy - if I don't have Sweet Gerry Dreams with that on my mind - nothing will do it.You are the best!

  5. Happy 6th GALS anniversary. Time sure flies when you are having fun. By the way I don't see me on your friends list - I'm crushed. The con was great - it gets better & better every year if that is possible. I'm happy I won a complete outfit of Gerry's so he will have something to wear when he visits - although he looks great in the yellow towel I brought him.


  6. You rock! As I told you WHEN (not if) you get to Broadway I will make the trip from Jersey and be in the audience. All the best always! Welcome to GALS!

    Barbara (lugerry)

  7. Just hi busy lady - never hear from you - hope all is well - and have a terrific birthday sweetie!!!!

  8. How have you been - missing you here - since I don't see you here - I will keep you in my prayers for what ever you are dealing with.

    Hugs, Barbara

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