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  1. Barbara, So glad you enjoyed my "It's Hard To Be Humble" vid well enough to save it. I still check in to see what's going on with Gerry. Have a Merry Christmas. Nade

  2. I saved your "It's Hard to Be Humble" video - it has to be my favorite one. You haven't been around lately - things alright in your part of the world.


  3. Yes, you are Gerry....that's why we love ya! Sue, I love those two pics in your post. I hadn't seen those. How funny. I need to add that one to my 'bird' folder. Never a dull moment with this guy...thank goodness. Nadine
  4. Mel, This is a great graphic! Had a little time on your hands Saturday, did you? I couldn't believe it when I walked in & saw it up on the big screen. Thanks, Nadine
  5. I would like to add my THANKS to Dayna & all the mods for another wonderful convention. EVERYTHING both nights was just perfect. Also, thank you to Mel & Pat for hosting the video workshops. Martin was so gracious, charming & funny. Thanks so much for being there. Deb, thanks for bringing Gerry's jeans home to AZ! And, of course, a BIG thank you to Gerry for the phone call. I had a wonderful time and I think a lot of the thanks for that goes to my roommates....Jamie & Barb! It was good to see everyone. Nadine
  6. nade

    Videos from the Convention

    Hey Alice, Thank you for posting the video! Does he say that he was doing another Men's Health cover all day? Wooho! I didn't catch that Saturday night. The ladies who do the transcript will be our heros for sure! Nadine
  7. Hey Pat, I plan on attending your wokshop. 1. I use Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 6. 2. I know how to rip clips. 3. I've worked with moving clips. 4. Interested in your demo. 5. Working with keyframing a little - still have lots to learn. 6. I've worked with overlays. 7. I've worked with pan/crop/zoom - still have lots to learn. I'm interested in learning extending the length or timing of effects, transitions, etc. I've got the VASST video on Vegas Studio 6 by good ole' Spotted Eagle. I'm going to be on vacation next week in the Great State of Texas & plan to play with Vegas while my husband is conferencing. I'm looking forward to the workshop as it's great to be able to ask questions & exchange ideas. Look forward to seeing everyone. Nadine
  8. :goodjob2: Congratulations... Lady Fran Have Mercy Sara Everyone did a great job. I loved all the art work. Nadine
  9. Miklyn, Great idea! Thanks. I agree with Susan that listing by screen name makes more sense. I also like the idea of a personal motto or saying by each one....something like that can be a little window to the soul! Nadine
  10. Congratulations to Pat, Mel & Kelli! Each one of your vids were beautifully done. A big thanks to everyone who entered. I enjoyed watching all the vids. Nadine
  11. To The Ladies Who Entered, Congratulations! You made this a very hard decision. Best of luck to all of you! Nadine :goodjob2:
  12. Hi, I thought I'd share this with you guys. Last night I went to a screening. There were people from Lionsgate there. They had been 'sort of' introduced before the movie so I knew who they were. After the movie they were standing at the back by the door as you went out. So I stopped in front of the 'young man' & said 'we'd like to see Shattered'. He said 'I keep hearing about this movie.' So I laughed & said 'Well, dristribute it so we can see it!' There was a 'young lady' standing by him & she said 'at the right time.' The crowd was moving me along so I didn't stay to discuss 'timing' where I would have been forced to mention that they had already missed the 300 wave in the theatres & now the 300 DVD release wave. I know they aren't the people making the decisions regarding the release but I just thought it would be fun to say something to them. Nadine
  13. nade

    2007 Cony Stories!

    Kittypro, I couldn't have said it better myself & I second everything you said! One of the poeple I wanted to meet was Kittypro so I went up & inserted myself into a conversation that Kittypro & Abrock were having. They did not bite my head off. I think I made my apology for doing so. I got to visit with Kittypro about Sony Vegas. Did I get to know her real well? No, but I at least met her & next year maybe I'll get to visit with her some more. My point, you've got to make your own opportunities! The con is a million opportunities just waiting to happen. I've been a member of GALS since the beginning but I don't post much & hardly anyone knows who I am. That's okay. Last year I met some new people. This year I maybe got to know them a little better & I met some new people. Next year....... If you did nothing on Friday & Saturday night but watch that great slideshow that Abrock showed up on the GIANT screen, you would have had a wonderful time! I'm looking forward to next year! Nadine
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