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    I like music such as Duran Duran, Evanescence, and too many other bands to mention on here!<br />I love to dance, read books by Anne Rice, Stephen King, (JKR) Harry Potter etc. and practice Welsh faerie Wicca. <br />I have a BS degree in Microbiology and Zoology <br />and just received my MPH (Masters Degree in Public Health).<br />Infectious diseases here I come!<br />I am now working at the CDC in Atlanta!

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  1. Hi Gerry, I hope you received the letter I sent you on behalf of my Grandma (granny tart) and your newest fans Elizabeth (6 years old) and Jakob (4) I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Take care, Michele
  2. Happy Birthday Gerry, I hope you received the letter I sent you, on behalf of my family: my Grandma (granny tart ), my 6 year old niece Elizabeth and 4year old nephew Jake ( your newest fans in my family). We all wish you a Happy Day and hope you know how much your fans love you. Take care, Michele
  3. Hi where are the new pictures and facebook comments and tweets of Gerry from 7/4? Thanks Michele
  4. I'm excited to see Gerry clean shaven and with the dark hair he once had. I hope we get to see the commercial in the US Michele
  5. Wow thats so great! I hope you all are having a great time! Michele Wish I was there
  6. I bought two copies because my granny won't forgive me unless I send her one! Yes she will be 90 in December and she still likes him Michele
  7. Oh that explains it Ohio, New York- same difference You're too funny Michele
  8. Yeah that's what I was thinking so its probably like the Cameron Diaz thing Michele
  9. It was a good article I guess it is hard to find the perfect girl (who would be all the things he is looking for) when he is in the movie business It's time for Gerry to start checking out the "regular girl" pool I'm 39 myself and on the same quest he is-its not easy- that's for sure Michele
  10. Thats so great isaboo! I'm really happy you got to meet him!! Michele
  11. I had no idea he'd be on the front cover again! and I was JUST at CVS looking at Mens Health I wish it was out now Michele
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