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  1. OH I'M SOOOOO EXCITED!!! I know, it's early. But I sure hope it happens. I can't stand a dry spell. Gerry would make such a handsome superhero. Luv Ya Gerry!
  2. :phantom:/> OMG,OMG!!! Just got back from the movie. GERRY WAS AWWWWWWSOME!! Hopefully, this movie will 'redeme' him with the critics. This was soooooo good and Gerry was sooooo good. You did good Gerry. AND, may I say, you looked even better this time...NO BEARD. Luv Ya Gerry!
  3. :frank:/> Thank you soooo much becozy & sweetquebecer for the notice about Jay and Kathy Lee and Hoda. I just saw Gerry on Kathy Lee and Hoda and I was so glad they brought up his singing and Phantom of the Opera. He NEVER got enough praise for that. He was WONDERFUL in it and it's still my favorite (300 is right behind ) Going to OHF today and can't contain myself...SOOOOO EXCITED! LUV YA GERRY!
  4. I agree with you Christy40, that I wish he would be on Jay. Jay has supported Gerry since the Phantom...even when Game of Their Lives (still think that name was best) and Dear Frankie came out in 2005. AND, Gerry and Jay are sooooo funny together. Darn, I wish he would have been booked. Luv Ya Gerry!
  5. Okay 'Bill' and 'Sean', I know it's a good thing to talk about. I hope one a you guys will have Gerry on too. I love my country and don't want to see things like this happen. So, I'm sooooo glad Gerry did a movie about this topic. AND, I'm also extrememly happy it's coming out before that 'other White House disaster movie'. GERRY'S MOVIE WILL BE BETTER!!!!!
  6. OMG! I've always hoped Gerry would do something with Mel. I totally looooved Braveheart. My other wish has been to see Gerry & Keanu together in a movie... Luv Ya, Gerry!
  7. :awesome: OMG!!! I just saw it...AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE! Love my Gerry! He looks sooooooo good. Beautiful face again. Just wish he'ld let us see it more. It's tooooo handsome to hide. Robin
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR GERRY!!!! I'm so glad you went home to your mum for your day. You look handsomer every year. Please keep up the good work. I love seein' more movies and hope to see you again. Luv ya so much and wish you a wonderful year! Robin
  9. Oh, I love Kelly and Michael. I've been anxious to see how Michael and Gerry are together. Two very handsome and very funny guys. BUT, I've also been anxious to see Gerry on Jay. He's always been on Jay...Jay loves Gerry. The only time that Gerry wasn't on Jay was during that writer's strike a few years back. Hopefully, Jay will get him on there in the next few weeks. Besides, Gerry would looooove to talk about his 'near tragedy' with Jay. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIE LATER THIS MONTH!! Time for a new Gerry movie! Luv Ya Gerry!
  10. Just want to say that, I guess, I didn't notice "all" the makeup. Gerry left a lot of his gray and, unfortunately, now his beard in between filming movies. I've noticed he's done that over the years. I just think that, IMHO, he did this before he headed to Louisiana for "WHT'. Just kinda going by timeframe and that his hair was getting cut and, possibly, colored. It did look lighter than his normal dark brown. BUT, we all have an opinion, and I just wanted to make one more comment. Also, it is quite a drastic change, I'll admit; but some of the first comments were kinda harsh. The people in charge of the commercial wanted him this way. Okay, just stickin' up for him. Robin
  11. OMG!!!!! Mr. B doesn't look funny AT ALL! I think it's been soooooo long since everybody's seen that GORGEOUS face, everybody (almost everybody) thinks he looks funny. That's the beautiful face and beautiful green eyes I remember. It's so good to see 'HIM' again. AND, when I first saw the pics of Gerry after he got to Louisiana and still had the semi-long hair, with the part, he looked so HANDSOME! Thanks so much for getting the download Barb. Love how Gerry looks...long, short, beard, not (especially not). He's so stinkin' cute in that add. Luv ya, Gerry Robin
  12. Anybody notice that guy scratchin' his back with the pants fallin' off? WTF! OMG!!! Guess who? BTW, love the undies, Ger ;) Aint he cute... Robin Iris
  13. Now THAT's the handsome face I remember and miss. Luv ya, Gerry! Robin Iris
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