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    Sketching Portraits, Sudoku, Cinema, Writing, Reading, Reading and More Reading, Progressive Era, World War I, Medical Breakthroughs, Stargazing, SciFi anything, Wine-tasting, Broadway Shows, Music and Making Playlists for Every Mood, Traveling, Finding New Places to Eat, and Sky Diving (if I ever get the chance).

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About Me

I'm old enough to know better but young enough to still get into trouble. I love cheeseburgers, fries, blueberries and fried calamari--but not all at the same meal... Music, art, cinema and my kids are my life. If I could have one wish it would be to end all childhood suffering. I'm a knowledge junkie...I get a rush when I walk into a bookstore. I hate the dog days of summer and love starry nights. I dream of traveling to every continent on this earth before I die and hope to be all that I can be (without joining the Army...lol...) I adore good conversation and could stay up all night chatting if the subject warrants it. I love a challenge and am a master of tenacity when I set my mind to something. "Never give up, never surrender." are words I live by! "The best way out is through"...is my motto. Better to ask "What next?" than "What if?". Injustice makes me crazy. Faith, hope and love are my favorite trio. And if you need a true friend, I'm your girl. That's about it. I'm starting to sound like a personal ad...


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