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  1. Thank you,Swansong, for sharing your very special moment with those of us who couldn't be there with you. And what a beautiful moment it was. Congrats on winning the Talent show, too. You must feel like the "Belle" of the ball. Especially after meeting the handsome "Prince". LOL And Gerry certainly qualifies as such. He is one terrific man. Congrats again! Deb
  2. Thanks, thanks, and more thanks for the pics. It was really sweet of you to think of us. Gerry looks great! Guess I don't have to ask if you had a good time. (Inserts tongue in cheek) Gerry's just an all around terrific guy. So... he's got a new girl, huh? LOL Awww.... pugs are so cute. And a puppy... We know who the boss will be in that relationship. Deb :thankyou2:
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    So Gerry showed up, eh? WOW! That's great news. Can't wait to hear the details. (Crosses fingers and hopes for another surprise visit at the Colorado Con) Deb
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    Sounds like you gals are having the time of your lives. Hope you enjoy the movie! Poor Gerry. I think he needs a little TLC. :prescription: Deb
  5. For me it would have to be Johnnie. The way he looks at Rose, chats with her and listens to her. And his honesty...so refreshing...Yep, it would definitely be Johnnie Donne. I just fell in love with The Jury. It was just a really good story. Deb
  6. Now here's a thought... Maybe it was Madame Giry who put the rose on Christine's grave... Deb :mopboyerik:
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