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  1. I was pretty eager to hear the French dub of the film since I speak and read French pretty well and because there's no French stage recording. I have to admit I didn't care for it at all. I never even finished it. I did, however, love the Italian dub with Luca Velletri. And, while I generally dislike Uwe Kroger (except as Death" in the musical "Elisabeth"), I liked him on the German film dub. I'll admit I'm a very hardcore Phantom fan (and a Mizzie, as the "Les Miserables" fans are called...and a general Broadway fan), but I'm by no means the most intense. I know many, many "phans" who
  2. You're more than welcome. Yes, Steve originated the role of Raoul in both London and NYC, then later played The Phantom himself for a time. I don't care for his "Music of the Night." I find it a little too overpowering. But his Final Lair was excellent and his sobbed "I love you" was heartbreaking. He also suffered a serious injury as The Phantom, falling through the trap door at the end of the Red Death scene. On a random side note, there are few recordings out there of Steve. He died about five or six years ago after a long struggle with bi-polar disorder. A real loss - I've talked t
  3. They never released a Spanish film soundtrack. There is, however, a Spanish-language edition of the stage version...the Mexican cast recording with Juan Navarro as the Phantom. http://www.amazon.com/Fantasma-Opera-Mexic...4036&sr=8-1 My additional two cents on the various recordings... The Original London Cast Recording was my introduction to Phantom. Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman were responsible for what is now twenty years of love for this musical. I loved both of their voices, as well as the music and the story. When I first heard it - I was fourteen when it was released a
  4. I have to go with "none of the above." For me, the best is the Swedish Cast Recording...and this is coming from someone who doesn't speak or understand a word of Swedish. The orchestrations are simply splendid. Clear and gorgeous and they really capture the feel of being there live, minus the sounds of the audience. Mikael Samuelsson is tied for second place (with Jeff Keller) for me when it comes to favorite Phantoms. There's something very powerful and simply compelling about his "Music of the Night." Elisabeth Berg is probably the best Christine I have ever heard. A beautiful,
  5. Well, we're not given much of a backstory for Buquet...for all we know, there may have been factors in his own upbringing that contributed to his unpleasant behavior, too. For all we know, he may have come from a very brutal childhood. He may have had a horribly abusive father, a negligent mother. Perhaps his parents were alcoholics who left him to fend for himself on the streets at a very young age. Maybe, for different reasons than the Phantom, he too didn't have anyone to teach him right from wrong or properly set his moral compass. But I guess it's OK to justify and excuse what
  6. Well, after over three years, Dear Frankie remains not only one of my personal favorite films of all time, it's still one that I enthusiastically recommend to people often...I think I recommended it to at least four people in the past ten days.
  7. But, by that logic, Christine would be justified in killing the Phantom (or Raoul killing him on her behalf) because he is basically a stalker himself...no matter how his motivations (love, loneliness, societal rejection) are explained away or excused.
  8. Ha, well, I can't sing well at all...but I'll confess to singing bits of Phantom (and other musicals for that matter) for years. Usually, there's no one around to hear me but my dog...poor thing.
  9. I saw this one about twenty years ago when I first got interested in POTO through the Broadway musical. Now, I'm a huge fan of old movies in general and I've always liked Claude Rains. But I didn't care for this adaptation back then and I liked it less when I revisited it more recently. For me, it just strays a little too far from the core story of Phantom. I do like some of the costumes and the music, though.
  10. LOL. So in essence all we're doing is beating a comatose horse. And there's certainly nothing wrong with that! You're advocating cruelty to animals? To horses? You of all people? I'm shocked, just shocked. Anyhow, I don't think this topic is beating a dead horse. As long as there's someone out there who might still want to add their two cents, it's still a valid discussion. At the moment, I'm too lazy...and Luv knows where I stand.
  11. I bought the soundtrack to 'Woman in White' a while ago, and it wasnt very good. I dont recommend it. Gosh, I just keep thinking about what a disasterous idea this Poto sequel is. Like, if it flops and it could, it would possibely ruin Andrew Llyod Webber. Not to mention it would ruin the career of whom ever plays the Phantom. Who ever plays that role, especially if the show failed, would be synonymous with that role forever and not in a good way. If the sequel didnt live up to the expectations of the myriad of followers(and believe you me theres a very good chance of that), then the followers
  12. I'm going to pretty much copy what I just said at another forum on the same subject...but I'll preface it by saying that I'm one of the fans who discovered Gerry because I was already a fan of The Phantom of the Opera long before the movie was released in 2004. I fell in love with the music and the story when it first transferred from London to Broadway. I didn't get to see it live until after the movie premiered, but I followed it very closely for years. Neither Gerry nor Michael Crawford is my favorite to play the Phantom...Hugh Panaro has my heart there. He amazed me in the role fifte
  13. There may be some good free or shareware programs for converting videos to the correct format for iPods, but the best program I've found is ImTOO's MPG Encoder 3. The name sounds a little limiting, but it's able to convert audio and video files back and forth between MANY different formats...from AVI to MP3, MP4 to WMV...and many, many others. I've always used it for converting videos for my iPod and, so far, haven't had an issue with copyrighted videos. I recently used it to convert a song that was included in a DVDs extras, but not on any soundtrack. I had already ripped the video and w
  14. I guess I don't spend much time wondering about the "real Gerry" these days. I know that even every single interview, fan encounter, and photo taken together doesn't begin to add up to the whole person that only family and friends would know. All of those collectively shows us a glimpse of who he is...fragments and facets, but not the whole of him. Certainly, I like those fragments and facets we do see, those aspects of himself that he chooses to reveal in a public way to fans. But I can't really say I know him from that. I accord him the same respect that I give any fellow human bei
  15. I ended up having to take a road-trip from Albany to Montreal to see this film in March 2006 with a friend ( to HighlandHeather) in order to see this film. Has it been two years already? I enjoyed the movie. I felt that they did a good job adapting the massive story, though the editing seemed a bit patchy and I can see some people finding it hard to follow. Gerry gave an excellent understated performance - he never made Beowulf into a over-the-top cartoonish figure...which I think could easily happen with epic warrior characters. The Icelandic landscape was stunning and almost a charact
  16. This is one that's well worth seeing. The mini-series itself wasn't my cup of tea and it's not one I'd watch again. But Gerry gives a very good performance here. I'd say it's one of his top three or four performances to date.
  17. Now where was this holiday when I had use for it? My best friend is a redhead - naturally curly, naturally bright red hair. Unfortunately, he's living in Chicago now and a bit too far away for me to hug. He'll have to settle for a snarky e-mail...but he gets those from me anyway.
  18. I'll admit, I've never been able to see beyond his hair in this one. It just distracts me something awful.
  19. I rather like that Phantom of the Opera rose. One of my old rose bushes looked rather like that when the flowers opened completely, but it was one of the first to die off and I don't remember the name of it. I always mixed up my roses...Don Juan, White Dawn, Amber Queen, Joseph's Coat, Pilgrim, Gertrude Jekyll...all planted together and they all "got along." I love roses but, aside from the surviving Don Juan, there's no point in my restarting the garden since I plan to move from this old house to NYC...so I'll have to make do with the roses at the Botanical Garden in Brooklyn.
  20. Here's a picture of it in the Jackson Perkins catalog... Don Juan Climbing Rose
  21. Where is the picture? There is discussion here, but no picture. Please tell me where to find it. Go to the Gallery here and look for the photos from the premiere of Tomb Raider 2. There are several with his mother. http://www.gbgalsgallery.com/v/premieres/tr2/
  22. Yes, the scene is for real. Nothing particularly scandalous. Just the two Brown brother strip down to swim in the ocean. I remember *almost* seeing the movie during its original release because I'm a fan of historical films. For some reason, I never got around to seeing it until after I learned about Gerry and rented some of his past films.
  23. Cute story about roses and Phantom... I was fourteen when Phantom opened on Broadway. Didn't get to see it live back then, but I fell in love with the music and the story. That was the same year I took up rose gardening. The first rose bush I bought was a red climber called "Don Juan." I picked it for the name and the reference to the Phantom's "Don Juan Triumphant." Within a few years, I had almost thirty roses bushes. Sadly, I had to stop caring for them due to troubles with a neighbor...a creepy older man who made me feel very uncomfortable working out in the garden alone. My fos
  24. Like the picture. Really like the jacket. Love the quote.
  25. I don't mind that he's stated he doesn't have an interest in doing TV. I don't own a television so I'd miss out...except for clips on youtube...unless I could beg someone to record and share. I've said this elsewhere in the past, though. If the wonderful series "Remember WENN" were on today, I think he'd have made a wonderful addition as a guest star or recurring character.
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