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  1. I thought I heard her say the Gerard had made a very generous donation to (one of the) cancer organizations.) My suspicion is that the stars make their donations, and then these gifts, which are also donated to this group are their "thank yous." But that's just my take on it. Judy
  2. I am a little surprised it is coming out NOW so long after the movie. I guess these are more of the collectable nature so they must think there are a lot of us SOL'S (speaking for myself.) I think I just might have to have one altho the smaller doll that came out in '07 is very lifelike as well. I have Gorgo, too. My daughter made me a really nifty outfit for one of my Marek dolls and I have him on my "300" shelf. I shouldn't be spending the money.......can we just say it was a "senior moment?" Judy
  3. OMG--I never thought about them killing the animals to get the down!! I guess I thought it just fell off, or they brushed it out--oh, my, I will probably never think of my down pillow the same!! You learn something every day! LOL. Do hope the cold weather lets up and Andrea, your boys are so cute! Love the hyacinth's. Think I am going to see if I can find one in a indoor pot for my sister! I definitely have never had a green thumb! I think we will all be glad to see Spring roll around this year!! Hugs, Judy
  4. I loved this article and am happy to 'know" ALW than better I did before! And he is so very personable and FUNNY. I am so happy to hear he is cancer free, and at 62 yrs young, he has many more theatrical successes ahead of him. Thanks for posting the article! Judy
  5. Wow, some of you are having really EXTREME weather. Here in Oregon, it is just "rain" as usual. I suppose we will have our share of "arctic" air and cold as the winter progresses. We already had a week of extremely cold temps in early December. D.--glad you thought of those outdoor cats. I feel so sad for all the animals and PEOPLE who are out in the weather. My fat old cat goes outside, does her business and then stratches at the door to come right back in! I tell her how lucky she is to have a nice warm home! Wishing you all a nice weekend. Judy
  6. I downloaded mine from Youtube with the free Youtube downloader. It is good quality, and should still be at YT. About Raoul--do we know for sure that Raoul will be a drunk? Other rumors are out there and I highly doubt some of them until we have verification. Hey, Joseph Millson who is playing Raoul is VERY HANDSOME. Anxiously awaiting the soundtrack and the storyline synopsis. Judy
  7. Suzie--you may not be laughing, but you sure did make me smile with the "disaster movie" comment! Putting up the tree and decorations is SO much more pleasing than dismantling things and clearing away the mess! Oh well, only have to do it once a year. Just want to add my well wishes for the new year and hope all of you continue to stay in touch. Miss you so much when you are absent for awhile. Hugs, Judy
  8. Hey, Delene--you are gonna write up a fun and crazy story with your PSILY idea, right!! Would be so much fun!! I had read the book, and new in advance there were a lot of changes in the movie, so I went with no expectations. Therefore, I was able to enjoy the movie and really didn't spend any time comparing it to the book. Very sad story, at times, but love the movie. I do tend to watch all Gerry's scenes, I love the karaoke scenes as well. At the hospital when he "puckers up" to kiss Holly--gets me every time. Well, have to admit, Gerry Kennedy really "got to me." Judy
  9. Yes, thank you, Deb, for keeping us up to date on the LOVE NEVER DIES news. I am SO excited about this show and every little bit of news is SO appreciated. I do hope that it is a huge success for many reasons, and that it does come to NYC and some of us can get together to go see it! That's my dream, and it is looking more promising that it will come true all the time!! Judy
  10. Well, I chose the mask, but I am right there agreeing that the white ruffled shirt would be the item I would REALLY want. Yep, that white shirt.......... Judy
  11. Yep, the way he held Abby in the hot air balloon cinched it for me, too. Of course, the elevator scene kinda put me in the "mood." Gotta say, all the choices in the poll are good and made it hard to choose! Judy
  12. I had no problem choosing Gerry Kennedy for all the same reasons you have mentioned, above. Does make one stop and think, tho. So nobody wants to save Jackie JR? And I am going to have to check out the fan fiction about Attila!! Judy
  13. What a wonderful honor for Gerry, considering the younger and very popular stars that he folowed. As for the eye color--various lightings and photo prints will show up differently--in fact they can even show up differently on our screens, depending on how the color is adjusted. Ever wonder what color his eyes are on his driver's license? Always so much discussion on eye color--guess it gives us something to "think" about--LOL. Judy
  14. Looks like the CHristmas Weekend has come to an end and now we can prepare for the coming New Year. I feel so very blessed to have lived such a long and happy life and my heart breaks when I hear stories such as the one Susan just posted. It is so wonderful to be able to help even in some small way. Just want to send out hug and love to all of you and hope you have a good week. Judy
  15. Gosh, Elissa--that was NOT good. Just glad no further damage was done and that nobody was hurt. Ladies & Ray, I looked all over trying to find a cute gif animation to put in here--I actually do know how to do that, but I NEVER can find the good ones like everyone here finds. Oh well.... Anyhoo, am sending my very best wishes for a MERRY CHRISTMAS (Happy Holiday Weekend) to everyone here, and stay warm and be safe. Hugs, Judy
  16. Hello to All! Sue, sorry to hear that your knee is giving you problems--hope it will be "fixed up" real soon. So glad you will be spending the holidays with your family. This getting "older" is for the birds one day all is well, the next some stupid thing gets us down. It is just that we used to be able to "get back up" faster a few years back. I will be looking forward to photos of the finished memorial area--what a nice idea. To eveyone else-- a fond greeting, and I am enjoying hearing of your holiday plans and do wish you all the very best. Hugs, Judy
  17. Gosh, it is good to have all of you coming back in here--I miss hearing from you. I usually make my posts short, but sweet (at least I hope so!) I do feel as if I know you, and I hope you know that I do come here and read and keep up with whatever posts you make! Swannie, I am sorry for your troubles--I have a few of my own this year, but I am trying really hard to get into the holiday spirit. I do wish we lived just a little closer (it is a LONG 100 miles) and I don't drive the freeways, but maybe we can plan a little gathering when THE BOUNTY comes out--I will get Little Duck
  18. Thanks for sharing your story! I wish Gerry could know how he has given you the courage and the hope to follow your dream. I wish you the very best and just know there are a lot of people here who will be cheering you on. Hugs, Judy
  19. Nice to hear from all of you! I am sad to see that this thread seems neglected as of lately. Hope we can keep it going because I do love to keep up with my GALS friends and this is one of the threads where we do that! Dutchie, hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation. THe holidays will be here before we know it! Wow, a slumber party in the spring. What fun to look forward to! We had a nasty, rainy day on Thanksgiving here in the Willamette valley, but the day after was pretty much shirtsleeve weather so we must have gotten a bit of your good weather. (I live 6 hours
  20. Wow--I copied this one for my scrapbook!! THIS GUY GETS "IT!" So sad that more of the LAC reviews could not have been like this one. Oh well, the movie has done well, despite the reviews, and that is all that really matters. Wonderful article! Judy
  21. I would like to add my best wishes for a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my GALS/PALS and their families. Have a wonderful weekend. Judy
  22. Is the only one Nathan composed for the album DARE TO DREAM? I think it sounds like Nathan and am so happy for him and hope this leads to many more great things. Happy for all of you!! Is Nathan going to finish the cd that goes with your book? Sure loved that music. Hugs, Judy
  23. This is one of the best articles, ever. Isn't it great how he lets us "in" and how open and honest he is about his feelings? Thanks for posting this!! Judy
  24. Wow, you summed up GB quite well. He has admitted to most all the things just said. I think he is extremely sensative--but he has learned to deal with that and other issues concerning his perfectionism. I believe Gerry is genius in many areas, and then he can't get it together in some other ways--very typical. I think he relies on the opinions and praise from others and if that is negative it is very hurtful. I agree that the fairly new found meditation and spiritual techniques has really helped him deal with his anxieties. Sure hope so. Alan recently said in an interview--Ge
  25. I hope they do use the original cast for the sequal, for all you who wouldn't have it any other way. I am open to whatever ALW deems best when the time comes, and it could be a few years, altho I am betting it won't be as long as it was for POTO. I have fallen in love with Ramin--when I saw and heard him sing TIL I HEAR YOU SING AGAIN. His eyes and the passion he put into the song (in the close up tv version) I would be okay with him doing the movie IF Gerry doesn't choose to do it. And, honestly, I don't think he will. I would love to see Gerry do another musical--maybe one th
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