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  1. Sorry I haven't voted for a couple of weeks--having trouble accessing the GALS site from my computer. The Facebook link Elissa posted has worked! I will go with voting off Clyde and sending The Stranger to Exile. Judy
  2. I forgot to vote last week, but since I remembered...I cast my vote for George to leave the island and will hope to send the very charming and super sweet STRANGER to exile island. J.
  3. Getting a little harder now, at least for me. I cast my vote for Stoick and Tullus Aufidius. And that's my final decision! LOL. Judy
  4. I cast my last minute (as usual) vote for Jackie Jr. and Charles B. Not ready to let Neil Randall go--just yet. LOL. Judy
  5. Looks like it's going to be Gus and Sam (OMK) this week, so I will say, "Okay, to that." Bye bye, Boys!! Judy
  6. I am going to be very "original" this week and just try to get the two Peters. Short and sweet!! LOL. Judy
  7. Easy choice this week: casting my vote for Cassius and Jacko. Soon it will be harder to choose. Judy
  8. Glad to see the Survivor Game is back!! And of course, as per usual, I am being a "just in time, Judy!" (My version of "last minute, Lucy.") Eliminating the SEA CAPTAIN and the very irritating CHAUN seem like good choices to me. Until next time, Judy
  9. Gosh, everyone got right in here and many votes are already cast! Well, as hard as it is to vote against Sam, I sadly have to vote to send that wonderful man home. Judy
  10. This is very, very hard. However, I will get myself together, and vote off Frosty. Short and not sweet--sad post. Judy
  11. Ok, ok, calm down, Mike Banning supporters. I am here to help (yeah, I wouldn't mind helping myself to a bit of MB!!) Anyway, I will vote off The Stranger (altho, I wouldn't mind a helping of him, either.) Guess we just have to see how it all plays out. I like so many of the last guys, many who have already been voted off, it is really hard to choose one to champion--especially since they are all inhabited by one Gerry Butler!! Judy
  12. Gosh--I almost forgot to vote!! Came in and logged on the computer so I would be sure to get it in on time. That being said, this is a tough one, isn't it? Gerry makes all of his characters come alive so very well, doesn't he!! Well, one by one they have to go, so I think I will go along with voting off Johnnie--he has to go sometime before the winner is decided. Very hard decision.... Judy
  13. Wow, some really good "food for thought," here! And I agree with most everything that has been said, except that I don't agree that The Stranger left because of inability to commit, or anything like that. I guess I am a just an optimist, but I always felt he would come back for sure--just in the way Gerry played the part and the genuine feelings he had for both the boy and his mother. BTW, I also liked the "Terry Sheridan theory." All in good fun--speculation. Now to the vote. I want to say that I made up my mind before reading the rest of the thread since a "little bird" told me there
  14. Well, for me, it is fairly "cut and dried." I vote off Terry Sheridan--time for him to go. Most all of the characters have faced one adversity or another, but I think Sam Childers has overcome adversity to such great heights, I just have to vote for him to stay. Judy
  15. Our dear Frannie--so glad to get an update with this really good news. Just know you are loved and that you are missed. Hang in there and I pray you continue to improve!! Hugs, Judy P.S. Thanks to Lu for keeping track of you for us!!
  16. Sorry, but I am not ready to join the majority and vote off King Leo. Honestly, I had really hoped he would win one of these one days. Ah well, I will vote for Frosty Hesson to be eliminated this time. As for who would do best in times so very long ago, I guess I would have to agree that Creedy most likely would have the skills to adapt since they have been living life the closest to that time after the "Day of the Dragons." There, I have done it. J.
  17. Well, I will go along with voting off Clyde, this week. And I will have to agree, I sure wouldn't want my daughter involved with Terry Sheridan because he is ruthless and selfish when it comes to getting what he wants. However, he is sexy and could be some fun and since my daughters are well into adulthood, I think they can make up their own minds!! LOL.
  18. The weeks fly by, don't they? Lots of fun here amongst the players! (BTW, I already like Frosty and thanks for the pics.) I think it is time for ONE TWO to go home so I vote to send him there. As for Mike Banning--I vote to keep him on Exile Island for another week. Why: This man has already saved the President and his son using his well trained mind and creative talents, and I think he would do just fine with a pocket knife and a canteen of water for a week on the island. Let's keep having fun, Judy
  19. Well, I guess I will go along with voting off DRACULA and I would like to keep Mike Banning on Exile--hey I haven't had my "turn" yet. LOL. Judy
  20. There are so MANY good guys left, but since I have to vote--I will go along with voting GEORGE off and sending MIKE BANNING to Exile. As for the question--no problem unless I can't figure it out--LOL. Judy
  21. Just sent a Paypal payment. I admit I don't come here as much as I used to, but I don't want to see the site close! Still love my GALS!! Judy
  22. I rather like Mike Chadway, thank you very much!! LOL--I thought he was a big puppy dog who tried to be tough. This is getting harder and harder to vote off characters I once really cared for! But since I have to--I will vote off Milo B. and keep Mike Banning on Exile Island where we can all fight for his affection. Yep, that's my final vote.... Judy
  23. Whew--I think I just made it before the cutoff! Anyway, I will go with the group that votes off Jack Russo, and will send that big-hearted hunk-of-man Mike Banning where I absolutely do plan on joining the group for his, uh, favors!! Judy
  24. Just panicked--thought it was Sunday for a minute! Oh well, nothing new--LOL. Guess it's time for Tullus A. to go home, altho I think I would be happy to have him fighting for my life if I needed him to do that! Guess I'd better go along with the Mike Banning group and send him to Exile Island. HAPPY NEW YEAR to All! Judy
  25. I have to agree with those who think Mike is a sweet and gentle character--he just has to be tough and mean when dealing with terrorists!! So....I vote to send Mike B. to Exile Island and I will say a sad farewell to Kable (and I do agree he wasn't a such a bad-arse guy inside.) Merry Christmas to All. Judy
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