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  1. This is a great idea!! I have been trying to match names with photos since we got back. I wish everyone here would put a pic in their avatar, but then I guess most of us would rather have photos of Mr. B. It is just so nice to be able to put a face to those we meet online or at the CONS. Judy(Little Pearl) Lora(Nurse Rachet) Judy(Mommaduck)
  2. I happen to like "Harrison's Flowers" and had seen it before I knew who our MAIN MAN was!! But, given the short amount of screen time, I am going to go along with elimating this movie next. So I vote to eliminate Harrison's Flowers this week. Judy
  3. Erica, I love that song--just finished listening to it. I think it will make a great vid for POTO, and I shall be eagerly waiting to see what you do with it. It seems there are some days that are a little more quiet here in the Lair, but I know I come here at least once every single day, just to see the latest offerings and musings of the LairGals. As long as the thread is here, I will be, too. Take care, Sisters, and love to all. Judith of the Lair, Keeper of the Innocents and Guardian of the Royal Pug
  4. Oh, Emily, Your poem really reached inside of this ol' gals soul. It is just beautiful and I thank you for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us. I send you much love and appreciation. Judy Judith of the Lair, Keeper of the Innocents and Guardian of the Royal Pug
  5. I am right there with the rest of you!! I am still physically trying to recover--I had no idea these little ol' legs could cover as many miles as we walked. I have now had 2 twelve hour nights sleep, so I should be back to normal. But then, what IS normal? Normal for me is wondering how all of the rest of you are doing and feeling so glad and sad at the same time. I knew this would be a one time experience for me, and thought I would be fine with that. Now all I can do is try to figure out how I can possibly make it back to next year's CON. I had such a wonderful time meeting so ma
  6. I shall repeat: Swannie spoke for me as well, and did so in her usual eloquent fashion. The entire PHANTOM show experience was just a lovely memory for me to include in my very own personal "Lair" inside my head. BUT, Gerry need not worry, no one will EVER really BE the Phantom, except him. As Swannie said, Gerry WAS the Phantom, heart and soul, and it shows. AND the best part, we have more than a memory, we can see it over and over again whenever we want to "go there" via DVD. Judy
  7. Hello Everyone!! We returned home from Vegas this afternoon. I had such a WONDERFUL time--the five days just went by all too quickly. I loved every minute spent with all of the "sisters" that I met. I just wish all of you had been there to share the experience. I will let Swannie fill you in on all the details of the event--partly because she is so good at telling the "stories" of our gatherings, and honestly, I am just too dog tired to write very much tonight. I walked and walked to the max this ol' gal's body could go, and then I walked some more. So much to see and do in what wil
  8. Larotica, what a wonderful tribute to our Lair and to all of Erik's many friends who help make this dream a reality!! The video is just beautiful in every way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! To those of you whom I will meet in Vegas--see you SOON!! And to those of you who can't make it there, I will be thinking of you and plan to check this site first thing when I return next Monday. I still am having a hard time believing that I really am making this trip--it all seems surreal. So take care, my friends, my Sisters of the Lair--as the man said, "I'll be baaaaack." (And I don't me
  9. Susan, The four of us would like to have dinner with the group. Will you be making a dinner reservation? Even if we can't all sit at one table, maybe we can be seated near each other. J.L. will pick up her ticket as instructed. Thank you, Judy, Little Pearl, Nurse Rachet, + 1
  10. I said it before, but I want to say it again: THANK YOU!!! See you in just a few days. Judy (Mommaduck)
  11. Another beautiful intro, Swannie. This is such a lovely place to come and spend time among our sisters of the Lair, and all of the others who visit. I am constantly amazed at the artistic creations that are displayed here, and that they come from the very souls of those of you who so willingly share them for all to enjoy. Once again, all I have to offer is my sincere appreciation. Judith of the Lair, Keeper of the Innocents and Guardian of the Royal Pug
  12. Just a quick post to say how much I enjoyed "A Scottish Thing!!" It is awwwwwsome! I loved the music choice and of course, all the photos. Oh to be able to visit Scotland, well, only in my dreams. Erica, you can use anything of mine any time you wish. My only regret is that I have so little to offer here in the Lair. But, I do come here, usually more than once a day to observe the many delights that are offered here. Emily, you are very inciteful for one so young. And to all the rest who post here, thanks for sharing. I must post once in awhile just so you can see my siggy--those
  13. I have two tickets for Chippies, and we will be willing to give them to anyone who might want to go to the show on Thursday. I just want somebody to use the tickets. PM me if you are interested. Mommaduck
  14. Hi Issy, I will be attending two workshops on Friday afternoon. However, I have a hunch that Lora (mommaslittleduck aka Nurse Rachet) will be hanging around and I bet she will come in to "play." I will put a "bug" in her ear!! Judy
  15. I would like to sign up for this, too. Lisa will come with me and will bring her laptop. What a great opportunity to learn from a pro!! Thanks for doing this. I just realized that we don't have much of anything on the laptop. Do you have a suggestion as to what we could work with that is VERY basic--just to learn how to use the window movie maker? Perhaps a very short song--or a few bars of a song and then some still photos, or would a movie snippet be better. I honestly don't know where to start!! I have about 2500 photos of Gerry on my desktop, but alas, daughter Lisa who
  16. Your new sound is awesome!! I love hearing all the different instruments and this surely gives the feeling of an entire orchestra. My computer equiptment isn't too great, but the bass sounded good to me. Congratulations on this piece, and I am looking forward to the rest of the score. Hope to meet you in Vegas. Judy
  17. What a shame this has happened, and for the second year in a row!! I was the only one of my group going to Chippie's and making the choice was sad, but I will live!! Now if it had been those Spartans, I just might have had to stick with the original plan. Those of who will miss Chippies for POTO--we will have to make a plan to get together before or after the show--maybe both, right GALS? Thanks a million to Susan who is having to bear the brunt of all this mess. You are a gem, and we sincerely appreciate all you have done and are still doing to get this all fixed. Judy
  18. Good Afternoon, I just listened to "Auld Robin Grey" and it made my day!! So lite and beautiful, and wonderful to hear your singing voice, Mina. I do so enjoy your posts and the photos and music that you share with us. Erica, I thank you for the rapidshare link for "Love Changes Everything." If I remember correctly this song was to have been in POTO, but they ended up not using it. If it had been, I wonder just where it would have been "placed." I will have to look at the "making of" dvd again. I chose it for the "recessional" music for my daughter's wedding. I hope everyone ha
  19. Wow!! I seem to say that a lot, here. I don't come into the Lair for a few hours, and there are already 4 pages of a brand new thread!! The increasingly interesting and beautiful opening page, the lovely new video to one of my all time favorite songs (Rapidshare, soon please, and "Bless you, Erica!") and a special poem for us LairGALS. A beautiful ending to the weekend. Thanks to all of you!! Leslie, I will be in Vegas, if you want to add me to the count. And I will buy a book, too. I wish each and every one of you could come to Vegas, but those of you who cannot will be there in spi
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. I am not always this much of a "follower," but I vote off the Caligula Trailer as well. As I understand, it is not really a movie. So, "Bye, Bye," Mr. C. Judy
  22. Frannie, Thanks for sharing your story. I think the two of us were posting at the same time!! Isn't it just amazing and wonderful how as we hear each story about our introduction to Gerry and the "Phantom," we can see the similarities or our experience? And with each "telling," we can feel the bonds of our sisterhood grow stronger. It is just beautiful. Larotica, your story is very touching, and definite wasn't rambling. In just a few sentences, you were able to summarize and relate your own experience, and now we all know you a little better. I do hope you find some joy here in the
  23. Thank you, 'Maiden of the Mirrors,' for posting my lovely accolade! I swear I could feel a hand on my shoulder as I was reading (experiencing the moment.) Also, thank you, Lady Elissa for the tip on how to post my GALS name. Oh, Swannie, do you know how fortunate you are that your husband is "warm and loving" and seems comfortable with your relationship with Gerry? My hubby and I were watching separate shows in separate rooms, and right before Gerry's turn on the stage, he came in to tell me "Goodnight." I told him what I was watching, he paused for a minute, gave me "the look" an
  24. WOW--does that man ever disappoint? If all of America and the rest of the world doesn't fall head over heaes with the man who brought our Phantom/Erik to life---well, it is just their loss!!! He was just so darned cute and funny on the show. I rather enjoyed the entire show, especially the comments from the "Rock" which led to camera time for our guy. All I can say is WE HAD HIM FIRST!!! Now as I return to the real world (the Lair has become part of my "real" world,) I am too pumped up to go to bed or settle down!! And it seems most everyone here has called it a night, well, except fo
  25. Thank you Swannie, for posting my name and icon on the opening page. Also, thanks for the eloquent words you wrote in my behalf. This Lair is just the best--because all of you LairGALS are the best!! See you later tonight. Judith of the Lair, Keeper of the Innocents and Guardian of the Royal Pug
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