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  1. Hopefully, better almost late than never!! I vote off Jackie Jr. and would be happy to have my turn with Mike Banning on Exile Island!! ( Won't say what I would do with the man on the island....but know I would have to stand in line. LOL.) Judy
  2. Sounds good to me, too--send home Neil and Stoick. Yep, they can go.... J.
  3. I just sent something via Paypal. Sure wish it could be more. I don't come here nearly as often as I used to, but rest assured that I still love Gerry, and I still love GALS!! Judy
  4. Stopping by to wish everyone a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! Judy
  5. We don't do a lot of "M'ams" around here, but I have always seen it as a sign of respect, too. Much better than "Hun," or "Dear." Those really bug me. Glad you have started up here again. I loved the Costco story, btw. I have not been to GALS much in the last couple of years. I have been through a rough patch emotionally, but things are smoothing out now and I have been making the needed adjustments. I do think of you all, and keep up with those on Facebook. I promise to try to get in here more often as it is a nice place to keep in touch with good friends! One of these days I m
  6. Hi All, Sorry I have been absent for so long, but it was nice to come back and catch up and see your great photos! Very nice photo, Kathy and I agree, Lu, you were a "babe" and I think you still look pretty dam**ed good!! Not going to go into my real life story--did lose my sister to cancer the end of Sept. leaving me the one and only remaining member of my generation and above. I fight a constant battle with depression and lost quite a bit of the time in the last couple of years. It is comforting to know I can always come here to GALS and read, if not post, and feel a little bet
  7. Just sent a donation via paypal, but had to make a change in my payment method and in doing that am fairly certain my screen name note was not there--too late to cancel and fix. Don't really need recognition, but thought I would mention it. Judy L. (mommaduck)
  8. I am so sorry to hear this last diagnosis. I have been following your facebook news, and knew there had been another doctor appt. Then I just thought maybe there might be more here. I am the same age as Bill and it is SO HARD to imagine having ALZ Disease, but always in the back of my mind when I can't remember something. Please know there are a lot of us who care and are "out here" sending warm thoughts and prayers for all of your family. (I also read back a few months here and now understand what was happening with you and your sisters.) I am so sorry, but maybe never to late to c
  9. Dearest Frannie, Please accept my heartfelt sympathy for the passing of your beloved sister, Peggy. I only knew her here at GALS but she was a very special lady. Always so upbeat and loving to all. I know how hard it is to say goodbye as I just had to do the same with my only sister 3 weeks ago, when she passed after difficult battle with cancer. Sending you big hugs and lots of love, and may the love of friends and family sustain you at this time. Judy L.
  10. So very sorry to hear this news about Peggy. I will add her specifically to my prayers for you, Frannie, and your family. SO much sadness and hardship lately for so many here at GALS. I know the Lord hears our prayers, and offers us comfort and hope. Don't know what we would do with out our GALS/sisters of the heart. Love and prayers, Judy
  11. Dearest Melodie, I am so saddened to hear of the blessed little boy's passing. I have been praying for him, for your family, and for you since you first told us of his illness. I will continue to pray for better days for all of you and please accept my deepest sympathy at this time of great sadness. Hugs, Judy
  12. Glad to get the update from Lu and want you to know my love and prayers are with you and your family, now and always. Hugs, Judy
  13. Dearest Frannie, So many lovely words have been said here, but I would like to let you know that my heart aches for you at this terrible time. Along with all of the wonderful GALS here, I send you my deepest sympathy, and loving thoughts and prayers now and always. With love and hugs, Judy
  14. You are so right, Hot4Gerry! Took them long enough to figure it out, didn't it? Congratulations, Gerry!! Judy
  15. Just stopping by to say "Hello." Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Hugs to all, Judy
  16. Lu, Thanks so much for posting the last pics of Scotland from your trip. It was a very exciting adventure that you took us on, and I sure enjoyed myself! Know you went to a lot of work sorting the photos and getting them posted and written up for us. It is very much appreciated Hugs, Judy
  17. Oh my, I am a few days and a LOT of dollars short--or "late to the party!" You have been having a lot of fun since I was here last and found the site pretty "black." The days just fly by to quickly, I guess. I am so glad the mammogram went well, Elissa, and Suzie and Anna, the "quizes" are great. I am truly embarassed to say I knew only about half of the answers, and I am a true 50's girl--actually started first grade in 1950. Sadly, (or maybe not so sadly) I fell in love with musical theater from as far back as I can remember, and I had LP records from the time they began makin
  18. Just read the HOW TO PREPARE--it is hilarious! I never minded getting them, altho it is not my idea of "fun." And then I don't get on every year--my bad! This was so funny I am going to send it to some of my friends via email! Have a good week, everyone! Judy
  19. Sorry it has been so long since I "checked in." My loss, for sure. I want to welcome ANNA to our board and say that GALS is a really special group of women--well, mostly women. I have been watching the weather to the East and you have really had it bad this year--and it is just the end of January. Let's hope the Arctic storms stay up there where they belong. Thankfully, we have had it good here in Oregon compared to many in the US. On a personal level, things are better for me and I think 2011 is going to be a much better year. I am hoping my depression has finally lifted--albeit I
  20. Best of luck with this mammogram, Elissa. They can do ultrasounds, can't they? Just more expensive. Hope no bad effects this time. Lu, I love the story re: Culloden. What a wonderful turn of events to have such a handsome Scotsman come to your aid! For a moment there, I thought you were gonna say it was Gerry, himself! Now that would have given you heart failure! That is one place I would love to visit if I were ever to get to Scotland. Hope everyone is getting through this harder than usual winter weather. We have still been fortunate here in the Willamette Valley. Hugs, J
  21. Gosh, I just read posts on the last thread and see this one has started. Where have I been? Missing out, that's for sure. Anyway, will make it a point to check in here way more often and hope those of you who haven't been feeling well, get well soon, and that the extreme weather is so many parts of the country get back to a more normal winter mode. We have been lucky here in OR, a bit of flooding but has been worse--many times. Love you Gals!! Judy
  22. Swannie, I am so sorry to hear that both your and Bill's problems have worsened. I hope that you will get your own problems taken care of because when you feel better physically it makes it easier to cope with all the rest. You have gotten some very good advice. I am Bill's age, and I have become so frustrated with what is just simply memory loss with age. I usually do have recall of most everything, but not in a timely manner. Don is a truck mechanic and at 68 is still choosing to keep on working. I can see big changes in him over the last few years and honestly, I worry about hi
  23. It is now 2011 and I don't feel a bit "different!" Don't know if that is good or if it is bad. I just wanted to let you know I am still "around" and am so sorry to hear the not so good news from some of you but happy to hear good news from others. Just know my thoughts, prayers, and well wishes are with you all. Might the NEW YEAR be good to all of you! Hugs, Judy
  24. Hope Everyone is having a wonderful Christmas weekend! I had my family here for food and gifts and to me, being together is what it is all about. Hugs, Judy
  25. Well, I have to give up on the photo. I have a large screen, but the bigger I make the pic, it starts to blur out. I have to laugh at myself, because when I looked at the one circled in blue, it doesn't look like the face of a human....(to me, on my screen.) Anyway, was a fun idea. Carry on.....
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