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  1. Mommaduck, Nurse Rachet, and Lisa will be sharing a room. If Faded Rose is able to come (well know after the first of the year) we will be in two rooms.
  2. There are four of us who want to go to the Phantom Show with the group on Sunday. Mommaduck & daughter Lisa Nurse Rachet Faded Rose Please add our names to the list.
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  4. I want to add my thanks and appreciation for your update of the convention registration. It it possible for one member to register for two more members so the payment can be made by #1's PayPal account? We can each register separately, but this payment method would be great for us. We would appreciate any info you have about this. Thanks from, Mommaduck, Mommaslittleduck, and Faded Rose
  5. Sunday afternoon sounds really good for our group who are hoping to get on the list in September. There will be 4 of us for the POTO show. I will check here for further info. We are really excited about the entire GALS experience.
  6. Swan, I followed you here, after hearing late Saturday night that you had met Gerry I signed on and here I am!! I have spent a lot of time here after last weekend in Seattle for "Beowulf and Grendel." Much of that time I have been crying. First I got to hear your beautiful aria, and then your story was revealed. I am so happy that you had your wonderful time with Gerry. There really is no way to explain what it is we feel for this incredibly kind, generous, and most wonderful man. Having him look into my eyes and speak words to just me, was a life changing experience. You
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