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  1. I checked out the tree, and before I looked at Kathy's post, that is the ornament I also this is the pic of Gerry. Very pretty tree, too! I saved the photo so I can later take it to my printshop and enlarge it to see for sure if that it the ornament. But for now, I vote along with Kathy! Hope everyone is having a good time getting ready for the holidays. Blessings and hugs to all! Judy
  2. Wonderful to come in here and find some posts, again. Love seeing all the Christmas decorations, the cute doggies and hearing the "news" from each of you. Andrea, hope your little one heals up quickly and the surgery makes things better for him. Sue, you get well, too! We are trying to get in the holiday spirit, but are having a bit of a hard time. Last year was the beginnig of the end of my daughter's 16 yr marriage (the one with my only 2 grandchildren.) She filed for divorce and it was final in June. Sadly, the feelings aren't dealt with quite that easily. The oldest has been
  3. Dropping by to wish everyone a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING holiday and weekend. One of the things I am most thankful for is my group of GAL/Pals! Suzie, sorry that this holiday has a bittersweet memories for you, but that adorable little Butler(2)and the love of all your family and friends will see you through. Andrea--sorry you don't have your boys for the holiday. My daughter sent her youngest to her dads, but our teen is having big coping problems and she doesn't have to go so is with her mother. Our family had Thanksgiving on Sunday so both kids would be here. Diet--good for al
  4. Awesome news--Barb and Fran got to go to the birthday bash. So glad you had such a good time! Hope we get to hear more about it. Also hope THE MAN had a great time celebrating his special day. Hugs, Judy
  5. That is so true, Delene. And our best and most loyal pets have been those we "saved." Just breaks my heart that I can't provide a home and love for more of them. Hugs, Judy
  6. Oh, Delene, can I ever relate to that! Years ago, there was a young dog running around on our street--had a red collar, but no license. It was December and one of our unusually cold nights. For awhile I just hear the pup crying and yapping. Finally I could take it no longer--someone had put her up into someone else's pickup bed and she couldn't jump down. To make the story short, I cried all the way home carrying her-- hubby said, NO MORE DOGS (we had 2) and I told him HE would have to take her to the pound. Well, we had Sam for 12 years. I can't tell you how many cats thought our
  7. I am with Frannie, don't have any ties to Scotland, but I do so enjoy your pictures, stories, and history. Of course, Lu, we want to know the story about you kneeling at Gerry's stone! This has been such a wonderful "trip!!" Thanks so much! Hugs, Judy
  8. So happy to continue my "tour" and there is SO MUCH BEAUTY to be found in Scotland. Hope everyone is having a fun Halloween weekend. Hugs, Judy
  9. Just have to chime in here and say the "towel monkey" story IS hilarious! My life is so dull and downright boring, I just have to live vicariously through my friends. LOL. Anyway, loving the stories and photos of the trip this summer--keep them coming. Hugs, Judy
  10. Are we 100 percent sure he WON'T be acting in the production? It seems so right--about the right age for Pinkerton in the Civil War era, Scottish, etc? Just asking..... Also, how does "executive producer" differ from other producers listed on movie credits? Judy
  11. Me, too, Ladies! I am having a ball "travelling" with you! Great new photos! Hope everyone had a good week. Hugs, Judy
  12. I'll take him any way we can get him--it has been such a long draught!! The hair is most certainly "different" and gorgeous!! Now this is for L'Oreal Europe, right?? Judy
  13. Those latest photos are amazing, as are all the rest! Love hearing from Barb and Delene, and from all the rest of you who have input that gives me a "little bit of Scotland." Thanks so very much. Hugs to all, Judy
  14. HELLO TO ALL!! Kathy--that was priceless! Memories galore!! Barbara, loving your photos and looking forward to more. Hope everyone is having a good week. Fall is definitely here and I love it! Hugs, Judy
  15. Am I totally wrong, or sometimes financial investments are a form of "producing" and the producers are not always involved in the actual filming/production of a movie? I can see EVIL TWINS doing that to bring in more money to make the movies that Gerry will do including SLIDE (or whatever they decide to call it?) On the otherhand, Gerry may just enjoy this facet of movie making--he did seem to enjoy being at that end of LAC. Whatever he does, if it pleases him, I am happy. Judy
  16. The Belfast photos are so beautiful--makes me want to see these places SO MUCH, but since I never will, once again, I thank you for taking us on this little trip via your photos. Will be looking forward to more, soon. Hope everyone is having a good week. Hugs, Judy
  17. Oh, thank you SO much for more interesting and informative photos. I am like Barb--I was just ahead of the BEATLES and didn't really come to appreciate them until later in my life. Sounded like great fun to see where they originated. Please do continue to post more pictures. Hugs to all, Judy
  18. Hello to All, Jill, so sorry for your very unpleasant experience--it must feel so awful to have your home violated. Hard to believe they didn't take anything or do any damage--well, they did to the doors. It is times like these I am glad we have our two barking burglar alarms. (I do mean pesky barking fur babies.) It does us all good to know how people still help each other as well as look out for one another when something like this happens. I do admire you for being brave--I would be so freaked out! Hugs, Judy
  19. Thanks, Barb and Sue for the pictures! As I said, it is the ONLY way I will ever get to go there. I have really enjoyed your discussions and just anything you have to say or show about the British Isles. Hugs to all, Judy
  20. Elissa, you can add me to your list--I will be praying and sending good thoughts that she will answer your email. It would be a shock, but I would hope she would want to check into it after receiving your message. Hugs to all, Judy
  21. Swannie, You, Bill and Nathan have been and will continue to be in my prayers. Do hope they can figure out this complex issue and find some way to help Bill. Hugs, Judy
  22. Barb, am loving the pics of your trip, and the story that goes with them. Hope you keep on, it is the next best thing to going there! Everyone, have a nice weekend. Our rain is gone and the sun is back for a few days, at least. Hugs, Judy
  23. With the pictures and the great discussion going on about the trip to the British Isles, I almost feel as if I were there. That is a good thing because sadly, I will never get to visit. So thanks a million for sharing your stories and the photos and letting this ol' gal get a glimpse of life over there. And that cruise ship--spectacular. Also, loved your poem, Delene. Hugs, Judy
  24. Susan, I, too, am so sorry to hear about your job, but will be sending good thoughts your way that you might find a new career that will be most fullfilling. Am very glad you have had the AL "experience" and these are the things that keep us "alive" and happy, aren't they? Just wanted to let you know I am among those offerring support and encouragement. Hugs to all, Judy
  25. So the cat's out of the bag--Delene, you were the "silent" partner on Barb's trip. I have taked to her and sounds like you had a really good time--very hectic with so much to see in so short a time, but all in all, it was GOOD. Hope one of you put's up a picture of the entire building because your photos will be my only trip there. Barb confirmed the consensus from many travellers to the British Isles--Scotland has the most beautiful scenery, and the most friendly people anywhere. Not the the people in the other Isles are not friendly, and there is beauty those places, too. We w
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