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  1. Hello right back atcha, Barb! So glad you are back safely from your wonderful trip and that you had such a good time. Will be looking forward to your photos. Love the siggy made from your pic just wish that "the man" himself had been in it. But we can all dream..... Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend. Hugs, Judy
  2. SO nice to hear from some of you who have been absent for awhile. Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy weekend. Anyone threatened by EARL: I'll be praying for your safety and that little or no damage is done by the nasty hurricane. Our weather is strange--had a week of cloudy, very cool weather, and then WHAM, two days of mid 80's. Forcast is back down for the rest of the weekend, but NO RAIN forcast, which is good for those at the college football game and those having outdoor activities. We did get some rain on one day. This is OREGON, it's supposed to rain! (And often
  3. Sue, that was very cute--B2 is such a cutie-pie!! Ladies, my computer monitor pooped out and to make a long story short, I came nome with a 24 inch monitor and EVERYTHING is HUGE!! It is going to take some getting used to, but I think I will like it! Guess I won't have to worry about eyestrain, which is probably a good thing!! Hugs to all, Judy
  4. Sounds like you skaters had great fun. We did have sidewalk skates with a key. Just one of our many outdoor "things to do." Cisco Kid and Poncho--actually listened to all those westerns on the radio before we got tv in 1954. I definitely agree those were the "good old days." Life was SO much less complicated then when "life" was more regimented and safe (was it really) to play outside without adult supervision. This stroll back memory lane is SO MUCH FUN--let's keep it going!! Hugs, Judy
  5. DARN IT--I wrote a long post here last night, but hit a wrong key and it didn't post. Actually most of what I said was that I can relate to EVERYTHING you have said about the movies. I don't think anyone mentioned Esther Williams and the "swimming" movies. One of my fav movies was A SUMMER PLACE and have to admit I still watch it if it comes on the tube. I was also very into the musicals, Cyd Charisse/Gene Kelley or GK and Leslie Caron. Oh, I mustn't forget Debbie Reynolds--she was my idols .Also Kathryn Grayson and Gordon MacRae, Howard Keel, to name a few. THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH
  6. Rather than repeat everything that has just been said, I just want to say that what they said, goes for "me, too." My heart is with all of you who are having hard times of one kind or another, and for those of you beginning another schoolyear-I pray it goes well. We had a wonderful weekend here in Oregon, very mild temps and great for the county fair! It can be so blessed hot on that cement in HOT sun. We have been so lucky with mild weather this summer. Take care and hugs to all, Judy
  7. Just want to wish everyone a safe and happy weekend. Thanks for posting the photo, Amy, and what a milestone that he reached his first birthday. Hugs to all, Judy
  8. Just want to add my care and concern for all that are in need, and to congratulate those of you who have reached milestones as stated above. And Sue, can B2 get any cuter--I laughed that he likes room service!! And your new baby--BUTLER! He is such a cutie. I bet you are going to have your hands full with those two! Hope you have many hours of pleasure and entertainment, and unconditional love which will make up for the many hours you will spend wondering why you did it--LOL. Hugs to all, Judy
  9. OMG--THAT WAS SO FUNNY!!! And WAAAAY too true! Thanks so much for sharing that, it was just hilarious! Hugs, Judy
  10. Very nice wedding photos, Erica, and thanks for sharing them with us. Congratulations. To BV and all on vacations--hope you have a wonderful time. Amy, I am SO VERY SORRY to hear about your kitten--little Gerry. That with all the other problems you are having, just seems too much to bear! I have thought of your family and your little nephew with his terrible health problems, and all I can do is send up prayers for all of you. Do take care of yourself, and remember we are here at GALS to give you love and support. I hope your blood pressure issue is resolves soon. Thinking of yo
  11. Just stopping by to say HELLO and I do miss it when it is "slow" in here. B2 is such a cutie and looks and sounds like he is loving his trip with his Dad! Jill, that chili sounds SO good--maybe because it is 8:30 pm and I haven't gotten around to making myself something to eat. The summer is going by quickly and school starts five weeks from today here. Affects me because I am the afternoon pick-up taxi for my grandaughters who start high school and middle school. The good news is the two schools are across the street from each other. Sad news is that this is the first time in 9
  12. Gotta agree that the time travelling idea is tempting, but I have seen way too many movies/tv where they up and move to another place and it isn't back home!! Wouldn't it be something if we could be granted a do-over or a re-do of something in our life. It would be wonderful to maybe right some wrongs and maybe make a few more wise decisions, but really, I wouldn't change much of anything about my life. I've had it pretty darned good. And Frannie, I do like the use you have made of your photo--great pics! Loving the new siggies with all the "action" in them. Everyone: please k
  13. Add me to the list of those perfectly happy to have experienced life during the time period that I have! I loved being a 50's kid. True, often I have fantasized about life in the "romanticized" times, but like the rest of you, I LIKE the perks of our "times." Looking into the future is a very interesting thought, but a frightening one, as well. I wonder what life will be like in another 50 years--look how much it has changed in the last 50. Anyway, this is a really great thread and thanks for starting up our second "round." Hugs, Judy
  14. Thanks for clearing up the YOUR HIT PARADE cast. How did I get R.Clooney on that? Oh well, I am "dated" in more ways than one!! Good ol' Snooky L. Loved the name. We got our first tv in 1954 as there were no tv stations in town until that next year. Could get a very snowy CBS station with a very high antennae. Many of the radio shows I listened to were later on tv--HOPALONG CASSIDY, CISCO KID, LONE RANGER, ROY ROGERS, and another played by Guy Madison--can't think of the name, but his partner was "Jingles." Later there was CHEYENNE, and GUNSMOKE! Many more I am sure, altho we didn'
  15. "Mem-or--ies, are made of this...." Oh yeah, YOUR HIT PARADE was a staple at our house!! Rosemary Clooney, Gizelle MacKenzie, can't remember the guys--anyone? Snookey Lansing comes to mind, but not sure it was on there. We were always a bit behind on chothes fads here, but believe me, the hippie generation was huge in Oregon. I just lived my own quiet life with hubby and kids and really never had the go-go boots or any of that stuff. Was too plump for mini-shirts so always wore capris or whatever pant was in at the time. We had a family photo taken in the early 70's and DH had a rus
  16. Oh, the talk about poodle skirts brings back memories. Mine was royal blue with a white poodle. I was very short waisted and not skinny, so I never really felt good in it--especially after I saw a photo of myself. But I had one. If I remember it was the same time the "white buck" shoes were popular? Anyone remember that? Loved my shoes--the "chalk" to cover the marks. AH--those were the days!! As for hair--just went with my natural brown. When I began to go gray (was lucky--it was my 40's) I bought some hair color. Got it out one day, and said--NOPE, not gonna do it. So I am now a
  17. Then I hope it is okay to add my "thank you" to the mix? Frannie, you are a wonderful friend and I share in wanting you to know just how much we appreciate and love you. Hope all your hopes and dreams come true. With love and appreciation, Judy Just realized that this was a thank you FROM Frannie for something she received. Sometimes I am such a ninny--but since I already posted, my sentiments stand true, and I will just add my love and appreciation for all of you Fran mentioned in her first post. Sorry to intrude.
  18. Hello, to All! I haven't been very good to post on GALS lately--just had a really bad case of the doldrums! But I do check in here every day to see what has been posted. It's been kinda scarce, but I hope as the summer goes on, or when the fall/winter season comes around we can really get this GG thread "hoppin'." We are finally having summer--mid 90's but we do have cool nights and not the heavy humidity you have toward the east. One of the reasons my parent moved here from Iowa--no extreme summers and don't have to shovel rain in the winter. Our warm spells usually only last
  19. Well, today is the first day of the 5th GALS year for me. Elissa, I see it is you anniversary as well. Wish I had pals to celebrate with, but I will just do it in spirit. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Judy
  20. Today is my 4th Gerry Galiversary!! Wonderful 4 years. I see I share this with Lady Elissa and Bellawolf as well as MANY others. Hope all have had as happy a time as I have had, made many wonderful friends and of course, have our 'main man' to keep us happy and occupied! Have a wonderful weekend. Judy
  21. I am so glad those of you who attended the Convention had such a great time, and for those of you who gave of your expertise and time, THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US WHO WERE ABLE TO SHARE THE EVENT VIA THE VIRTUAL CON. It was an unbelievably good time and you all went out of your way to make it happen. Just a huge THANK YOU for all you did then, and all that you do all of the time. Big hugs, Judy
  22. Wow, glad to have some friends back in here, again! So glad all are home safely from Vegas with beaucoup stories and photos to share. The Virtual Con was absolutely wonderful and Saturday evening I felt so much a "part of it all." Anna, Delene, Kathy, hope you will come in here, and often. And of course, our fearless leader, Lu--I LOVED your photos--especially the one in the 'picture' chair and the one with Reno. As for being lucky with the desired auction items--glad you got those you wanted. Never have enough of the "man" can we? Wish I could take you up on your offer to look
  23. Glad to hear from those of you who went to Vegas. SO glad Elissa and Suzie came to visit you, Sue. Hope the post-Vegas blues doesn't set in too hard for any of you. It was so hard for me in '07 because I knew I wouldn't be going back ($.) But it is well worth the let-down just to have the experience, and so many of you are able to begin planning for the next year it isn't so very bad. Hello to everyone and hugs to all. Judy
  24. Thank you, my dear Frannie! I knew if I waited, you would remove the watermarks on the best of the photos!! This photoshoot (or is it more than one) is the best EVER!! We hit PAYDIRT, didn't we!! Thanks again. Judy
  25. I would like to add my thank you, also, for all that you do for us, and particularly for us "internet challenged" golden oldies! Being a part of the convention was such a special treat for us, and thank you so much for making it possible. Judy
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