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  1. In regards to GB taking roles for the money and the publicity: I don't think he would take ANY role if he didn't do it by choice. Do some of these movie help him come up with money to put into his production company? Sure, and I suspect he will continue to make movies that he wants/enjoys making so that Evil Twins can have the funds they need to make movies he definitely wants to make: BURNS being one of them. A long time ago Gerry said he hoped to continue making movies we (as fans) would enjoy and he hoped not to disappoint. Although I have liked some movies better than others,
  2. Still sending prayers your way and wishing that you will find what you are looking for real soon. Just try to "hang in there." Hugs, Judy
  3. I'm here to. Been having trouble with my keyboard but may have fixed the problem. Hope so because I like this one! Frannie, I am so sorry you can't eat and enjoy food. Food has always been my only vice and if I couldn't eat--well, I think I would be pureeing everything to see if I could eat it. Such a restricted liquid diet is SO boring and I hope maybe someday things will get better for you. Barb you just HAVE to get well really soon. You've got places to go and people to see! This has gone on way too long, altho the viruses we have had this winter have been really hard to shake, and the
  4. Thanks for the link. I am also hoping that Ramin and Sierra come to NYC when the show does open in a year. We can always pray..... Judy
  5. Lu, Love your anniversary siggy--that Frannie is an angel, isn't she!! (Well, I do suspect she can be a bit devilish sometimes--all in fun!) Hard to belive it has been 4 years-- my "Galiversary" is in June. So much in the 4 years, and most of it good! Hugs to all, Judy
  6. Me, too! I need all the help I can get!! LOL. Judy
  7. WOW, Tracy--that was a LONG one, but really interesting! I am not a bread baker and after reading all of that, doubt I will begin now. LOL. It was fun reading tho. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Yesterday six of us got together to see HTTYD and for a lovely italian lunch afterward. We were able to sit there and talk for nearly three hours. Two of our friends had a 7 hour round trip just to come for the day! That's GB friends, for ya!! Hugs to all, J.
  8. Two, new grandbabies in one week!! WOW. What a blessing. I am sure all will go well and mothers and babies will be fine (of course, as mothers, we won't be happy until it is a fact.) My daughter had both of her babies c-section and she recovered so quickly. Much better than I did with my most difficult delivery. I will be looking forward to hearing how everything goes. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. It's raining again, today, but not a "storm." Hugs to all, Judy
  9. I remember Gerry saying that when he was singing with the band he thought he WAS Jim Morrison! I would so love to hear him sing all of "Wherever I Leave My Hat, That's My Home." What a nice compliation. I hope that he does continue to sing in his movies-- whenever he can as we all love it. My dream--he cuts a cd of his fav songs, makes it available to his fans and uses the $$ for charity...... Judy
  10. Hope you are okay, Tracy! Frannie, am so sorry the talk of food is not pleasant for you--I don't know if I could ever adjust to your current "diet," but sometimes there isn't a choice. I would be putting everything I like into a blender and giving it a try, knowing me. Just do so wish there were something to be done for you. Sue, I enjoy hearing about your childhood and those more carefree days growing up. We were always aware of "bad" things, but our town was small and we really did live a very carefree life. "Kick-the-can" was the night time version of hide n seek. Never, really
  11. Love the "thought for the day," too! As for keeping cool, we are fortunate to have fairly mild summers here but always a few very hot days. Just "running through the sprinkler," and when I was very little we had a small square swim pool (wading pool) probably 5x5 or so. Had little wooden seats in the corners. Was made of green canvas and I suspect it was war surplus canvas. Had a certain "smell" to it, but we couldn't wait for it to be warm enough outside to "swim." We're talking 1948 or so. Hope everyone is well. I am on cold virus #2--guess this is my "year." This one has a ver
  12. All of that and then you have to wait unti MAY to find out--so sorry, wish it had been a "yes," and a you knew today. Well, hang in there and we are all here to love and support you whatever happens. Hugs to all, (seems like a lot are needing hugs lately, not that we can't always use 'em) Judy
  13. I am still having a hard time putting those photos to Shakespeare dialogue. But I keep and open mind and will be looking forward to the finished product. Judy
  14. Yes, thank you SO much for sharing your story with the rest of us. It is an experience most of us will never have and it is most wonderful to hear this first hand. And it doesn't hurt that you are a great writer and make is, oh, so interesting. Big hugs, Judy
  15. Barb--I promised to help keep this thread "alive" if you started it and I have not kept my word, so very well. Will try harder as this is a great place to visit, and remember how things used to be--and enjoy the things that "are." Loved the story about the fast food and all of that. That was really, me. Here in the northwest we didn't have a lot of fast food for a long time. I guess the Italian restaurants had pizza, but I had never had it until I visited So. Calif. in the late 1950's. Shortly after the first pizza parlour opened here, and then the first Taco Time--hadn't had taco
  16. Oh, Frannie, I don't know how I missed this thread for the last couple of days. I am so sorry your diagnosis wasn't something easily controlled, but I agree that you might get a second opinion and perhaps do go to a clinic or hospital that deals with these things. It is the rest of your life, and you are worth whatever it costs. Hang in there, we are all pulling and praying for you! Sometimes the doctors give up too easily. Today, I will just make this short, and wish everyone a very HAPPY EASTER! For those who don't celebrate the holiday--have a wonderful day, just because! Hug
  17. I'm here, too. We had a little break from the rain that has been our good fortune but still only a hint of sun. Forcast, isn't looking too good, either. Love the thought for the day: we all need to play, which we do quite well here at GALS! Fran, that storm sounds scarey!! Fortunately, we don't have that kind of storms out here, but who knows, since the weather is changing everywhere. Glad you got home safely and sorry your computer crashed. Hope everyone in your family is doing well, now. And YOU have to get well, SOON. Tracy, like that low cal apple slices recipe. Sounds good
  18. PEGGY--so wonderful to hear from you and that you are recovering from your frightening illness. Lots of prayers going up for you and FRANNIE and all of your family. We are all hoping Fran gets the bar sold and does, indeed, come home. SUE--I bet you have had the same virus we have been having up here. Ours stayed pretty much upper respiratory, but we "dropped like flies" one after the other. Three weeks later we are all still sniffleing or coughing. I had forgotten just how rotten a "head cold" can be! Just glad to hear you are feeling better. ANDREA--so sorry about your latest
  19. Is Katie the younger of the two girls with Gerry at the NI premiere? They are all so cute and I bet Uncle Gerry spoils them rotten--but I bet they are VERY well behaved. Could he be any more proud of his neices? Love those photos. Judy
  20. I'm going to attempt to post a link to Vicki Hopkins' review of LOVE NEVER DIES. She is an avid PHANTOM phan and has been in London for a few days and this is her take on the show which I think is a good review for those of us who want to like/ love the show! http://writejourney.livejournal.com/12401.html Enjoy. Judy
  21. Hope everyone is enjoying this fine Spring day! Well, we are having a bit of sun peeking through the clouds, but I think showers are due any minute. Tracy, I am sure I gained wt. just reading that recipe, but it sure sounds good! Barb, looks like this thread is really "taking off" and hope to have a lot of fun here--and as you said, anyone, any age is welcome. About the thought for the day: Hugs to all, Judy
  22. Welcome to GALS!!

    Hope you make more new friends and can keep up with some from last Saturday. Very nice to meet you!!

  23. Oh, Delene, I had a laugh at your "kids." Most people know do consider "step" grandkids as their "grandkids." But I DO like the goats! Tracy, MLadyD, Swannie and all who just came in here--a big warm welcome and hope you stay awhile. We are having a rainy end to the spring break week--at least the first few days were super spring-like. I have enjoyed spending time with my two grandaughters 14 & almost 11. They love to shop and I love to take them about walked my legs off, but it was good. We are a "short round" family with the girls mom being close to her ideal wt over
  24. BV--I want to welcome you to the FANMILY, too. And yes, there are many levels of GB admiration here. I do have a husband of 44 yrs, but he is tolerant of my feelings for Gerry, and of all my "stuff" which is on all 4 walls of the little room that is my computer (GB) room. We got him his own computer and now that room and my computer with the 5000 photos of Gerry are ALL MINE. One day I asked him if I could use his laptop and the reply was, "As long as you don't put anything GERRY on it!" Hello to Elissa, Sue, Suzie and everyone else. Our spring vacation is ending up with 5 cloudy sh
  25. Gosh--am I the ONLY one who likes liver and onions? However, I won't cook it or look at the raw meat, or NO WAY!! Actually, I am that way with a LOT of meat--when I see it raw first, I can't eat it, even cooked. I am SO glad I was a 50's kid. Life was (or it seemed) so simple then. We didn't have tv until I was 10 and then only one station! Technology is wonderful, but I feel sad that the kids of today grow up SO FAST and have so little time for "free play." Carry on--I'll be back later. Hugs, Judy
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