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  1. Hello!! After a long day of shopping and running around with my grandkids who are on vacation from school this week, it is mighty nice to sit down here in the "kitchen" and have a nice cup of herb tea! Glad to see there are some more posts in here. Lu, that corned beef hash sounds yummy! Mom never made corned beef hash, but did grind up left over roast beef and add some onions to the pototoes. I loved that hand "grinder" that she used and still have it somewhere. I think I made "hash" about 10 times in my earlier adult years. Don't know why--just kinda forgot about it. What I re
  2. Love the description of the thread, and nice to have a place to come and talk, cry, share and PLAY with our Golden Girl gals and pals. Barb--thanks for starting the thread. Hugs, Judy
  3. HELLO TO ALL! Just a quick check-in to say it is great to have new posts from so many of you! I love to start my day here at the Support Center. SUSAN--it is through you and others that we can experience all the fun you have when you get together and when you get to spend time with Gerry. I appreciate your telling us "all about it" and sharing pictures, too. Sounded like you had a great time. CHERYL--we did have a great time on Saturday for our little "gathering." We all enjoyed TBH and then had a couple hours to eat and talk and just had a really nice time. We had a fan--M
  4. Great to hear from all of you--and to know you still "love us, too--Frannie!" Hope you are back full time soon. Hey ITS SPRING!! Was so beautiful and warm here Saturday for our TBH get together, and the 12 of us had a really nice time! Since it is spring vacation here, I will be spending some time with my grandaughters, altho they can be home alone (have a HUGE dog.) They do get bored so they will be "around." Nice we live so close by. Things are coming along for my family and I do appreciate your kind comments and prayers. SUE, the fence looks good, and that bump--remi
  5. Thanks for that, Moira! I was wondering how to pronounce that. His nieces are very close in age, aren't they. All four are SO cute and he is such a PROUD "Uncle Gerry!" Now if he would just.... oh well, I will let his Mum tell him that for me! Judy
  6. Just got home from my first, but not last, time seeing TBH and I LOVED it, just as I knew I would! In fact a group from around the state are getting together at noon tomorrow to see it and I am looking forward to seeing some out-of-town friends. It is wonderful how Gerry brings us together. A few years ago Gerry told us fans that he would try to never disappoint us with his movies and also that he would keep on making movies and hoped we would keep on coming to see them! He has kept his word, for sure, and we will try to do our part! Love you, Gerry, now, then, and always! Judy
  7. Yes, she is such a little sweetie. Having the babies and young ones around does help lift one's spirits. I hope you have a good weekend. Hugs, Judy
  8. How I would LOVE to see him in a movie role about a "fighter pilot." Who knows, maybe something will come up! I can imagine the "rush" being in one of those planes, but I also know I would be very, very SICK! Judy
  9. ANNA, it is so nice to hear from you and those pic are SO cute! SUE, thanks so much for the update of Frannie. I am SO worried about her and all the stress she is having in her RL. So sorry you have the "cold" which for us, is the first one of the kind my DH and I have had in years. And sadly, it doesn't go away very fast!! It is very contagious, we dropped like "flies." (Do flies really drop?) Anyway, enjoy the little ones and GET WELL. My daughter called me a few times during the night last night--things were just "catching up" to her. The divorce papers are being finished
  10. I would love to see some activity in the Lair, again I think Erik would like that. I don't know how Erik would feel (how would you feel, Erik?) but I have grown very fond of Sir Andrew's new production and continuation of our beloved's story. I do hope "he is pleased." Deb, your letter was most moving, and I am sure Erik was very happy to hear from you. Let's make an effort to open up this thread and keep it alive, again. Hugs to all, Judith of the Lair, Keeper of the Innocents and Guardian of the Royal Pug
  11. Frannie, I was so sad when I read your post. I totally agree with everything that has been said and I do hope after a little while away, you will find you want to return. In the meantime, I hope things get better with you and your family and I will continue to think of you and send up good thoughts and prayers. Please take care of yourself and come back soon--we will miss you like crazy!! Hugs, Judy
  12. Wow, some great observations here since I last read"! I have read Vicki's blog on Facebook and thought it a fair assessment. I have the upmost respect for ALW and have said before, I trust his judgement. It was wonderful that you got to see it 3 times, ANNA, and I do hope we will hear more from you. I know it is a critic "thing" but wouldn't the world be a better place if more would see the cup as "half full" and not feel so righteous as to try to keep others from going to the shows (movie and all) just because they don't like something. I don't mind hearing the opinions of
  13. NIce to have you stop by, Sapphyre! And Suzie, wonderful to be a Great Aunt--hope to see some photos! And to everyone else, "Hello." On the subject of "discovering" Gerry--it was in Feb '05 when I finally made it to the theater to see POTO. I was mesmerized by the man who portrayed THE PHANTOM!! TIMELINE and TR2 were both playing on our cable stations and I was TOTALLY smitten after those movies. And of course, I looked him up on the computer, which sealed the deal. And for that matter, I shall remained totally BUTLERIZED for the rest of my life!! Hugs, Judy
  14. Gosh, I hope that what you said, Swannie, holds true and we will get a new and improved version of the show. Sadly, it would take a LOT of money to do this and I seriously doubt that they make wide-spread changes. I am not sure it would be done even if the producers would wish it so. Somehow, it comes down to time and money, IMHO. The more I listen to the complete libretto the more I am drawn into this story. I would like to see better insight into the characters, but much of the story is there word. I know I am going to love the show if I ever get to see it, and if I do, I rea
  15. Guess who attended!! When I found out he was in London, I kinda thought he would!! Wonder what he thought of the show? I know he would wish ALW and the cast and crew the very best for LND. Judy Edited to say : I should have gone to the forum first: would have seen the photos and info there--oh well, I am still glad he attended.
  16. Linda, I LOVE your 2nd avvie!! Well, your other avvies and siggy, too. Elissa, hope you are feeling better--can't have the nurse sick or injured! Tell that to my daughter all the time. BTW, thanks for that lovely spring Wallpaper! Hello, and hugs to all! Judy
  17. Oh, Delene, how cute! Can you put up some photos? Sorry to hear Peggy's news--will go over the the thread now. Andrea, hope your sinus condition clears up. And I will check out your site, for sure. Hello to everyone else! Hugs, J.
  18. Can you imagine Robin Williams and Gerry at a table together--should be a laugh a minute-- make that a laugh a second! And later Gerry and Barbra Streisand? He really IS an A-lister now!! About time, I say! Judy
  19. Andrea--snot slime, I remember it well!! Hope everyone is feeling better soon, and good luck with your new project. Fran--hope you arrive in NY safely and will be glad to hear from you that you have. Hope the weather was good for travel--we are having another sunny spring-like day here. Do give Peggy that hug for all of us and hope you get the much needed rest and some recreation, too! Hugs to all of you & hope you are having a good weekend. Judy
  20. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Anne. You are right--there are a lot of not-so-good POTO fan fictions out there, and I will look forward to reading yours. Thankfully, there really are some other very good Phantom stories, but you are correct that there are many that do not give Erik the redemption that many of us would agree the character should find. Like you, many of us here at GALS have found a "new life" after experiencing Gerard's protrayal of THE PHANTOM. So many wonderful personal stories have been shared here at GALS and we have found so many close and caring fr
  21. You, me and about a million other GB fans!!! Those thighs........ Thank you for the kind words about my daughter. It is a 16 yr marriage in which the DH has never done his part. I have two wonderful grandaughters ages 10 & 14 to whom I am very close. I knew things weren't good, but he found another woman (stooge) and was trying to convince his family it was all "okay." Well, not so okay when he gets served with divorce papers!! It is still sad, for the kids, especially. Yeah, I think you have had enough "butt" jokes for the day. Now, how can we tease you next, Fannie--oo
  22. 'Afternoon, to all! Albeit a very rainy afternoon in dear 'ol OR--but we don't have to SHOVEL IT, as my parents always said after moving here from the midwest before I was born. We have had such an unbelievably mild winter--flowering trees already in bloom, hint of spring definitely in the air. Yeah, Fran, so glad everything is "behind" you, for at least another year!! Just wish it would be solving your upper GI problem Just surprised they don't stick tubes down one end and up the other at the same time, until they meet. What a thought--YUK! Anyway, they darned well better
  23. Count me in as a "squeeing Phantom fangirl!" There are those who won't like this show, no matter how good it is, but I do hope those who want to like it--do. I have no doubt about it for myself, and I am definitely NOT expecting the POTO original. My only complaint so far: Gerry, and now, Ramin, are so darned handsome and HOT, that you could have the entire rt. side of their face exposed to the bone, and we would still be "squeeing." IMHO. Judy
  24. Yippee!! I went in at least 40 times--figured if 100 of us went in 40 times......Nice of him to do this for us. Judy
  25. Ladies, I seem to always write the same thing, but what I think and feel has already just been said many times, so I will just add my "ditto," care, concern, hugs and prayers for all. Love you, Judy
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