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  1. I preordered my deluxe copy from Amazon USA and it will be here, guaranteed on the 9th! That's how bad I wanted to hear the music. Can see why they took down the full length songs that weren't officially released, but am SO happy I got to hear them before they did. I am not one bit disappointed in the music. Hugs, Judy
  2. Oh, Fran, I am SO sorry to hear that Peggy is in the hospital, but I am also so glad she did go in, and that they can keep close watch on her. We will all be praying for her, as well as for you, my friend. Why do such crappy things keep happening to such GOOD people!! Please give her our love when you talk to her. Andrea, glad you are feeling a little better and you can count on me for prayers for you and your boys. I can only imagine how it would feel to have to send such young ones to someone you don't trust. Love the Leo rose--will have to see about getting one for myself.
  3. Just a simple birthday greeting, Susan, but GREAT BIG WISHES for a very happy celebration. Hugs, Judy
  4. Well, I'll add my 2 cents! I do hope we will all do our best to keep this site "alive." It seems some of us "cougars" and "cougars +" are hanging out over here. The siggy piggy board is always alive with chatter from all ages, but maybe this is the better spot for some of us?? I enjoy all the conversation, no matter where it is! It's raining here too, Sue, after many days of spring-like weather. But we are lucky here on the west coast--we aren't having to "shovel it," which is why my family moved here in 1940 from the midwest, or that is what I was always told. We only had on
  5. Well, looks like the dream is realized!! I am happy, beyond words. Thanks so much for posting this review, and I will be looking for more as they come out. I have the deluxe cd ordered to arrive on March 9th. The plot is much as I expected, and however it ends, will be good. Thanks, Judy
  6. I am absolutely beside myself waiting for the reviews which I hope and PRAY are good ones. Cannot wait until tomorrow evening when we should be hearing something! Hugs, Judy
  7. Andrea, you certainly have my prayers and good thoughts for you and for your boys. It must be unbearable to have to turn your boys over to someone you can't trust. It is hard for me with my grandaughters being 10 & 14 and I can't imagine having these worries when they were small. I hope you get your pulmonary problems checked out and treated, it is certainly hard to cope with much of anything when you are not feeling well. Also, somewhere along the way, I missed out on your website and I don't know what you have for sale!! Weekend greetings to everyone else. Hugs, Judy
  8. That was really a wonderful piece! I agree with you whole heartedly, and I put desire right there alongside passion. I know I could not imagine going through life without either of those two emotions, and I am one who feels every emotion wholeheartedly. Thanks for sharing this. Judy
  9. Thanks to all of you for your very kind words. Things here, are on a sort of a "hold" right now, and not the way I would "play" it, but not my decision, and at least there is the attorney to give advice, now. Sue, you have such a beautiful yard and I bet whichever fence you decide to use will look nice. Safety is such a HUGE issue and it sounds like you have that well covered. Let us know which fence you choose. Susan, great advice on mourning at your own pace, in your own way. One of the hardest parts of getting older is that there are so many more family and friends to mou
  10. It appears there are no longer any music clips to play. No player is shown nor the arrow in which to click. Don't know why they would have them up and then remove them, but they are not in AMAZON USA or AMAZON UK. If anyone knows different, I would love to hear the clips. Am sorry to hear Swannie was disappointed as she is a good judge of music. I only hope that things are better with the entire score and the story it tells. I am still very excited about this show and sincerely hope it lives up to the good expectations and doesn't disappoint. Thank you, Deb for keeping us
  11. Andrea, it does sound like you are handling things as well as you possibly can and I will be remembering you and your boys in my prayers. You kind words have meant so much and the suggestions are appreciated as well. There is nothing easy for anyone involved in a divorce--except in my daughter's case, her husband thought he had her under his thumb and is finding out she isn't going to let his misbehavior go by. I wish the kids weren't there but it was suggested a three day on and off for each parent for two weeks. It is hard for my daughter to leave the girls, altho they aren'
  12. Susan, you are so right about family dynamics being strange, and how many of us end up being "parents" to our parents. I am so sorry for your loss and all you have had to deal with this last few months. Andrea, it was so wonderful and thoughtful of you to share your personal story with all of us in order to help me help my daughter. I am going to show it to her when I think she would be receptive. Much has happened this weekend, but all working towards a good ending, even if there will be plenty of rough times ahead. Mostly, my daughter has realized what a mess she has been and
  13. You are truly a gem for sharing your story to help me and others.

  14. Just a quick update and my most sincere appretiation for your kind words and prayers. Our daughter pretty much hit bottom yesterday and is now listening to her father and the rest of us. She is so afraid he will take the kids and run (highly unlikely since he is broke) and she was going to take them back to their house for his "week" with the kids. In otherwords, she is there for whatever, while he plays nice to the kids and looks like the "good daddy." Hopefully, her attorney will be well and keep the Monday appointment to advise her how to proceed to keep the kids in her cust
  15. Oh my, I just had 4 days to catch up with!! This has to be the very LONGEST I have ever been away from my usual haunts! So much happening to so many of you--I won't even try to mention each one of you, but I do send my very best wishes, hopes and prayers to all of you, all of the time--I love you all!! I do want to mention Susan and Moira's losses--my heartfelt sympathy to both of you. I have had such a hard decision to make about Vegas--I have to choose between that or the possibility of a one and only trip to the east coast to see LOVE NEVER DIES. I just can't do both, but
  16. Hope you are feeling better soon, Elissa. And now you KNOW my next question is going to be WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE BLANKETS MADE????? They are wonderful, and would give MUCH comfort when one is ailing--and when one is NOT ailing!! Hugs to all, Judy
  17. I just read the posts from yesterday and today, and I was just blown away by all the things we ladies have in common! I have been so busy with the stuff surrounding my daughter's problems and having the kids here (at 10 & 14 no big problem, just makes me tired!) And to think a month ago I was "frozen" with depression, and now, there are not enough hours in the day!! Andrea, your problems are similar to my daughters, except hers has gone on for 17 years. Linda, we share a similar age and I have TWO daughters, 43 and 41 who have never found the right man to share their life w
  18. Thank you, for the kind words, ladies. I know WAY too many women have been in my daughter's situation. She has lived in the hope all would be well for way too long. I have a special "thing" for TR2--it was playing on our cable when I discovered GB (POTO) and was so surprised (in a really good way, tho) what the Phantom really looked like. And, of course, Terry Sheridan was HOT!! Think I will just have to watch it again!! Take care, my friends. Judy
  19. Gosh, it is nice to come in here and find some new posts from some old friends (now I don't man "old" literally!) Wonderful to hear from all of you and catch up on all the news and photos. Here in OR we have lucked out with weather--if you can call cloudy, dark and drizzley good! Of course the sun did break through yesterday, long enough for any local groundhog to see its shadow so I think we will have 6 more weeks of it. Oh well, at least we don't have to shovel it!! If I might vent just a little--I have two wonderful grandaughters ages 14 & 10 that I have done daycare
  20. I've been following things at the LOVE NEVER DIES site. I love the show already and just hope it is well received. I cannot wait to hear the rest of the music, and to find out who will be playing the lead roles in NYC. WIsh I had $$ to go to London!! Thanks, Deb, for keeping us up to date! Judy
  21. Sadly, I surmise that they are going to do what will sell the most theater tickets! It is always about $$ it seems. I was hoping for a period piece with updated language. In otherwords, the movie is "based" on the Shakespeare play--and nobody know just how close it will follow the play. Maybe I am ahead not to try to read the original. I do try not to compare these things--it is like apples and oranges, IMHO. I do think they have some incredible talent for this movie. Judy
  22. While I was watching the telethon on Friday, one of the things I said to myself was that I was surprised that Gerry wasn't down there helping and I know he would if he could. I think he has a genuine desire to do good in this world, and he has a very soft spot for children--I know he saw the poverty in India while he was there. I am another of Gerry's "mom's" and I, too, worry about him as I do any of my "children." All we can do is pray for his safety and trust that he will be well taken care of by authorities and organized groups of volunteers. I am so proud.... Judy
  23. Frannie, I never thought I would be saying this, but I tend to agree with you about JA and GB. And I don't think he is so "full of himself" that he couldn't handle being in a relationship with another major star! JMHO. The GB we know has often said he would RATHER go home but I think it is important for his career to be our and about as much as possible. Judy
  24. Aw, gee, D., you think he's "kinda cute?" LOL. Well, I think you have a lot of company joining you in your current thoughts on the "subject!" Judy
  25. I agree that it is an obcene amount of money for a "gift bag." As for Gerry--if he only had 2 cents, I bet he would give half of it to those kids in Haiti. Knowing him, maybe all of it!! I don't think he has forgotten what it was like before he became a "star" and has money like we will never imagine! So glad we can be proud of his generosity! Judy
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