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  1. Yes, you can bring your camera. However, you CANNOT use it to take photos or video of any movie or TV clip that is played on screen, and you will be warned often about this. There are volunteers who will go up and down aisles, looking for people who are taking photos, and they are authorized to take your camera and destroy its contents. Comic-Con has received increasing support from the film and television industries over the past few years, with its audiences often being the first to see film or television footage, and they don't want to jeopardize that by having attendees get bootlegs.
  2. Hi Alice! I noticed the special guests mention, too, but I was so excited about Zack being there, that I didn't even think to consider that the special guests might include FASSY!, Vincent, Rodrigo or Tom. I guess in the back of my mind I thought that Michael was still off filming Town Creek in Romania, though you would know that better than I would since I haven't been at MFO much in the past couple months. (Shame on me!) I'm not going to be there on Thursday, but I will be there Friday, and probably most of Saturday. On Friday, I'm going to set up residence in Hall H. The only thing th
  3. Hi Everyone! Zack Snyder, Frank Miller, Lena Headey & David Wenham will be appearing at Comic-Con on Friday, July 27. Zack will be on a panel from 10am-12:30pm to discuss Watchmen, and then will appear later in the day, 3:15pm-4:45pm, with the others to discuss 300. Here's the link to that day's events: Comic-Con, Friday, July 27th I AM SO THERE!! --Danielle/#99
  4. I officially name that, "The Butler Triangle." It looks like people are going to get "lost" in it, much like its Bermuda cousin, but in a good way. Add that to the map of Gerry's body. (Which I can't find again - can anyone point me to that thread?)
  5. I love how this movie just came out of nowhere. No speculation one minute, then Gerry and his LUPOs boarding a flight to London the next to start filming. I am also happy with the rest of the cast! Tom, Thandie and Ludacris, yay!
  6. #99

    300 DVD Specs

    I am SO not happy that the standard DVD version appears to be the one with the least amount of extra features. It's too early in the Blu Ray vs. HD format wars to know who's going to be the winner, so I'm not going to invest in one of those DVD player formats. I don't believe Blu-Ray or HD DVDs will function well, if at all, in a standard DVD player. If any of you more techno-savvy people know more about that, please let me know. Being a 300 addict (18 viewings), I would have gladly paid more for a third disc with the additional features on the Blu-Ray and HD versions. But, in the
  7. :funnyabove: I laughed so hard when I saw your post! I was going to search and see if I could find the brand of undies after I was done reading the thread! Gutter minds think alike! Thanks for the links!
  8. Susan, I am SO glad that everything worked out well with Phantom Las Vegas, and that all of the GALS got a meet-and-greet, whatever night they went! (What they did was give you the new VIP package for which they charge $250 per person, and you deserved it.) I'm thrilled to hear that Tony was just as wonderful as he was when Lynne, Norma and I met him last month, especially considering how large your group was! He's the best public relations that the show has. I'm looking forward to the photos!
  9. Barb, just pm'd you. Lisa, that's so lovely of you regarding the bracelets! --Danielle :hug99:
  10. Who needs Vegas when you can win something here?! :yippee: Thanks, Barb, and to all who contributed prizes! Congrats to all winners, too!
  11. Happy Sunday to all those here left behind! There is much joy chez #99 because I finally got a King Leonidas action figure! Last night, a friend and I saw 300 at our local drive-in. It was King Leo's first official outing, and he stood fiercely atop the speaker station and watched the movie with us. (Only among GB fans could I admit something like that and be understood!!) We talked to the manager, a history buff who still liked the film very much even though it's not historically accurate, i.e., no body armour and such. Later, when Cindy and I were watching the film and we got the the
  12. Good morning, fellow Virtual Con ladies! *stretches, yawns* What a bunch of lovely posts to awaken to! Irish, I love the stained glass! I've bought a few old English stained glass windows for my apartment, and they look great on the walls. AnnOC, good luck with the web site! *nudge, nudge, nudge* Beachie, you've learned your graphics well! The wallpapers are lovely! Active99, too bad you're not here in SoCal - there's a group that gets together usually once a month to scrapbook and I know that you and your cutie would be welcomed! Barb, thanks again for keeping things up and runni
  13. There are quite a few talented ladies here! Behold my Spartan shield cookie, which combined my obssession with passion for 300 and my food decorating skills (yes, I made the arrows): I brought these to a birthday party attended by GALS/TARTS, as I knew that only they would truly understand.
  14. This is one of my favorites, if not my absolute favorite: It makes me think of a post-wedding reception, right-before-the-honeymoon look. Not that I've ever fantasized about that. I'm just sayin'.
  15. Brilliant Barb, this was a great idea, and thanks for your efforts! Count me in! I'm from the New York City metro area originally, now living in the arse of California, in the Imperial Valley, a desert community about 12 miles north of the US/Mex border and FAR from everything that's fun! Got to go look for my favorite Gerry photo. I'd enter the talent contest, too, but is shopping on eBay a talent?! --Danielle, aka #99 (but not an "Active99")
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