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  1. Marcia, missing you Sweet Galfriend, are we going to see you soon?


    Anna X

  2. Hey Marcia! I see that you dropped by. Nice to see you. Hope all is well in your life. Hugs to you. *wink* Jilly

  3. Would you believe I still haven't seen The Jury? *hangs head*As for the original question, I loved Gerry's performance in 300 - his power, wry sense of humor, and commanding presence. However, Phantom will ALWAYS remain as my favorite. Perhaps it's because I have a thing for historicals, especially of the gothic-flavor. Maybe it's the singing. I think mostly it's the emotions of the character. In the span of PONR and then Down Once More, we see this man go from seduction, to shock, to pain, to outrage then to yearning, to determination, to ferocity, to resolution, to despair. And not onc
  4. Yes! That's it exactly, Betts! The Phantom is for ME. "300" is for Gerry! I love them each for two different reasons, and "300" is the one that will make the rest of the world see what Gerry can do! Hugs, Marcia
  5. That's interesting, Lish. For me, each character Gerry creates steps away from him and stands on his own, like a real person. I'm sure Gerry keeps something of each of them in his heart, but when I watch the Phantom, for instance, he's not Gerry to me. He's someone Gerry created and set free, like a work of art that stands on its own. Like a sculpture or a painting. And some of the characters Gerry has created I adore. Others not so much so. But all of them were given a life of their own by Gerry, where they live in my mind and heart, both the ones I love and the ones I don't. Goin' al
  6. Yes, that moment he turns to look at her, then turns back...leading her down that gilded corridor...OH! To me, that is the epitome of sexy. It just can't get sexier than that, abs or no abs, thighs or no thighs. The Phantom is the drop-deadest sexiest man I ever saw, and his profound loneliness and sadness just pull me right in, every time. I'm a sucker for tragedy, and on a personal level, the Phantom is a tragic figure, where Leonidas is a heroic one. Perhaps that is why the Phantom breaks my heart so completely. Every time I watch him turn and step through that mirror, I'm in agony.
  7. Hey, Swannie...when I said Leonidas touched my spirit, I didn't mean he was a spiritual leader to me. (If you are replying to my comments above, which maybe you aren't). I meant in the sense of pulling everyone together in the "spirit" of fighting for their freedom, not in any religiously spiritual sense. I felt an amazing sense of patriotism (for Sparta and for the ideals of freedom, etc) but not the sense of someone connecting with my soul, like I do with Phantom. I agree with you that Leonidas felt more like a father figure to me (except of course for that Right Thigh...8th Wonder of th
  8. I'm not saying that all is lost! What I am saying is that Phantom brought in a certain culture of fans... and I believe 300 will bring a different type of fan. Chances are, there WILL be people deeply moved by Gerry's Leonidas... but whether or not they impact the sites to the degree that POTO did, remains to be seen. I was MOVED and touched by Leonidas... but in a different way than Phantom. I can't really even compare the two roles, but I CAN measure their impact on me personally. That's all I'm saying. It may take a while for 300 fans to find their way to the Gerry fansites, but given
  9. HELP!! I have a question for anybody who might know. A friend who couldn't see "300" last weekend is planning to go this weekend, but her local theater is showing one version of it listed as "digital" and one not. ??? I know much was made of Snyder's decision to use film instead of digital for "300" so I'm confused. Is this a mistake, or is there a digital version out there? Or does that mean that the viewing process is digital? Or does that refer to sound, only? She asked me what to do, and I'm clueless. Anybody got an idea? Hugs, Marcia
  10. Ummmm...comparing "300" to Gladiator and Braveheart, eh? Well, for my money, it was ten thousand times better than Gladiator, but then I absolutely freakin' DETESTED Gladiator. It was the most overrated movie I ever suffered through, and was where I learned to avoid Russell Crowe and his movies like the plague. But I really can't say I enjoyed it more than Braveheart. Braveheart is one of my favorite movies EVER, and takes me back to a time before Mel went all crazy on us. But I WILL say I enjoyed it every bit as MUCH as Braveheart, though for completely different reasons. They really a
  11. The scans work perfect on my monitor, but everyone's settings are different. If you make them smaller, they aren't very readable, though of course, thumbnails can be made of them, linked to the full sized scans. I just didn't know what to do with it. Please feel free to do whatever is best to get it out there...or forward it to anyone you wish, or whatever. Or, if need be, I can type the whole thing. I just didn't know how best to do it. Thanks, Jill! Hugs, Marcia
  12. Yes, Alice, this is our Orlando Movie Critic, Roger Moore, and it appeared in Friday's Orlando Sentinel, Calendar Section. I think it's a great review and I wrote several people to ask how to get it posted, (whether I should scan or retype, or what), plus I asked in several of my posts, and I didn't get any answers. So I just took a chance and posted it here. Please feel free to put it wherever you think best. I thought it was cleverly written and by someone who really "got it," and I hoped y'all might enjoy it, too. It's nice to have an actual movie critic really love it. (I loved tha
  13. I've tried in vain to find out where to post this review, and sad to say, everyone must be out watching the movie, because I haven't gotten any replies, so I'm gonna post it here. I really want to share it, and if this isn't the right place, well, I reckon we can move it. Our movie reviewer is quite good, but very tough on most films, and I was impressed by his take on 300. Hope you enjoy these! Both articles were featured in Friday's edition of our paper's Calendar Magazine. (You'll probably have to click on each image to open it up full size so you can read it.) Hugs, Marcia Mod note
  14. Thank you, Jill! I have to admit, I chuckled to myself, thinking that from now on, when I'm describing any woman done wrong who finally gets her revenge, I'm going to call it "going Gorgo!" Glad you liked it, too. Ah, this movie! It's so awe-inspiring. Hey, do you know how I can get the Orlando Sentinel review published here on the site? Do I just need to go ahead & scan it, and include it here? Hugs, Marcia
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