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  1. I'm sorry…I had to keep from laughing when I read this. "Manners?" Please don't get me wrong. I'm still a fan of this guy, but I find it very hypocritical of him to be talking about such a thing when he was pictured not long ago with his hands all over his half-naked girlfriend.
  2. Glad to see he's a semi-sports fan, but why is he bulked up like a football player? And I'm talking about American football, not soccer.
  3. I can relate to how he feels. My parents divorced when I was only 6 months old. The only difference between me and Gerry, I think, is that his dad actually sought him out and presumably cared about him. My dad doesn't. He thinks I'm some fat, lazy mooch just because I'm having trouble getting a job after being injured in a horseback riding accident in July of 2012. And yes, I am still living with my mom, but it's been me and my mom ever since I was a baby; she's my best friend and I'd be nothing without her.
  4. I wish Gerry would do more singing. He has a gift that shouldn't be wasted. Believe me; I know! *lol* I come from a long line of singers, and it's pretty much in my blood! I absolutely loved his voice as the Phantom and I am hoping so desperately that Schumacher gathers up the old cast from the first "Phantom" movie and does "Love Never Dies," just so I can hear that lovely voice of his again. Anybody else agree?
  5. I know this is old news, but I wanted to just mention a few things. I think you have every right to be disappointed in the London musical. It's not very good at all. However, don't judge the sequel to Phantom by that alone. If you haven't already, look up the Australian version on Youtube. In my opinion, that production was excellent! I think you'll enjoy it. Anna O'Byrne (Christine) has a beautiful voice, and while Ben Lewis (the Phantom) isn't as pure as Ramin (the London Phantom), he reminds me a lot of Gerry and does the Phantom justice. Personally, I'd like to see Schumacher come back and
  6. Welcome to GALS BlueBlazesWildcat88 :)

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