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  1. I did the same - only I was at home, watching the DVD. I agree, my hubby and I watched every single movie Gerry made after we saw Phantom of the opera and gave his movies a long time ago as gifts and still continue to give them...even the last one with Katherine Heigl (UGLY TRUTH) loved it...of course strickly for adults, not young kids. But George and I have been adults for a long, long time and love Gerry B. So glad he is feeling better, than goodness. Donna Jean and George and clan I am set up to get Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus if they ever come on Amazon.com
  2. You do remember he's worked with Gerry before. I liked him in Contact too with Jodi Foster who has also worked with Gerry. Ah, the circle of Hollywood! Delene Yeah in Reign of Fire....... or thats the only one i'm aware of. But I didnt like that movie. :-s He's OK, but I would never miss a movie with sweet Gerry Butler. He is good, Gerry that is in any movie he is in. We (our family has seen every movie Gerry Butler has made and also given his movies as gifts. Say you have a nice pix of Michael Crawford, he is delightful too. Haven't heard about Michael for a long time...how is he...My hubby and I liked him when he was singing The Phantom of the opera too. Then of course we saw Phantom in 2005 and have enjoyed Gerry Butler since there. Hope Michael is OK...hope he is well...Donna Jean and George and clan
  3. Thanks for all that interesting news about Gerry's new movie. Sounds super exciting. Hope we don't have to wait tooooo long to see it. I have Corliolanus and Machine Gun Preacher placed on Amazon.com for as soon as it becomes a DVD...sure hope this one will not be too long. Donna Jean and George.. It has been sooo long since any of Gerry's movies have been out there in the ETHERS>>>>
  4. I agree two of his best films were PLEASE and THE JURY, but then I didn't come upon them until I was first introduced to him through THE PHANTOM of THE OPERA...my hubby and I loved, loved the music from listening to Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman's version. Then one day my hubby said for our anniversary lets go see this new movie The Phantom of the Opera..of course I said Yes, Yes....Once I saw him in that first movie, I joined wherever I could to get information about him...I was HOOKED for life...Found ever movie he had ever made and kept the ones that were on DVD...still have them...as far as I am concerned, he has always been a great actor from the first time we saw him. Thank goodness My hubby puts up with me and even enjoys, The Phantom and The Ugly Truth...we enjoy those together ever so often...Infact we just saw The Phantom, twice within the last few months on HBO togethr. Gerry is a superb actor and we have enjoyed everything he has ever made. Haven't seen Machine Gun Preacher or Corliolanus yet. Because I am treating for cancer, cant be with big crowds, but have put my name down on Amazon.com for when they both come out on DVD...so looking forward to seeing him in those and soooo sad that we have to wait so long to see him in his movies.. Ah yes, as they say, SUCH IS LIFE...He is such a gracious and kind and loving type of a man. Hope he meets someone special soon...He has such a cute sense of humor and love that laugh. It is infectious .....right it's catching... Donna Jean and my sweetie George and our clan...all like his movies..given mucho DVDs as gifts to my sisters, niece, granddaughters,saughte-in-laws and friends...he is well liked by many age groups....
  5. My clan sure are glad that Gerry B. is OK. What a scare his mum and family must have felt. Gerry always makes jokes, but I'll bet that experience will be in his head for a long while. You just don't forget things like that so easily. So we are betting he is counting his blessings and sAying, SOMEONE UP THERE was watching over ME. By the wAy, I saw the Golden Globes and he was looking terrific as usual. Always spiffy looking, wears those suits beautifully. The man always looks great...Looking forward to seeing his movies..Put our name on Amazon.com for both Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus...Can't be with big crowds for now, but sure will buy for us and family and friends when they come out on DVDs...really anxious to see those movies...Stunning man and always so funny and positive.. Hugs, Donna Jean and George and our clan ALL GREAT FANS
  6. Hi all, What a wonderful article with great insight into Gerry Butler. The soft, so nice, loving human being that touches each of us so sweetly With his feelings about his caring, ever faithful fans. One of the first movies I saw after Phantom of the Opera was THE CHERRY ORCHARD...he was just so outstanding with his part. Memorable and exciting. Just saw his Phantom of the Opera twice within the last month...My hubby George and I NEVER GET TIRED of seeing him and hearing him sing the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber. He will forever be the lonely, sad but talented Phantom of the Opera. Infact we enjoy each and every movie he has ever made. I believe so far we have seen them all and given them to relatives and friends as gifts. Many favorites, DEAR FRANKIE just so loving a character, ONE MORE KISS soooo sensitive a man, THE UGLY TRUTH, just darling and so much fun and if you have missed this one, either buy or rent THE JURY outstanding drama and mystery...You will feel like you are one of the jurors. Attila, Dracula 2000...well not to ever forget "300." Gerry B. has always been a really GREAT actor from the beginning. His is a natural and each movie is a wonderful experience. He he he, Can you tell that my hubby and I are dedicated fans. Can hardly wait until we see CORIOLANUS and MACHINE GUN PREACHER. I think we have just about all the movies he has ever made..Each very well done and YES, he is a natural and will be appreciated for many, many years to come. Happy New Year to each of you wonderful fans of sweet Gerry B. hugs, Donna Jean and George and our clan
  7. Good luck to Gerry B. with all of the movies he has finished making and is working on. Question, when is he going to make BURN? Super blessings to a wonderful young man. hugs, Donna Jean and George and clan
  8. Hi Sue (Irish) Oh I love what you did for me regarding the avatars and signature...That is one of my hubby George and myself's favorite movies...it is so darn cute...adult, but darling...we are defintely adults. Yesterday we watch Phantom of the Opera on I think it was HBO or Starz.. We never, ever get tired of watching any of his movies...I understand he is on Jay Leno tonight...I don't want to miss that at 11:30PM California time...well Sue he is such a darling man. I hope soon he meets the right lady so he can really enjoy having someone dear to share everything with. Maybe now that he is getting a wee wee bit older, he might see the joys that he hasn't delved into yet...a good marriage...George is still teaching...at ITT Technical Institute...he will be home a wee bit later. We got robbed a 2 weeks before Christmas...I am part Italian and they stoled my jewelry boxes of things I had for over 50 years. They are in for big big trouble...They stoled my ItaLIAN HAND..which will bring them nothing but nasty nasty luck. We also live on LOT l3 and our address numbers are 526 which adds up to l3 and I am born on Halloween...I have more Italian horn, because I wear it or carry it with me, but my hand which my hubby and kids gave me so many years ago was in my little jewelry boxes that they stoled, along with our Samsung 47 inch TV...We now have ADT security so I guess they won't bother us again, but they don't know what they let loose with stealing an Italian or part Italians like me and all Italian like my hubby's items...Nothing but bad bad Karma and not a days anymore of good luck...I almost feel sorry for them...he he he...no not REALLY...remember I am born on HAlloween....ah yes, such is life for nasty, nasty, mean stealing people like them...hummmmm...Hope all is going well with you and all the lovely ladies at GALS...I best make sure I write myself a note so I wont forget Jay Leno...I usually listen to the radio at night after my hubby gets tired and we head up stairs for sleepy time...but not tonight if Gerry B. is on...can hardly wait for his movies to come out on DVD..I signed up on Amazon.com...cant go into big crowds because of the Hodgkins, Cancer but I can wait for the DVDs to see Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus...really anxious to see those two. Hugs, to you and yours...don't forget, keep me up to date with you and yours...my machine wont copy what I type so I will check in tomorrow to see if you answered this. I am not real good about keeping up with e mails and these sites, but of lately I am trying to gather more energy to do that...hugs, Donna Jean and George and clan
  9. Hi Irish, I bet you forgot how you helped me to place my avatar and signature on this website. I did not forget your kindnesss. Just been treating for the darn Hodgkins Stage 4 longer than I hoped I would be doing. I still have one more section GROIN area and probably will be going to University California, San Diego to get it taken care of where the doctor will just deal with Hodgkins..I pray this will be the end. I have been doing this thingy since 2007. Anyway, soooo happy sweet Gerry Bulter is OK with his surfing accident. One thing about WE SCORPIO'S once something like that happens, we are not foolish enough to try it again...and of course the people making the movie, will not allow Gerry to even thing about it. SOMEONE UP THERE was WATCHING OVER HIM and I bet he knows that NOW. Hope things have been good for you. We are blessed with another little Montalbano...our youngest son, Gary, the artist and writer had a darling sweet little girl names SEARRA JEANELLE, born 6/13/11 she looks like my son and has dimples like our son Gary and my hubby George..she is a pure delight and her older borther LOGAN who will be 4 years old valentine's day, Feb. l4 watches over her so carefully and lovingly...we are blessed with our grown children and grand children..That is why I just want to be through with this nasty decease and get myself back to taking the Courses at the university level...keep your fingers crossed, this will be the end of it...and thank you soooooo much for my lovely Avatar and Signature, blessings to you and yours and let me know how everything is going with you. GDMontalban@cox.net Donna Jean and George and clan
  10. Can hardly wait until his movies come to Chula Vista, Ca...if not then we will have to wait until they are on DVDs. Anyway my hubby and I wish himn tons of good luck with both Machine Gun.... and Coriolanus... Donna Jean and George and clan
  11. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The article was soooo interesting. I agree, we have three grown sons, all married and one grown daughter, also married all with their own children and responsibilities....if they say wonderful things like Gerry does about his mom, Margaret, that surely will make my hubby and I very happy...indeed! Gerry B. has come a long way since we saw him in Phantom of the Opera. He has always been a wonderful actor. If you haven't seen, ONE MORE KISS and Dear Frankie, and the series THE JURY, don't miss them...they are older, but oh so well acted....Can hardly wait to see his newer movies, Coriolanus and Machine Gun Preacher...We are on the Amazon.com list to be notified when they become DVDs....can hardly wait. Donna Jean and George and clan Last June l3 a wee little girl was added to our youngest son's family, so now we are blessed with 5 grandchildren of all ages...
  12. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I agree he looks super great. Very healthy and seems very happy. Love your pix from Dear Frankie, one of the favorites of all his movies...Of course don't want to ever forget Phantom of the Opera which introduced my hubby George and I to him as an actor in 2005. Then we went hunting for every movie we could find of his. He is such a terrific actor. On the list for his last two movies Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus on Amazon.com.....unable to see them in movie houses...Not allowed ot go because of treatment where there are lots of people, but that's OK, waiting for Amazon.com, then whole family can enjoy his movies. Donna Jean and George and clan
  13. Yes, yes, Gerry Butler has always been a great actor, under appreciated. My hubby George and I and family have seen all of GB's movies from his very first movie and Series, and TV presentations. He is magnificient and under appreciated as I mentioned before in another section. We first saw him in Phantom of the Opera and will enjoy that movie again and again. Infact just saw it a few weeks ago on HBO and will probably watch it when our daughter and granddaughter come in. They are big fans too. If you haven't seen Phantom of the Opera, Dear Frankie (two of our favorites) The Jury, Attila and even he and those marvelous eyes in Dracula 2000...ummmmm and on and on...One More Kiss is so well done and so many others. Well, I guess you can see that our clan are fans... I could name many more, but if you are really a fan, as we are, you will find all his movies and have a wonderful time escaping into them with HIM. hugs, Donna Jean and George and clan The only other thing of lately is the TV series GLEE...I found it on NETFLIX (no commericals) Music and dancing ---and then bought the second season. We are watching (without commercials) the third season because we copied them---- the third season which just started. Our kids and granddaughter went to the same High School as Ian Brennen the creator of GLEE..his two associates and he write all the episodes...Our granddaughter was in HS at the time he was...The schools name--- actually IS PROSPECT HIGH SCHOOL in Mt. Prospect, Illinois...but I believe the series says the location is still in the midwest, but in OHIO...Illinois is were it was really created..at Prospect High School -- Hugs, Donna Jean and George and clan
  14. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````Again, without repeating myself, my hubby George and I and family look forward to seeing this inspiring movie. Machine Gun Preacher - sounds outstanding from your description. But then, after seeing all of Gerry Butler's movies over the many years, we know HE ALWAYS choses-- WISELY! I will see where the movies Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus will be showing. Hoping Hollywierd will for once give that shinny award to someone like GB who deserves it. Hugs, Donna Jean and George and clan
  15. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````` I can hardly wait for Machine Gun Preacher to be in a theater where I can see it earlier in the day. Since I am treating for cancer, I can not be in big crowds, so I will hope that the movie is shown at many theaters, so that my hubby George and I can go earlier like the first show when not to many people are there. We have followed Gerard (Gerry) Butler since we first saw Phantom of the Opera in 2005 for one of our anniversaries. We followed the show since Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman made it famous in New York. We gave the music and the DVD to many, many relatives and friends over the years. We have seen every movie that GB has made since the beginning. He is a marvelous actor and should be definitely recognized for this movie with a big shinny YOU KNOW WHAT, but if not, he still is a marvelous actor. Life deals us all good and bad DEALS..Dealing violence with violence sometimes that MUST BE...ask the people like myself and hubby who lived through WORLD WAR 11. Even though we were young, we still understood what was happening. It was Against Hilter--- The so called living god of Japan --and Musalini, we the WORLD had no choice except to use violence..Sometimes people who have not had to deal with that type of Horror don't understand, or people who haven't learned about history, Do not learn from history. WE are not afraid to watch a real life TRUE STORY of someone like Sam Childers who did what he had to do to save those innocent children. As far as preachers not wanting to see this movie because of a few words, well then, I say forget about them, if they are that closed minded. I believe the true preachers, will see it for a real life story. During WW11 we the people did not close our mines. Now don't tell me those preachers haven't heard bad language in their lives..That language has always been out there. Sadly, It will be there loss. Most children feel when their father or mother are not with them l00per cent of the time, that they are being neglected, but I bet the daughter soon learned the wonderful thing her father was trying to do to help the children. When they grow up, and have their own life, they usually understand..Oh, how I wish this movie will stick around, if not I will have to wait until it is out on DVD or on NETFLIX, but WE will LOOK FORWARD to seeing it whenever we are able to see IT. Anything with Gerry B. is worth waiting for. I mentioned after we saw POTO, we went back and saw every movie that man made. He is an outstanding actor and always WAS! hugs Donna Jean and George and clan WE ALL ENJOY HIS MOVIES..
  16. Hi Becozy, Thank you so much for the link to the article. That I am able to print out and will read later. It is so strange that when you have a link, I can print it out, but can not print anything that is on your site. Oh well, thanks again for the link. hugs, Donna Jean and clan
  17. Becozy, I just read Gerry B's response to the movie in the article. His mood reminds me so much of when he did THE PHANTOM of the OPERA...He is such a sensitive and caring man. I am sure he really felt all the pain of playing Sam Childers. My hubby and I are so looking forward to seeing both of his movies. Every movie (and that means all the parts he has played) he is the character and really pulls you into those moments. Everything from One More Kiss to The Jury to Attila to Dear Frankie, he makes you feel like you are there with him. I hope someday, Hollywood gives him credit for his outstanding acting abilities. I say HOPEFULLY??? they will do that. This movie should help him reach that accomplishment. Ihope he will finally do ROBERT BURNS..now would be the time to do it since he is still young enough. To us, he looks MARVELOUS as usual. I missed his appearances on TV, but caught the Jay Leno one...his eyes are so magnificient in everything he does..Good luck GB as always you we are sure you did a superb job. Bonnie Donna Jean and George and clan getting bigger, we now have a new little baby girl, granddaughter, only a little over 3 months. What an angel she is Searra is her name. We wish GB the same happiness someday when he fines his love. Hi, again I tried to print out the above, but for some reason I can't get either of my printers to print anything out on your site. I did go into the NOW interview and was able to print it BUT no can print anything out on your site. Strange this is the only place I can't get my printers to PRINT...ummmmm got any ideas what I should do? GDMontalban@cox.net P.S. I am still using the temp password and it works beautifully. Thanks again.
  18. Thank you soooo much Paisleyscot for writing up all that information regarding Gerry B. and his visit to see Sam Childers. So far my hubby and I have seen everything that Gerry B. has made from the very beginning. Going out of our way after we saw Phantom of the Opera back in 2005...starting out with his series on TV. He was marvelous then and he is marvelous now. Can't wait to see Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus. So far in our area it will be in an art theater in Hillcrest (San Diego, CA and in La Joya at a Landmark theater l2. I surely hope they will be showing in more than those two theaters. We are near San Diego, CA (Chula Vista, CA) after all Gerry B. lives in the hollywood area, so at least we hope they will show it up in that area since the man brings tons of people into this area to see him. Sometimes Hollywierd is not to smart. I am going to check this weekend to see if it is in any local theaters besides those two...Lordy, I hope so...he has tons of fans in this area. I know from being at the Comic Con when "300" was featured. the place Hall H, was packed with 6,500 people. I hope hollywood is not going to be STUPID about how many movie showe they place his movies in. Here's keeping fingers, toes, eyes crossed. Take care all....such a delightful man he is. Wishing him from our family to his family TONS of good luck. hugs, Donna Jean and George and clan
  19. Sorry, I mean GLEE not clee...It was Prospect High School in Mt. Prospect, Illinois where the high school was. It was a part of District 2l4 High Schools...Our kids grew up in that wonderful town. Basically between Des Plaines, Illinois and Arlington Heights, Illinois. George and I have been living out here in California for the last going on 21 years. Only our daughter still lives in the Chicago area. Two out here in California, and one in Washington State...I think Ian Brennen went there a big while after our kids graduated and moved on to California and Washington State...still a wonderful small town, about 55 thousand but the district 214 took in several Chicago suburbs...Don't miss that cold, damp, snowy weather, just our daughter and family members. Go about once a year to see everyone and look at our old house on Central Road...he he he as I mentioned out here for almost 21 years and love the weather in calfionia...San Diego, Chula Vista, CA area... now spoiled... Donna Jean...I am going downstairs to check my sunday paper and see if Machine Gun Preacher is in the movie section. It is mentioned in OUR SUNDAY PAPERS...advertisement but even in California where he lives part of the time, it is mentioned at an art house in HILLCREST, CA which is really San Diego and also mentioned in La Jolla at a Landmark theater, just one theater. Both give the date as September 30, which is Saturday. I will check the papers again on Friday and over the weekend. I am so sad too to think that Gerry living part of his time in California, they are not accommodating him by at least showing it in a few more theaters. Well, I will check it out again on Saturday and Sunday...boooo hoooo naughty Californians...I know there are a lot of us that would love to see his movie. Well, if it is rated R..kids under l7 can't see it not because of nudity, but the violence..which of course is based on the Real Life truth. We are getting to be real wimps in this country. We see all the nasty pix that have women beaten up, undressed, abused, etc. but when it comes to the real truth, we don't have guts to watch it. That is probably why the older people like us remember the horrible people of the 2nd world war, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and then the ugly group from Viet nam..we can take it but evendently the younger ones like things like people killed with hachets and all those ugly movies with the creeps in them. Can't take anything that represents real life stories. That will be our down fall in the future. Donna Jean...I will keep in touch if I see something about Machine Gun Preacher and Gerry B. hugs, Donna Jean
  20. So Frannie, can I bribe you to get on a plane and fly down to San Antonio to see it with us????? Suzie Hi There I will check out the Sunday papers here in Chula Vista, CA near San Diego, CA and see if it was playing over the weekend. Because I have cancer, I haven't been able to go into movie houses where there are lots of people..old and young. I seem to catch things to quickly. But we do have NETFLIX and a lot of older movies, series, etc. are shown on Netflix...I can wait if it is a Gerry movie. My hubby and I have seen every single movie, series that he has ever made and we both love him. He is so underrated as an actor. He was so outsting in Dear Frankie, One More Kiss, Attila, Phantom of the Opera, The Jury and everything he has ever done. The very young just seem to be interested in SOME OF THE dumbest movies I have ever seen. Yes, even I have seen some of those goofy movies. Gerry Butler deserves a lot more credit for his acting. The ones I mentioned are outstanding and he will always be an outstanding actor. Hollywierd is full of a lot of bad actors both in movies and on TV...Netflix is MUY cheapy compared to paying $.4.99 a movie on cable or in the movie houses. George and I can wait for Netflix or DVD...just to bad a lot of people don't appreciate his abilities of kindness, caring and a darn good actor. Oh well, such is the population that has missed his acting...Law Abiding Citizen was another one he should have received an award for. We paid for The Swain and it was so dark, and the acting wasn't that good. I don't know how she got an award for that. Because she really is a good actor, that movie STUNK...pooooeeee poop...sometimes good actors get lousy movies, but when hollywood trys to make us think they are good..No more will I trust them. I will wait for them to be on NETFLIX...I just found out about CLEE because my daughter and our kids found out that Ian Brennen the creator of GLEE went to the same high school that our kids went too...PROSPECT HIGH SCHOOL in Mt. Prospect...I watched the first season on Netflix (no commercials) and then bought the second season which I am watching little by little. We have patience to wait for Gerry's movies..he deserves a lot of attention. Donna Jean Montalbano
  21. Now that is REALLY STRANGE...I just clicked into Sharon Knolle at Moviefon and I was able to print out the article in black and white and in colored with my colored laser. Something stopping me from being able to print from Gerardbutlergals.comUMMMMMM anyone else have that problem...at first I thought my printers weren't working but as soon as I click into the other site, I was able to print out the article...Do you think it is because I have a temp password that I am using???? I will try on another subject on Gerardbutlergals.com DOnna Jean
  22. Hi Becozy, I just read this super interesting article about Machine Gun Preacher and I couldn't get it to print out on my black and white printer. Next I am going to try and print it out on my colored laser printer. Hope it works. I also couldn't get it to print out on my hubby's printer downstairs. Oh well, I will try the colored printer. Maybe something not hooked up correctly. I can still get in with my temp password that you gave me. Is it because I have a temp password? Donna Jean ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OK, I just tried my colored laser printer and nothing but the top line that says" 9/27 Gerard Butler On Why 'Machine Gun Preacher' took Away --and Restored -- His Faith in Huma... Powered by IP>Board 3.0.5C2011 IPS,Inc then at the bottom of my sheet it has: http:www.gerardbutlerglas.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=37781&st=0&gopid=14803entryl4...it is so strange that I can't get it to print out the article that you wrote... We have wireless maybe that is what is wrong. Strange just wont print out on any of those three printers..ummmm anyone else have trouble printing out...Sad I wanted to show my hubby the printed article that you wrote...so interest...Oh well, I guess I will have to be happy typing little message in here and not be able to print anything out. Wonder if anyone else has the same problem. hugs, Donna Jean
  23. Hi Becozy, I just read this super interesting article about Machine Gun Preacher and I couldn't get it to print out on my black and white printer. Next I am going to try and print it out on my colored laser printer. Hope it works. I also couldn't get it to print out on my hubby's printer downstairs. Oh well, I will try the colored printer. Maybe something not hooked up correctly. I can still get in with my temp password that you gave me. Is it because I have a temp password? Donna Jean
  24. Hi Becozy, The temp psssword is still working for me. What a delightful way that I started my day with hubby George, watching Phantom of the Opera on HBO...it has been at least a year since we watched it. Never get tired of seeing it. It was the very first movie of Gerard B's that we saw way back in 2005 for our anniversary. It is just like we were seeing it for the very first TIME> Marvin and Mitchum were real men as Gerry B. is...That's funny calling his mum "OLD" but we are sure she has a sense of humor just like good OLD SWEET Gerry. Whooeee he was soooo handsome in that movie. Just so sensitive and a great actor way back then. Have a great day. I missed his interview with THE VIEW...our tape did not work...but will try and see him on Leno's show...he is always soooo funny. great sense of humor..Donna Jean and George and clan
  25. We his fans agree, I hope they guard him very closely. There are so many nut cakes out there1 Gerry is such a kind, generous and giving person but to people who over react there is no telling what they will do. Nowadays to many strange critters out there. Take care of this wonderful human bein g and protect him from people who simply don't give others a simple FREEDOM. It seems to be all over and there is no reasoning with these strange peop le.
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