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  1. He is on CNN Yes, that is correct CNN out here in California he comes on at 6PM, 9PM and l2PM with the same program repeated. We are near San Diego, CA a city called Chula Vista, CA further south than San Diego, CA...did they give a date that Piers Morgan would have Gerry B. on? I will tune in every day with the hopes that he will announce i as he often does sometime during his visit with his guests. It is 6PM out here and I AM GOING TO CHECK WHO HE HAS ON> Donna Jean
  2. Hi Irish, I see you are still making gorgeous Signatures and Avatars. It's been a long while, but I finally was able to get back in with the help of Becozy. The great UGLY TRUTH avatars and Signature you made for me is still just as delightful to look at as it was when first you did this nice thingy for me. Still treating for the Big "C" but am hoping and praying that at the end of this month, I may be finally free of it. Keeping toes, eyes, fingers, etc. crossed that this THING happens for myself and especially my sweetheart George (who also is a big fan of Gerry B's and our grown children and even some of our grandkids and extended family. So happy he is finally coming out with some movies. As I mentioned, it has been a long, long, cold spell...Thanks again Irish. hope everything is going well for you and YOURS. hugs, Donna Jean or Bonnie Donna Jean and clan
  3. Hi Becozy, thanks again for getting me that password. You mentioned no one else has it and that is great. At least I can get in with the Temp password and enjoy participating. All that informaiton you send out regarding Gerry B's schedule is so nice. Your a nice lady and appreciated by this chemo brain....so nice of you...pet scan at the end of this month. They change the time to do it again, but that's OK...end of month I will find out what the heck is happening with me. I am getting worn out from all the changes. They things that keep me going are hubby, George, kids, grandkids and of course Gerry B. for entertainment. He is a delight and always enjoy his sense of humor which is delightfully funny Donna Jean and George and clan...thanks so much for going out of your way to help me get in here...
  4. Thanks for the info regarding movies Gerry will be in and visits to late nite shows. I can't go to movies because of sickness (cancer) but sure can watch him on TV and wait for movies to come to DVD...Long cold spell without our dear Gerry B. Bought some copies from Amazon.com of Attila...a great series of a few years back, but terrific example of his acting. Also will pull out my copy of Phantom of the Opera when my daughter and granddaughter come in to celebrate my birthday which is Halloween. If I remember correctly, Gerry B.'s is soon after. Anyway, thanks again Donna Jean and George M. and clan
  5. Thanks Barbara for that information regarding the game. I can imagine waht a frenzy the ladies were in. Gerry B. has a way of doing that to we ladies. I remember so well at the Comic Con in San Diego when "300" was first shown at Hall H. Everyone went wild, and we got to see snipets from that movie three times...it also was exciting to see him at the Warner Bros Booth at that convention in San Diego. Gerry has loving and faithful fans that have followed him since most of us saw Phantom of the Opera. That was my families first exposure to him and after that we looked for everything he had ever made from movies to TV series, etc. etc. He has always been a great star and someday he will get that "Oscar" hopefully soon. Thanks again for your INFO regarding Gerry. As I mentioned between you and GOOGLE, I manage to keep up IF and WHEN I go into look at my e mail. Bye for now...have a terrific weekend all and especially dear Barbara who has given me the temporary password, which I am using in order to get in here. xxhugs, Donna Jean and George and clan TIME TO SAY GOODBYE
  6. Thank so much Barbar Becozy for giving us all that information regarding GButler's two new movies. So excited for him. It has been sooooo long since we have seen any new movies of his...Will try and see them in movie theater, if not will patiently wait until they come out on DVDs..either way, George and I and family willl enjoy them. You are so informative about what is happening with him. Between you and GOOGLE, I have been able to keep up with his career...George and I and family have seen everything he has ever made, and enjoyed all of them. He really has been a excellent actor since way back when he made ONE MORE KISS, THE JURY and of course one of our favorites...Phantom of the Opera, etc. etc. etc. so many different characters that he has played and done them in an outstanding way...I hope he gets a award for one of these. He certainly deserves that shinny award a long time ago...here's hoping..
  7. Hi Barbara, Both of Gerry's Movies sound so exciting. Looking forward in seeing them, if not in movie theater, then on DVD...It has been so long since we had movies from him. Been watching many of his older movies, like Ugly Truth, How To Train your Dragon, etc. etc. I am continuing to use the temporary password to get in here...I could not find anything that said Profile area to change from temdporary password to permanent. But if using temporary password works, then I will continue to use that to get in here. Thanks for that information and as you can see, it allows me to get in and make comments. Hope all is going well with you. Thanks again for your help. xx Donna Jean and George and clan
  8. Thank you Barb for giving me the step by step information by going into Profile area. I had to write all those instrucitons out, because when they fixed George's computer, we can't figure out what the heck they did. None of our printers seem to want to print. It is only in here and Gerardbuter.net that wont allow us to print out anything. Well, thanks for being so patient. I am going to go into Profile area and follow your instructions...thanks so much I just didn't know that I should go into Profile area. Got your message when I came in today...Ah yes such is life as they say, and again thanks for patience...now all we have to do is take this computer back to the guy that fixed it and find out what the heck he did that wont allow me to print out anything from GerardButlergals.com or Gerardbutler.net....maybe tonight my son might be able to tell me. Hubby is teaching until late and as I said couldn't figure it out, by maybe son will be able to. If not back it will go to the guy that supposedly fixed our other problem. Maybe it isn't my goofy brain after all..he hehe Donna Jean
  9. Hi Barbara, lovely lady...my problem was my hubby's computer went dead too and he took it in so No computer at all for several days. I followed exactly what you said for the temporary intrance and enjoyed writing a few entries. Today again, I am using the temporary password you gave me. FOR THE LIFE of me, I can't find the place to go into to change from temporary password (which you so kindly gave me) to permanent password. I looked all over and saw just about everything but where to go to change from temp. password to permanent. My goofy brain couldn't find anything. i must be doing something wrong in trying to find the right place to change from Temp password to permanent password. I am soooo happy that I can use the temp. password that is how I was able to write in a few comments and get in here today. Hubby's computer working again. Got it fixed...My computer went dead several months ago and we have a list of many things to get, and told hubby my new computer will be absolutely last on the list, since other goodies are much more important. My hubby teaches, so I am able to use his when he is not using it...and as I mentioned, he he he, it now is fixed...felt so lost without any computers. I guess we have gotten used to all this technology and don't want to be without it. Thanks again...I thank you so much for the temporary password and will use it until I can get it in my brain how to get to the temp password place on GALS...Donna Jean tell Irish I love love love her avatars and siggie that she made for me a while ago...love that movie Ugly Truth and so does my hubby George.
  10. Hi Peigi, I finally got in with your and Barbara's help, but I need to go from temporary password to permanent. Can't find out how to do that...HELP, if you know how.

    Donna Jean

  11. Sorry Phoenixgirl (Lisa) I missed spelled Barbara Picozzi/Becory incorrectly. Tried to go into edit and just couldn't make the change. Anyway, sorry about that...the best wishes for Gerry B. and his new movie or anything he get's into we will watch for. Donna Jean or Bonnie Donna Jean
  12. Hi Lisa, PheonixgirlI agree I hope the critics are kind to Gerry. My family and I have been looking at all his old movies and I have been communicating with a friend by e mail. She comes in here but has not joined. IRISH was kind enough a while ago to help me place my avatar and siggie in for me. I don't know if she still comes in here. Your name sounds familiar and I too wish Gerry Butler all the luck in the world. I think I have watched HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON at least a dozen times, just listening to his voice and my hubby and I love UGLY TRUTH as you can see from my avatar and siggie. I have been treating for a while and forgot my user name and password and a lovely lady named Barbara Picoxxi/Becozy sent me an answer how to get back in. The only problem is it is a temporay password...I will read her note again and look at the front page and see if it tells me how to change from temporary to permanent password. I recognize your name and see you are also from California...I am from Chula Vista, CA not to far from San Diego, CA...I did see Gerry B. in person when he came to San Diego, CA...that year. My son is an artist and animator and one of the animations he worked on was SPIRIT: Stallion of the Cimarron...I just saw them a few weeks ago on HBO....anyway, of lately that seems the only way any of his fans can keep connected with him. I am on facebook.com under Donna J. Montalbano and he is on their as Gary Montalbano...I hope you can help me to get into the right place before my temporary password expires...I am not sure how long they last. She just sent me the e mail on August l6, 2011....If you don't go on facebook.com then perhaps I can come back into this Forum with my temporary password and find out how to do it..excuse this chemo brain...I pray this will end soon. Good luck to you and the rest of the great ladies of Gerardbutlergals.com
  13. Dear Irish,I have been still treating with the cancer. Hopefully I will be done with it, keeping my fingers crossed after I take a PET SCAN on September 20th and talk to the doc on September 23. Barbar Picozzi helped me to get back in. CHEMO/senior brain made me forget so many things including my user name and my password. I just got in with the temporary password...now I have to find out how to change that to my new password. I don't know if you remember me, but a while ago you were so kind to help me put in the Avatar and the Signature from THE UGLY TRUTH...I will never be able to thank you enough. again I don't remember if I gave you my e mail address...I know they don't want us to place it on here and I understand...Do you go into Facebook.com.....my kids put me in there and if you do I am under Donna J. Montalbano...I think I know how to send a private message so I could send one to you just refreshing my memory how to change my temporary password. I hope you are still in here. I thought I saw your name IRISH...if not I will again wrte to the lovely lady that was kind enough to send me the temporary password before it expires. Much luck to you. Bye the way Peigi (Peggy) also gave me instructions so between all of you lovely ladies you helped this senior/chemo brain lady. My hubby George and I always buy Gerry Butler's movies and go to see them when health permits or when the theaters are a wee bit empty...Not allowed to be with too many people at a time right now. Good luck...I will check tomorrow and see if anything from you. My own computer dead dead dead, but I use my hubbyis when he is teaching. We just got his back from repairs...oh well...we have been out here in California for going on 21 years and little by little everything has broken down...my computer is low man on the list to spend our money on..but thats OK, my hubby's is working again. Today he got it and I immediately went in to check things and found Barbara Picozzi/becozy's wonderful message. hugs Donna Jean Montalbano or Bonnie Donna Jean
  14. Loads of luck to all the gals and gents that try out for these parts...Sounds like a pretty good story for Gerry B. to undertake... I am still waiting for my 4 Bounty Hunter DVDs for family and friends. Can hardly wait. Never got to see it because was in hospital and rehabilitation place. Wishing all good luck with or without dentures, he he he! Bonnie Donna Jean Hi to IRISH for making my signature and getting me the great avatars...I love them and loved that movie. Our kids just borrowed The Ugly Truth and Law Abiding Citizen. They said they really enjoyed TUT...still going to see LAC... Hi
  15. Hi all, I think those magazines came out when I was doing Knee replacement. I was out for about 2 months. Besides, I live in Southern California, Chula vista, CA near San Diego, CA and you have to go like crazy to grab the magazines when they first come out. They move quickly out here. Long ago, I saw some pictures of Gerry's condo in New York. Were those the pictures that were in the magazines? Just wondering? Anyway, hope he does some more covers for magazines and now that I am better, I can quick get some before they sell out. I don't understand why they don't keep putting him on all the magazines. I buy PEOPLE, Entertainment and TV GUIDE and never see him. Ah gee whiz come on we want more Gerry Butler pictures... Bonnie Donna Jean or Donnajean31 whichever one you like is fine with me I belong to both websites and enjoy both Hi to Irish who made my great avatars and Signature
  16. Hi there, Gerry looks greatttttttttttttttt on that Bike. Can hardly wait until this movie comes out. It sounds like a super story for our Gerry Butler. I am now waiting for my DVDs from Amazon.com of The Bounty Hunter which I missed because was in recuperation from knee replacement. Just looking forward to anything he makes. My kids borrowed The Ugly Truth and Law Abiding Citizen. I told them they would really enjoy both of them. Well, I am off to read TRUEBLOOD series, no. 4 book. Terrific writer C. Harris..there are 9 books in the series, but I am ahead of what they are showing on HBO so no problema! Bonnie Donna Jean Hi Trish (Irish) if you are there..thanks mucho for my great Avatar and Siggie.
  17. Hi all, That casting call sounds so hysterically funny...hooker types, people with dentures, etc. etc. Did I understand that correctly? he he he.... Frankly, it sounds like a movie that Gerry B. can literally put those lovely teeth into. It sounds like he could possibly win an award for this performance. Machine Gun Preacher man really sounds like a terrific part for Gerry and my whole clan wishes him nothing but tons of GOOD LUCK! I haven't been in here for a long time...recuperating from a knee replacement, but doing therapy and doing OK...Hugs to all Bonnie Donna Jean and clan
  18. Hi GErry Fans, We wish all of you chances to be at the Premiere's of either or both movies. Good wish to all of you who try to win. hugs, Bonnie Donnajean
  19. Such a nice thing to do for all those wonderful men and women that protect us always. hugs, Bonnie Donna Jean
  20. What a wonderful generous man Gerry Butler is. I pray that the poor Island will get some honest people to run it. The beautiful generosty of all those stars deserves to have those people of Haiti taken care of by honest governing persons. My prayer is All the marvelous people who are doing this for Haiti hopefully will watch over them and protect them. Donnajean31
  21. Hi Everyone, January l9 was my hubby's birthday and we all went out to celebrate it....When we came back, I got upstairs a few minutes before Gerry Butler came out. He looked MARVELOUS and good enough to hug and squeeze. What a gorgeous man...I kind of like him clean shaven. This way you can see his dimples. He reminds me of my hubby when he was very young. My hubby still has his dimples too... Luv and hugs, Donnajean31
  22. Hi all, We are soooo happy that Gerard (Gerry) Butler won Scot of the Year. He has worked for many years to become the Man that he is. Delightful, wonderful human being and The Scot of the Year...yeahhhhhh!!!! DonnaJean31
  23. Hi Becozy, Thanks so much for all the links. The interview was really fun and the link for the picture How to Train Your Dragon looks like one I can talk my hubby into seeing. It really looks so cute. Thanks again, Donna Jean Hope you all have a wonderful and Happy New Year 2010...
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