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  1. Hi Stuart,

    I received your e mail and am so glad that you want to add me as a friend. At first I thought it was our Facebook.com, but it was gals. I just recently came back in after a long period. Hubby, George and I really enjoy every movie that Gerry B. has made. We are true fans and always will be.

    I see you have the same birthday as one of my sisters...Jeannie was also born July

  2. Hi Transilvanian_girl and oh Frannie I love love your siggie too...as you can see Irish did the TUT siggie for me and Steph and Cheryl did the avatars...that is just so lovely...I hope and pray they do another picture together, even if it isn't the sequel to TUT, just another picture with the two of them. I would treasure and buy for my sisters, daughter, granddaughters, and friends...I have done that with TUT...unbelievably a wonder for these SORE EYES! and many others I am sure. I am off now for my late lunch...all have a grand day. hugs, Donna Jean (DJM)
  3. Hi Becozy, Those three presenters are top of the line. Gerry, Mel and Sophia are at the top of their profression. Can hardly wait until that award comes on. We get TV guide, so I am sure they will be advertising it in TV guide, which I find more interesting than most movie magazines. I dropped all of them, except TV Guide and People... Your SIggie and avatars are terrific...lordy you ladies are so talented. My siggie was made by IRISH and the avatars by Steph and Cheryl I think? My hubby George and I sooooo enjoyed The Ugly Truth (TUT). I hope they do a sequel to it..those two, Katherine and Gerry are so beautiful together... I'm a wee bit slow...chemo/senior brain left over, but I just saw your link..copied those gorgeous pictures of Sophia Loren and Gerry B. also saw the picture of Gerry Butler with Katherine Heigl congratulating her on becoming a mother..he is so loving and gracious to all his lady stars...anyway, thanks for the LINK... DJM hugs, Donna Jean
  4. 13 has always been a lucky number for me. I have the 2010 calendar, but I have the UK one. I liked the pics better. You can go on eBay or Amazon to find both. Hi Phoenixgirl, Yep, my friend and I have the 2010 Amazon calender...and it is gorgeous too. GB just is delightful in all his photos...I live in California so don't have access to the U.K. calender, but I bet it is greatttt too. Frankly, I don't think GB takes a bad pix, lucky for us U.S. gals. Number l3 is my lucky number too...we live on lot 13 and our address for our house is 526....and I was born on Halloween...which is 31 or l3 ....1's and 3's are lucky numbers for us. If no luck...I am not even sure Amazon has any more. I got this one as soon as it came out..but give it a try for those who are still looking. hugs, Donna Jean
  5. Hi Red Queen Gorgo, Sorry I am not one of those talented people with the computer. I was out for 2-l/2 years and while sick I bought a gorgeous calender for fellow Gerry admiror who peeks in here every so often and also peeks into the other site. Selfish me, I got myself one too from Amazon...then this last year again I got one for both of us from Amazon...it is l4-1/2 tall and 11-1/2 wide roughly...it has 12 big lovely pictures of GB ,one for each month with a wee bit of a calender at the bottom...ah what the hey the picture is the important thingy. I have that next to my Harry Potter original poster from my kids. On the other side of our bedroom, I have a hugh poster that my one daughter-in-law and her mum got me when "300." ---TONIGHT WE DINE IN H..L! was in the stores. This poster is big because they used it for advertising "300." I don't know how they got it, but it was when I was sooo sick and it perked me up right away. My hubby is a fan of GB too, so I don't have a hubby or lover, making fun of me. All four of our kids and their spouses, enjoy his movies too...So I am lucky in that way. Downstairs sitting next to a lamp in our dining room, I have another TONIGHT WE DINE..... that a lady from the other site from GReece made for us. It says, TONIGHT WE DINE AT THE MONTALBANO'S..this is 8-1/2 by 11-1/2.... So make no bones, my hubby and I are fans of Gerry B, and have been since 2005 when he said, Donna Jean, since you and I love the music from Phantom of the Opera, why don't we go and see the movie for our anniverary. Since GB walked down that candle lite hall in the movie, I have been a fan and hubby has done that too. If you newbies have not seen Phantom of the Opera, or ONE MORE KISS or Attila or THE JURY..take time to buy those and then you will hunt for every last thing that Gerry Butler has made. He has been good since he started..he is a natural born actor and his training as a lawyer for 7 years has helped him also, as he is quick to mention. Those movies show such different sides of his talent and all are loved. Well, thanks for letting me just gone on about a super talented man in todays Movie world. He is one in a trillion as I said before...no other like him. If no luck with someone making one, try that one I mentioned...they are mostly up-to-date pix of him. Hugs, Donna Jean
  6. haha gerard can wow the girls with his bare chest too, but he's MUCH MUCH more than just that (with his awesome personality and all) Hi Samanthakhy, Your right he has and does wow the ladies with his bare chest...(300) but has so much more talent in his little finger compared to some of those male actors out there now...pooo fuuie! His personality is truly awesome as you mentioned. I have only seen him once in person at the Comic Con in San Diego where first we saw him in a room with 6,500 people Hall H and then later with him and his helpers at the Warner Bros booth. Our younger son, Gary is an animator and artist who has a booth with his wife every year at the Comic Con, so I went in with an older son, George to stand in line (very hot that July day). Finally they felt sorry for the thounsands of people standing out in the heat and let us into Hall H which as I mentioned held 6.500 persons. It was packed. Gerry was there with Miller, and the rest of the cast, etc. He was so much fun and they showed us a scene from "300." 3 times, then later he was at the booth for Warner Bros and was absolutely smiling and so gracious to each person that came up for an autograph. My son and I called out to him and he turned and we got a gorgeous picture of him, smiling! I also got a few more...the line was so long for autographs, that we skipped that, but got the pictures which I have in my Photobucket account. The lady that ran it at the other site, said she was going to send some of them to his MUM. I don't know if that happened, but I want to tell you that --man is bursting with personality and kindness to all. He truly loves, loves all his fans and never fails to be there for them. Now he does know the difference between real fans and phonies...remember this is a very smart man too...7 years of studying law, does not make you DUMB...no no no...he even has mentioned in preparing for a part, he uses some of those study skills. He is smart, but also a wonderful personality and kind and caring human being. I credit that to his MUM and family which are very close. Whomever he ends up marrying, will have to get along with his clan. He is one in a trillion or more Bonnie Donna Jean or DJM or plain Donna Jean
  7. Yes, I agree most people are not as used to Gerry as we his faithful fans are (since we saw Phantom of the Opera) 2005...I have the same problem, my eyes are green/blue and depending on if I wear blue or green, they look different. No problema, whatever color they say they are, they are lovely and beautiful to look at. Gerry B. deserves all the success he is getting right now! He has put in his time since l998 and we his fans are so happy for his success. My hubby George and I think he is a natural for comedies like The Ugly Truth and The Bounty Hunter coming next year. He put in his time with the beautiful abs thingy...(300)...now the silly photographers are running to get pix of him with a little bump of fat around his middle. I think he is charming no matter if he picks up a few pounds or less pounds. The man has that unbelieveable lovely set of eyes and smile which takes away from a few extra pounds. HELLO! He always gets in tip top shape for his movies...soooo what the hey!!!! hugs Bonnie Donna Jean or just plain Donna Jean or DJM for Donna Jean Montalbano any works for me... Hope all of you had a marvelous Christmas or any other holiday you celebrate and a very Happy, Happy New Year 2010...I just love, love the avatars that you ladies made for me. Is it Steph? and the Siggie that Irish made...it gives me such joy to see them...he was so darn cute in TUT and hope they make a sequel to that one, for sure DJM
  8. Maybe we're amused but I don't know if she was so happy about it... Making a direct translation is the most difficult thing in the world. I hope she got his Scottish humor, otherwise she could be ready to strangle him in the back stage... Well, sweet Gerry has a way of making you just want to hug him, no matter what language he uses. He has that Charisma that most actors, etc. in hollywood just don't have today. I think his training as a lawyer has helped him to use his words in a very foxy way. He is so smart and just a doll when he smiles at you. We saw him in San Diego at the Comic Con for "300." and he loved, loved the audience. He truly loves this business and has loads of fun with his fans. We got a few nice pictures of him. I know, we know.. I hope the Arabian interpreter knew!! You know, his fans know how he likes jokes and how funny he is, but I've seen many people misinterpret all what he says and that makes me really sad. Oh dear, I lost a dear friend just one month ago, he died of lungs cancer and he was 37. I'm so so happy you defeated that disease. I hope you're going to feel better and better, and that you will stay around more often. Unfortunately I can't make any siggie or avatar, I'm so lousy at it... BTW, thanks for your email address, I won't miss the chance to write you!! Hugs Kyrie Kyrie, you are right! I too hope they understand Gerry's Scottish bold humor! His humor is very OPEN and FRANK and I am not sure they are used to that in their society. Hopefully, they will be if they have Gerry as one of the people they admire...he is golden and bawdy, but very loveable Kyrie regarding the dear friend you lost, my prays go out to you, I too lost a great friend of so many years, since she Joy was l3 and I was l2, so long..she died too of cancer a few months ago. Oh, thank you for your good wishes, I so appreciate that...it helps to share. Anytime you write my e mail, be sure to put your name and GBgals...that way I won't delete. For the last two days I couldn't get into my e mail..finally it appears Cox has fixed it...I am really not up to where is AUCKLAND...is that near New Zealand, Australia? I have to admit being dumb about world locations.. hugs, Donna Jean or Bonnie Donna Jean (I am part Scottish and Irish and the other side is Italian on my Dad's side.) Hi and thanks to Steph and Cheryl for the great Avatars, they tickle me so much each time I see them. It reminds me so much of that great and fun movie "The Ugly Truth." So many scenes that you two have captured bring back smiles to us...love them, and thanks again! Oh dear, my Scottish Irish side tends to be toooo wordy and I should use my Italian side and Say IT IS TIME TO SAY GOODBYE...and just plain "Thank You." one and all! hugs, Bonnie Donna Jean (Donna Jean) or short version DJM which stands for Donna Jean Montalbano...I answer to any of them..
  9. You're lucky with your husband; mine just refers to him as "The Beef" but not in the sexy way we do. :-) Theresa Hi Tereqoulini (Theresa) That is soooo cute..your hubby referring to Gerry B. as "The Beef." I think he has inspired a lot of guys to get in shape, since "300." Hey he didn't always look that way and he admits it, but he really worked hard to get that body he had in "300." I remember when we saw him just before that movie came out at the Comic Con, already he said he had got lazy about doing his exercise and had to get a trainer to get him back in shape. So the title the beef is cute and I think Gerry himself would laugh because he knows how much trouble it took to keep in shape for him. Lets face it Theresa, we all are constantly struggling to keep in shape no matter what age we are at. Gerry is now 40 (and looks devine) but it takes a lot to keep in shape, so there he can understand all of us and our struggles to look good. My visit to the Neuropathy specialist doctor was good. He took blood tests and gave me the tests the pins and needles type tests with the machine. Yes, I have neuropathy from the cancer, but he is optimistic that we can cope with it. It is like a numbing of your feet and legs up to my knees. I have a meds to help it a bit. I only take one pill at night so that I can sleep. Not during the day, otherwise I would be to tired and tipsy...it helps relax the nerves in the feet and legs. One of those lovely after effects of the Chemo. He will let me know what else I can do. Our friend Arlene that we will see New Year's Eve had breast cancer and she too had this Neuropathy as an after effect Sometimes when someone else has the same goody that we have, it makes it easier to get through it. I guess that is human nature...he he he Bonnie Donna Jean or Donna Jean (DJM) Hi to all the ladies if I have all of you correctly named Irish Sue--Sally-Cybrsal, Delene-GBPhanetics--Frannie-LadyFran--Becozy-name?--Steph from New Orleans--Phoenixgirl-Central California--Andrea-MC--Shirsan-Monroe, NC--Diryqueen-Philadelphia, PA--Vicki--Kyriem-Auckland--Novelistgirl-France... If I forgot anyone or didn't get your names correctly forgive me. Eventually I hope to get them straight. DJM stands for Donna Jean Montalbano or if easier Bonnie Donna Jean or just plain Donna Jean Have a great day...I wanted to come in this morning and just say "Thank You," to all of Gerry Butler's lovely lassies...you all are so considerate and kind and helpful to a chemobrain/senior brain lady...who considers herself super lucky to be rid of Hodgkins, Stage 4 cancer after 2-1/2 years of treatment. They figured I had it for at least a year before it was discovered by a Physian's Assistant..our regular doctor was not in that day and I was feeling so darn iky, so I saw her. I told her two of my symptoms....hot and cold changes constantly for last 11 months, and itching to the point I thought I would go nutty. Even went to a dermatologist for 11 months and he never took blood test which might have found it earlier. Since then he has left the state of California for another state...Lord help those people...Anyway, if ever you have symtoms that last that long, get thee to another doctor. I was stupid not doing that...but this PA (physician assistant) had more brains and said, " George, get her to the emergency center and take a Cat Scan."..those symptoms mean something is not correct. I had long passed the age of 50 where you would have Hot/cold constantly like I had...I drove everyone crazy with heat and then air conditioning...sweating and then freezing..anyway, the Cat Scan showed something cooking and the doctor at the hospital, a cancer specialist told me, after bone marrow tests and some other tests, that I had Hodgkins, Stage 4...so they knew I had it for at least a year. I called the PA and thanked her for saving my life...I was really feeling pretty horrible at that point.so the lesson is...there are 6 sysmtoms to Hodgkins, and I had two of them....losing weight, loss of appitite, which I really DIDNOT have that badly...well the long and short of it is I got cancer when I thought I was way past the age of getting it. My granddaughter Jacalyn (Jacki) was the only other person in the family that had cancer and she is now 31 years old...she got Leukemia twice once when 4 years old and again when 8-1/2 years old. She is doing beautifully all these years, but still gets checked every year. Two insurance companies (well known ones) dropped her and my daughter and I both had insurance for her..we had to get a lawyer to threaten them that she was going to the MEDIA and tell them how everyone was responsible about paying insurance and that you two well known companies where dropping her...it was horrible to have to be in that spot with a sick child at the age of 8-1/2 for my poor daughter. They (the well known insurance companies) got scared and sent us the thousands of dollars that we owed...thank God, but we had to get a lawyer. I have no pitty for those two well known insurance comapnies, which I will not name on this site. So be aware when you have any symptoms for too long, if your present doctor can't help you, try to go to a teaching university where they have more up to date information or be lucky like I was to have a Physian Assistant who was on the ball...she was not a doctor but his assistant. Glory Be for that lady...she saved my life. Just a wee but of info which I hope will help any of you... hugs,Donna Jean
  10. Hi Frannie,Thank you too for your congratulations on my cancer free diagnosis. You too are very nice to say "nice to have me back." It seems like a long, long time, but as I mentioned a friend Pamela always checked in each day while I was sick and used to send me an e mail about the highlights of what Gerry was doing. She never officially joined but enjoyed it so much. Yes, sweet Sue gave me that absolutely luscious Siggy of Gerry and Katherine and that handsome pix of him on the right side of the Siggy...lord that man is gorgeous and so is she. The avatars are so delightfully sexy...brings back memories of that movie, which I hope makes tons of money and popularity for him. I just love them. Yes, I said before, Gerry seems to attrack the nicest ladies and people..your correct the gals and pals are the greatest! I totally agree. all of your siggies and avatars are such fun to look at...so enjoyable just to come in and look at them and read your messages. I sure am going to try to do that every so often. Got to keep up with what sweet Gerry is doing and getting himself into!!!! Bonnie Donna Jean or Donna Jean or DJM IF I MISSED anyone, forgive me and thank you one and all!
  11. Welcome back Donna Jean! Even though I don't know you, every Gal is family to me and I am so happy for your good news! Unfortunately I don't know how to make avatars or siggies but pretty soon I am sure one the other talented Gals will get them for you! I hope you can be around a lot. Love and Hugs, Theresa Dear Theresa, Thank you also for your welcome back. Very nice of you. Say Irish gave me that Siggie and I think they avatars where by Stef...I honestly did not know how to put them in anymore. I bet they would be happy to help you too. I sure hope I will be able to come in every so often. I love looking at that beautiful Siggie and those charming, sexy avatars...It makes me remember those parts of the movie...maybe this weekend I will take out the DVD and watch it with my hubby who also enjoyed it. We definitely would suggest if you have the DVD be sure not to miss any of the special features. They are so delightful in how they made the movie. It seemed like they were one big happy family. I truly believe Gerry has a way of bringing everyone together just like he brings us together. My hubby George and my wish for him is to find someone as lovely as he is and marry and have a few little ones. He would make a wonderful husband and father. Well, maybe not for a while until he finishes his wild child out of him. Luvand hugs
  12. Delene,Thanks so much for your lovely words on my freedom from cancer after 2 and half years. It is such a joy to come into these sites that represent him. The ladies (people) are the nicest and kindest people in the world...I have only had one chance to see him, and it was at the Comic Con in San Diego (we live in Chula Vista, CA near San Diego). My one son as I mentioned has a table with his wife every year at the comi con. He is an artist and animator...My oldest son was with me even standing in the line in the super hot weather that year. Gerry was a delightful person to see both at the hall H and at the Warner Bros booth were he signed autographs with such a beautiful smile and pleasant way. Irish set my Siggie and Avatars up and I thank all of you for your offers and help. Eventually I hope to be able to remember more things. With no chemo over a month and a half I am feeling much better, just have to take care of the neuropathy which is a side effect of the chemo. Going to do that tomorrow..but as I said to Irish it is wonderful not to have to be taking injections and pills. I still have my Port in the chest and will keep that for at least a while until I am sure it doesn't come back...I am asking that big old Scottish Irish devil Gerry to put a HOKS on any of that nonsense that trys to come near me...he he he...well I can dream can't I? I was born on Halloween, October 31 many, many moons ago...so I will see what he can do...the Big Scottish Irish devil. Bonnie Donna Jean thanks to all again
  13. Oh Sue (Irish) you are making me cry. That Siggie and Avatars are so gorgeous. Just like Gerry Butler is a gorgeous man, you are a sweetheart to bother as much as you did. I will ask you which was was correct in an e mail. Thanks again and I love love love that siggie and the avatars...it will be great fun to come in when I can and enjoy conversing with you and the rest of the gang. Bless you, you are an angel..Gerry attracks the nicest ladies (people) I know. hugs, Donna Jean or Bonnie Donna Jean Djm
  14. Yes Bermos, and all of the other members, Gerry is very deserving of all the attention he is finally getting. He has been at it since, I think, 1997, so he has put in his dues and they have paid off because he is so loved and admired and the lovely man can't go anywhere without being recognized. But I think he has said he loves it and enjoys every moment of it. He is a true talent and hope to see him in a lot more movies, hopefully some day, BURNS..and would love to see him do a sequel with Katherine Heigl...it would be a fun movie and of course adult oriented...We love THE UGLY TRUTH...just delightful, especially that dancing scene Katherine and Gerry did together. I love that truly! hugs, Bonnie Donna Jean...saying goodby for today...have to get ready for up coming holidays. Doing it little by little...beginning of week we got two chickens, and one Prime Rib Roast...next week will get all the trimmings. We even decorated so that our 2-1/2 year old grandson can't hurt himself. Only soft stuffed toys and things that won't hurt him. Of course the trees are another thing...we have a 3 foot, 2 foot and one foot artificial trees and a 2 1/2 foot ceramic tree that our daughter made years ago...it has all colored lights when you plug it in...Oh well, we will have to keep an eye on that busy little bugger, a sweet bugger though! Luv and hugs and happy holidays to you and yours Bonnie Donna Jean
  15. Thank you so much Becozy for all your information about GB. He is outstanding and really I can't think of anyone in Hollywood right now that can equal how nice he is to his fans, and how sweet he is and of course very, very funny in his interviews. Oh yeah, he uses some adult language, but nothing we haven't heard before, so what the hey, Gerry will be Gerry and that is the way we love him. He makes me breathless every since I saw Phantom of the Opera in 2005 of May of that year. My hubby and I were celebrating our anniversary and George, my hubby said you and I love the music of Michael Crawford from Phantom, why don't we see this movie. Gerry was equal to MC and in many ways even more fascinating. Through his talent, it inspired me to get every single movie, series from England and series on American TV that I could set my hands on. So I would say my hubby and I are true fans. We think he has paid his dues and deserves all the lovely awards that he is getting of lately. A lovely human being and a great actor. true fans of Gerry (Gerard) Butler Bonnie Donna Jean and George from Southern California, Chula Vista, near San Diego, CA THE REAL PARADISE in the U.S. Don't tell anyone though!!!
  16. Oh, yes, your so right, Gerry leaves them breathless...he has done that from the very first movie I saw with my hubby George on our anniversary back in 2005...THE PHANTOM of THE OPERA. I saw him coming down that candle lite hall and immediately was "breathless." He has that something that not only ladies admire and swoon over, but I think since he made "300" he has made men also his fans. We saw him in person at the Comi Con in San Diego when he and his group were promoting "300."He was so delightful to everyone in the audience of 6,500 persons in Hall H. My younger son and his wife always have a table at the Comic Con each year and my older son and I went to see Gerry at the Warner Bros booth later where he was signing autographs. He was soooo nice to each and every person that wanted his autograph...a kind word and smile for each person and believe me there were a lot of people wanting to see him. I managed to get a few nice pictures. My older son and I called look this way, and we got a picture with a beautiful smile. I also got a few other pictures of him. That booth was packed with his fans. As I mentioned The Phantom of the Opera was the first movie we ever saw him in. After that I searched and found almost every movie and series he ever made. He has paid his dues with all the different movies and parts he has played and deserves all this adoration..he earned it! Anyway, after sickness for over 2-1/2 years, I am coming back to enjoy all the wonderful things he is doing. When well enough, I stayed in the back of the theater away fromthe crowd (because of sickness) cancer and enjoyed his movies with my hubby George who also enjoys his movies. His favorites are Phantom, "300," and The Ugly Truth...also he enjoyed Gerry very much in the English series ( a long one) called THE JURY with Derek Jacobi...he was outstanding and the series was very well done...oh yes, almost forgot Attila...we enjoyed that adventurous series on TV too. Luv and hugs, Bonnie Donna Jean
  17. Maybe we're amused but I don't know if she was so happy about it... Making a direct translation is the most difficult thing in the world. I hope she got his Scottish humor, otherwise she could be ready to strangle him in the back stage... Well, sweet Gerry has a way of making you just want to hug him, no matter what language he uses. He has that Charisma that most actors, etc. in hollywood just don't have today. I think his training as a lawyer has helped him to use his words in a very foxy way. He is so smart and just a doll when he smiles at you. We saw him in San Diego at the Comic Con for "300." and he loved, loved the audience. He truly loves this business and has loads of fun with his fans. We got a few nice pictures of him. I have not been able to come into any site for the last 2 and half years because of sickness (cancer) but my last Pet Scan results November 5 showed no more cancer, so I am hoping it will stay that way. I guess you call it chemo brain, but do you think anyone could make up a Avatar and Siggie from THE UGLY TRUTH, which my hubby and I saw in the movie show. We also bought many DVDs for family and friends. It was a super adult movie but so darling, especially the balloon scene at the end. I hope they make a follow up movie with Katheraine Heigl and him. They are gorgeous together. I can give you my e mail address and my password to get into my area. I really have forgot how to do the simplest of things, but slowly my brain is coming back...Chemo kind of kills alot of things. I immediately had my carpal tunnel hand operated on and I am with a brace and it is coming along, I also have something they call NEUROPATHY and am going to a neuropathy specialist tomorrow. This chemo gives the body lots of after effects from taking it. But thank God, at this point I am free of the cancer, so I can cope with all the after effects. My e mail is GDMontalban@cox.net...So many of you ladies are so talented could one of you make me an avatar and siggie with anything from that Dance Scene in Ugly Truth. I just loved that movie, so uplifting. IF any of you have time to do that and IF you come to my e mail GDMontalban@cox.net please place your name and GBgals and then I won't delete..love to talk to you and find out if you could make that siggie and avatar for me. Now that I am feeling much better, I would enjoy coming back into this site. Thanking you ahead of time who ever has the time to do it. bye for now hugs, Donna Jean Montalbano (Bonnie Donna Jean) hugs and luv, Bonnie Donna Jean
  18. Yes, I agree He is so naturally a funny man. Love when he does interviews. But, he is also clever not to make anyone angry. He uses comedy and joking to keep everyone happy. The man has learned well from his training of the law (which took 7 years) and of course his best teacher was his MUM.Luv and hugs, Bonnie Donna Jean
  19. Hi Carole and Lucky 8 of You! Soooo happy you had a chance to see him up close. He is such a gracious, loving man, isn't he? I saw him back when the "300" group came to the San Diego Convention. Also got a chance to see him at the Warner Bros booth that day. My son is an artist and usually has a table at the San Diego Convention, so both of my sons made sure I got a chance to see him. At the Warner Bros booth he was so delightfully caring and just plan nice to each fan that came up for an autograph. I had my camera and took a number of pictures of him. One was just marvelous with his salt and pepper starting to show through. I belong to this site and the other big GB.net site. The lady manager from the other site wanted the pix that I took of her and GB, so I gave them to her and she said she was going to send them to his MUM. As I mentioned before, I don't know if she did, but anyway, one of these days I hope to get that 8 x 10 autographed by him. Right now I am treating for cancer and he is like good MEDS for me. My hubby George and I both discovered him seeing Phantom of the Opera back in 2005..I joined the other site then, and then joined this site. I got cut off from the other site and had to rejoin about a year ago with the help of Peigi. Of lately I haven't been on the sites that much because of treatments again, but today My friend PAM sent me some of the posts about his meeting and how happy you and the others were that got to see him in Philadelphia...I needed a dose of meds of Gerry Meds and came into this site to say congratulations to you Carole and the other lucky 8 ladies...He does so much good without he or his family realizing it. He is truly one in a trillion or MORE. :heels: still kicking out here Bonnie Donna Jean From southern California
  20. I too agree, I hope with all my Gerry Loving Heart that we see Gerry in the movie a lot more than it shows him in the Trailer...I like Wilkinson, and the others ~~~~~~but Gerry is the reason I would bother to see the movie...like the other ladies have said...we are aching for a Gerry movie and soon. What the heck is wrong with HOLLYWIED...don't they get it...Gerry is soooo sexy Thanks a big Gerry hug for reminding me about reading my book "OUTLANDER." I am on page 276 and only 574 more pages to go, total pages 850.... Thanks Moira, love your pictures of Gerry Are those little red headed girls his nieces. They sure look like his sister, at least from the pictures I saw of her...He looks like the loving uncle, lucky little gals. Thanks Phoenixgirl Yepk, sassenach makes me get back to my book "OUTLANDER. Thanks to Knight Phantom too Constance ~~~~we are both feeling the heat when mentioning GB (He would be perfect for Jaime) In fact I do picture him as Gerry Butler. That was one of the reasons I bought the first two books by Diana Gabaldon...I am one of the millions that New York Times says are enthralled with this book. Green Eyes yes, Jaime affectionately calls Claire, Sassenach~~~~makes me melt to think of Gerry doing the movie series. Thanks all for reminding me to get back to my book....I am reading three other too. Head First by Norman Cousins John Adams by David McCullough The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester No chance of mixing them up because each is very different from the other Well, I don't get in here to often, been treating for last year first with Chemo and just finished a few weeks ago Radiation...feeling much better...a wee bit tired but hoping for the best when I retest at the end of July 2008. You gals really lift up my spirits talking about Gerry B...who definitely lifts up my spirits..he is great therapy and great medicine like no other man, except of course my sweet George, who when younger reminds me of Gerry...I guess that is why I am attracted to the same type of man...caring, sweet, loving, giving and of course handsome and full of testosterone...ummmm yummy yummy!! Bonnie Donna Jean Bonnie Donna Jean
  21. Gerry was made to play the part of ROBERT BURNS and no one else. He is only 38 years old and still is very young looking. He will be PAIRFECT, as he would say, for the BURNS lead. I don't blame you for wanting him back in Scotland. I live in California too, but near San Diego, CA which is a much more realistic place to live. Hollywood is a make believe place and is fun for a visit but not to live in for a long period of time. Gerry needs to get back to Scotland where he can be himself again and find some quiet peace of mind. We all look forward to seeing him in BURNS....also The Stone of Destiny sounds like a great movie to see. I hope we get to see it..we that live across the big pond... Oh yeah, Gerry's accent is perfect for BURNS.... Bonnie Donna Jean
  22. Hi all, I did see PS, I LOVE YOU in the movie theater. Then because my daughter in law and one son took my brand new copy home, I have not seen any of the extra features on the video. When I get it back, I will enjoy those features. Sorry to hear that there are not that many. I always enjoy listening and watching Gerry (as I did on the Phantom extra features).and my other favorite Dear Frankie (features) and Dracula features..omg that audition was awesome...I am soooo sad that there are not that many features. What the heck happened ~~~~don't they realize how much we look forward to seeing those deleted scenes. The best deleted scene I have seen is the Dance from Dear Frankie...I will never understand why they didn't keep that in the regular movie..Makes no sense at all. Well, what I did was rent it on Pay Per View, but no features went with that...soooo I am looking forward to getting my copy back from my son and daughter in law because according to all of you, at least there are some features on that video we fans would enjoy. Bonnie Donna Jean
  23. I love the scene on the road too, especially when the so called wild dog comes down the path.. then later when she is reading his letter and he places his sweet head on her shoulder, I just crumble and tears come...it is so soft and beautifully done. Also in the bed when he hugs her so closely, you can feel the love of the character. Gerry is amazing and I repeat....like the song from Sunset Boulevard...WITH ONE LOOK...he sets the screen aflame for we out here in the theaters or watching in our homes...WITH ONE LOOK his image is with us ALWAYS...that song is Gerry the actor, Gerry the wonderful human being! Bonnie Donna Jean
  24. Yes, I agree that picture always does it to me too..I cry and that beautiful kiss that he gives her after they finish their arguement...and she jumps over the couch (sofa) just sooooo beautiful to see...there are men out there like Gerry, I was lucky enough to get one years and years ago...while I am treating with this cancer, he has been an angel and my girlfriend who also has cancer has a man like that too..have faith ladies, they are out there and eventually you will met them..and they don't seem to be threatened by Gerry Butler and how we feel about him...they are strong enough in their own selves... Bonnie Donna Jean
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