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  1. Hi Stuart,

    I received your e mail and am so glad that you want to add me as a friend. At first I thought it was our Facebook.com, but it was gals. I just recently came back in after a long period. Hubby, George and I really enjoy every movie that Gerry B. has made. We are true fans and always will be.

    I see you have the same birthday as one of my sisters...Jeannie was also born July

  2. Hi Transilvanian_girl and oh Frannie I love love your siggie too...as you can see Irish did the TUT siggie for me and Steph and Cheryl did the avatars...that is just so lovely...I hope and pray they do another picture together, even if it isn't the sequel to TUT, just another picture with the two of them. I would treasure and buy for my sisters, daughter, granddaughters, and friends...I have done that with TUT...unbelievably a wonder for these SORE EYES! and many others I am sure. I am off now for my late lunch...all have a grand day. hugs, Donna Jean (DJM)
  3. Hi Becozy, Those three presenters are top of the line. Gerry, Mel and Sophia are at the top of their profression. Can hardly wait until that award comes on. We get TV guide, so I am sure they will be advertising it in TV guide, which I find more interesting than most movie magazines. I dropped all of them, except TV Guide and People... Your SIggie and avatars are terrific...lordy you ladies are so talented. My siggie was made by IRISH and the avatars by Steph and Cheryl I think? My hubby George and I sooooo enjoyed The Ugly Truth (TUT). I hope they do a sequel to it..those two, Kather
  4. 13 has always been a lucky number for me. I have the 2010 calendar, but I have the UK one. I liked the pics better. You can go on eBay or Amazon to find both. Hi Phoenixgirl, Yep, my friend and I have the 2010 Amazon calender...and it is gorgeous too. GB just is delightful in all his photos...I live in California so don't have access to the U.K. calender, but I bet it is greatttt too. Frankly, I don't think GB takes a bad pix, lucky for us U.S. gals. Number l3 is my lucky number too...we live on lot 13 and our address for our house is 526....and I was born on Halloween...which is 3
  5. Hi Red Queen Gorgo, Sorry I am not one of those talented people with the computer. I was out for 2-l/2 years and while sick I bought a gorgeous calender for fellow Gerry admiror who peeks in here every so often and also peeks into the other site. Selfish me, I got myself one too from Amazon...then this last year again I got one for both of us from Amazon...it is l4-1/2 tall and 11-1/2 wide roughly...it has 12 big lovely pictures of GB ,one for each month with a wee bit of a calender at the bottom...ah what the hey the picture is the important thingy. I have that next to my Harry Potter
  6. haha gerard can wow the girls with his bare chest too, but he's MUCH MUCH more than just that (with his awesome personality and all) Hi Samanthakhy, Your right he has and does wow the ladies with his bare chest...(300) but has so much more talent in his little finger compared to some of those male actors out there now...pooo fuuie! His personality is truly awesome as you mentioned. I have only seen him once in person at the Comic Con in San Diego where first we saw him in a room with 6,500 people Hall H and then later with him and his helpers at the Warner Bros booth. Our younger son, G
  7. Yes, I agree most people are not as used to Gerry as we his faithful fans are (since we saw Phantom of the Opera) 2005...I have the same problem, my eyes are green/blue and depending on if I wear blue or green, they look different. No problema, whatever color they say they are, they are lovely and beautiful to look at. Gerry B. deserves all the success he is getting right now! He has put in his time since l998 and we his fans are so happy for his success. My hubby George and I think he is a natural for comedies like The Ugly Truth and The Bounty Hunter coming next year. He put in his time
  8. Maybe we're amused but I don't know if she was so happy about it... Making a direct translation is the most difficult thing in the world. I hope she got his Scottish humor, otherwise she could be ready to strangle him in the back stage... Well, sweet Gerry has a way of making you just want to hug him, no matter what language he uses. He has that Charisma that most actors, etc. in hollywood just don't have today. I think his training as a lawyer has helped him to use his words in a very foxy way. He is so smart and just a doll when he smiles at you. We saw him in San Diego at the Comi
  9. You're lucky with your husband; mine just refers to him as "The Beef" but not in the sexy way we do. :-) Theresa Hi Tereqoulini (Theresa) That is soooo cute..your hubby referring to Gerry B. as "The Beef." I think he has inspired a lot of guys to get in shape, since "300." Hey he didn't always look that way and he admits it, but he really worked hard to get that body he had in "300." I remember when we saw him just before that movie came out at the Comic Con, already he said he had got lazy about doing his exercise and had to get a trainer to get him back in shape. So the title the b
  10. Hi Frannie,Thank you too for your congratulations on my cancer free diagnosis. You too are very nice to say "nice to have me back." It seems like a long, long time, but as I mentioned a friend Pamela always checked in each day while I was sick and used to send me an e mail about the highlights of what Gerry was doing. She never officially joined but enjoyed it so much. Yes, sweet Sue gave me that absolutely luscious Siggy of Gerry and Katherine and that handsome pix of him on the right side of the Siggy...lord that man is gorgeous and so is she. The avatars are so delightfully sexy...bring
  11. Welcome back Donna Jean! Even though I don't know you, every Gal is family to me and I am so happy for your good news! Unfortunately I don't know how to make avatars or siggies but pretty soon I am sure one the other talented Gals will get them for you! I hope you can be around a lot. Love and Hugs, Theresa Dear Theresa, Thank you also for your welcome back. Very nice of you. Say Irish gave me that Siggie and I think they avatars where by Stef...I honestly did not know how to put them in anymore. I bet they would be happy to help you too. I sure hope I will be able to come in ev
  12. Delene,Thanks so much for your lovely words on my freedom from cancer after 2 and half years. It is such a joy to come into these sites that represent him. The ladies (people) are the nicest and kindest people in the world...I have only had one chance to see him, and it was at the Comic Con in San Diego (we live in Chula Vista, CA near San Diego). My one son as I mentioned has a table with his wife every year at the comi con. He is an artist and animator...My oldest son was with me even standing in the line in the super hot weather that year. Gerry was a delightful person to see both at t
  13. Oh Sue (Irish) you are making me cry. That Siggie and Avatars are so gorgeous. Just like Gerry Butler is a gorgeous man, you are a sweetheart to bother as much as you did. I will ask you which was was correct in an e mail. Thanks again and I love love love that siggie and the avatars...it will be great fun to come in when I can and enjoy conversing with you and the rest of the gang. Bless you, you are an angel..Gerry attracks the nicest ladies (people) I know. hugs, Donna Jean or Bonnie Donna Jean Djm
  14. Yes Bermos, and all of the other members, Gerry is very deserving of all the attention he is finally getting. He has been at it since, I think, 1997, so he has put in his dues and they have paid off because he is so loved and admired and the lovely man can't go anywhere without being recognized. But I think he has said he loves it and enjoys every moment of it. He is a true talent and hope to see him in a lot more movies, hopefully some day, BURNS..and would love to see him do a sequel with Katherine Heigl...it would be a fun movie and of course adult oriented...We love THE UGLY TRUTH...jus
  15. Thank you so much Becozy for all your information about GB. He is outstanding and really I can't think of anyone in Hollywood right now that can equal how nice he is to his fans, and how sweet he is and of course very, very funny in his interviews. Oh yeah, he uses some adult language, but nothing we haven't heard before, so what the hey, Gerry will be Gerry and that is the way we love him. He makes me breathless every since I saw Phantom of the Opera in 2005 of May of that year. My hubby and I were celebrating our anniversary and George, my hubby said you and I love the music of Michael
  16. Oh, yes, your so right, Gerry leaves them breathless...he has done that from the very first movie I saw with my hubby George on our anniversary back in 2005...THE PHANTOM of THE OPERA. I saw him coming down that candle lite hall and immediately was "breathless." He has that something that not only ladies admire and swoon over, but I think since he made "300" he has made men also his fans. We saw him in person at the Comi Con in San Diego when he and his group were promoting "300."He was so delightful to everyone in the audience of 6,500 persons in Hall H. My younger son and his wife always
  17. Maybe we're amused but I don't know if she was so happy about it... Making a direct translation is the most difficult thing in the world. I hope she got his Scottish humor, otherwise she could be ready to strangle him in the back stage... Well, sweet Gerry has a way of making you just want to hug him, no matter what language he uses. He has that Charisma that most actors, etc. in hollywood just don't have today. I think his training as a lawyer has helped him to use his words in a very foxy way. He is so smart and just a doll when he smiles at you. We saw him in San Diego at the Comi
  18. Yes, I agree He is so naturally a funny man. Love when he does interviews. But, he is also clever not to make anyone angry. He uses comedy and joking to keep everyone happy. The man has learned well from his training of the law (which took 7 years) and of course his best teacher was his MUM.Luv and hugs, Bonnie Donna Jean
  19. Hi Carole and Lucky 8 of You! Soooo happy you had a chance to see him up close. He is such a gracious, loving man, isn't he? I saw him back when the "300" group came to the San Diego Convention. Also got a chance to see him at the Warner Bros booth that day. My son is an artist and usually has a table at the San Diego Convention, so both of my sons made sure I got a chance to see him. At the Warner Bros booth he was so delightfully caring and just plan nice to each fan that came up for an autograph. I had my camera and took a number of pictures of him. One was just marvelous with his sa
  20. I too agree, I hope with all my Gerry Loving Heart that we see Gerry in the movie a lot more than it shows him in the Trailer...I like Wilkinson, and the others ~~~~~~but Gerry is the reason I would bother to see the movie...like the other ladies have said...we are aching for a Gerry movie and soon. What the heck is wrong with HOLLYWIED...don't they get it...Gerry is soooo sexy Thanks a big Gerry hug for reminding me about reading my book "OUTLANDER." I am on page 276 and only 574 more pages to go, total pages 850.... Thanks Moira, love your pictures of Gerry Are those little red heade
  21. Gerry was made to play the part of ROBERT BURNS and no one else. He is only 38 years old and still is very young looking. He will be PAIRFECT, as he would say, for the BURNS lead. I don't blame you for wanting him back in Scotland. I live in California too, but near San Diego, CA which is a much more realistic place to live. Hollywood is a make believe place and is fun for a visit but not to live in for a long period of time. Gerry needs to get back to Scotland where he can be himself again and find some quiet peace of mind. We all look forward to seeing him in BURNS....also The Stone o
  22. Hi all, I did see PS, I LOVE YOU in the movie theater. Then because my daughter in law and one son took my brand new copy home, I have not seen any of the extra features on the video. When I get it back, I will enjoy those features. Sorry to hear that there are not that many. I always enjoy listening and watching Gerry (as I did on the Phantom extra features).and my other favorite Dear Frankie (features) and Dracula features..omg that audition was awesome...I am soooo sad that there are not that many features. What the heck happened ~~~~don't they realize how much we look forward to seei
  23. I love the scene on the road too, especially when the so called wild dog comes down the path.. then later when she is reading his letter and he places his sweet head on her shoulder, I just crumble and tears come...it is so soft and beautifully done. Also in the bed when he hugs her so closely, you can feel the love of the character. Gerry is amazing and I repeat....like the song from Sunset Boulevard...WITH ONE LOOK...he sets the screen aflame for we out here in the theaters or watching in our homes...WITH ONE LOOK his image is with us ALWAYS...that song is Gerry the actor, Gerry the wonder
  24. Yes, I agree that picture always does it to me too..I cry and that beautiful kiss that he gives her after they finish their arguement...and she jumps over the couch (sofa) just sooooo beautiful to see...there are men out there like Gerry, I was lucky enough to get one years and years ago...while I am treating with this cancer, he has been an angel and my girlfriend who also has cancer has a man like that too..have faith ladies, they are out there and eventually you will met them..and they don't seem to be threatened by Gerry Butler and how we feel about him...they are strong enough in their ow
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