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  1. Wendy dear, There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. I read the book and pictured Gerry as the character Gerry and sobbed and sobbed. I also laughed at the funny parts in the book. Regarding the movie, I too was very teary eyed when I saw it in the movie theater and again when I saw it with my hubby on Sunday night...I cry each time at the end of Phantom...I just think we are sensitive people, nothing wrong with us... No as far as being interested in Gerry, you have tons of company who admire him, and enjoy his movies. My hubby enjoys his acting too, but I have to admit does not see th
  2. Hi there, I bought the movie for my two sisters. One is now watching it today, Monday with family. I watched it yesterday with hubby and enjoyed it so much. I read the book so roughly knew what was happening. Some changes in the movie, but OK.. Say you are lucky to have both posters...I got "300" poster from my daughter in law and her mom. They got it from Best Buy. It is the one where he is yelling "TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL." My hubby enjoys his movies, so he doesn't mind...he kids about it...I always tell him that he reminds me of you when we were much younger...anyway, he enjoys all
  3. Hi all, Haven't been in here for a long time. Sickness kept me from posting, but I did see PS, I LOVE YOU and NIM'S ISLAND and enjoyed them with family. I just sent my sisters a gift copy of PS, I LOVE YOU. My hubby and I watched it last night...Thoroughly enjoyed it once again. Love and so glad to be back and able to post again. Donnajean31
  4. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gerry's new character Alex Rover is a wonderful new challenge added to Gerry's many wonderful characters. This one is far more sexy than Indy ever was ...He looks like he was born in that shirt, pants, and look at those marvelous hands, etc. Great look. This man is truly unbelievable when it comes to creating his many characters: Drac, Stranger, Phantom, Attila, Merek, Johnnie Donne, Sam, King Leonidas, newest ones Gerry, and now duel roles of Jack Rusoe and Alex Rover...these are all his characters and Jack and Alex will be his alone No
  5. \Thank you so much for that information Susan~Sporran...I will check out those links. I am not the most computer savy but a link I can follow through on...I can't make all the lovely avi and siggies that you ladies have made...on the other butler site..someone was kind enough to make The Phantom of the Opera Avatar and Signature for me...That was the first movie we ever saw Gerard Gerry Butler in...he walked down that candle lite hall and I was his fan forever...that was in 2005. Thanks again and I am sure the other lady that initially asked the question will check out your links too. Bonn
  6. BURNS (a real hottie) refers to the Poet of Scotland. Robert (Rabbie) Burns is supposed to be played by Gerard (Gerry) Butler eventually. I think I heard that perhaps next year 2008 they will start making the movie (I assume in Scotland). Many of us long to see Gerry play that part...Burns was a very talented and very romantic figure in Scottish history...One or more of his poems were written about his beautiful love for a lady named Jean..I will have to check IMDB.COM to get more information on the movie and the lady. Anyway, should be lots of romantic moments...I understand although h
  7. I wish whomever wins that they have a chance to see Gerard (Gerry) Butler. I imagine he will be there with the rest of the stars...Good Luck to the Winner. To many bills here..got to pay off rugs and refrigerator, but sure will be able to see the movie in regular movie theater...Say, the winner can actually see that wonderful man up close...We saw him at the San Diego convention back in 2006 and he really is a lovely person up close...Handsome and very nice personality. Good Luck to the WINNER..we know you will enjoy your evening. Donna Jean (or Bonnie Donna Jean)
  8. Hi Roseshearts36, This is Bonnie Donna Jean (Montalbano) from the other site also. I joined both. I haven't had a chance to hear the Conversation but hopefully later today will get a chance to listen. My other friend Pamela from up in Escondido, CA often looks in here to for information. She goes on both sites, I guess like a lot of us do, to keep up. I was looking for the admins names so that I could answer them back. and just say thank you, but I have already made arrangements at the Flamingo Hotel for my whole family which includes our grandkids. I understand that they must only hav
  9. Hi Attila Girl, Oh no, I too enjoy Derek Jacobi..every since I saw him years ago in I CLAUDIUS. He was magnificient. I also love him as CADFAEL, the monk from the 1100s solving mysteries. I had three Cadfael DVDs which I passed on to my sisters, who are a lot younger than me and they too..enjoy him...He is outstanding as the Defense attorney in THE JURY...I watch his every move and my hubby, George enjoys him too...All of those actors in THE JURY were outstanding, weren't they. Gerry was in great company..I wish I could find so more CADFAEL dvds. I guess I will have to go back and read t
  10. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hi again, yes one of our four children, a son Gary Montalbano is an artist and has his table with his wife's help at the Comic Con each year. I found out from him that Frank Miller and Gerry Butler were going to be there at the Comic Con this year. My hubby and I normally go each year to encourage our son who has been attending for the last 12 years or so. He has a website called: http://www.Sarkanavon.com ~~~were he has his work. In the future he will change website to GaryMon
  11. Thanks so much Jill, When I copied them from my Photobucket...I used IMG CODE where it is suppose to reduce them. Guess that didn't work correctly, but thank you much for your reference. I am still very much an amateur when it comes to the computer. I am always happy to try and learn something new. I will check in and copy that information. Yes, he was simply a delight for these eyes to see in person (within 6 feet) of him. He oozes wonderful and playful humor and amazed me at for so long, over two hours he signed autographs on the small poster of "300." that he remained so pleasnant
  12. I totally agree with you regarding your description of Gerry as Johnnie Donne. I absolutely love this performance. He is absolutely magnificent in this role. It breaks your heart to watch him struggle with his alcoholism and his feelings about Rose. And those final scenes in the jury room..... *sigh*. The intensity that he portrays just sucks you into the role. Truly astounding. ....and don't you get a giggle when he says the line about Attila the ing hun? I loved that. Hey, Nancy. That alone ought to get you in there. Yes, yes, yes, Discoveringme,Everything Gerry says is fill
  13. Hi Attila Girl, First of all...I think your signature is GREATTTTT. Attila is yum yum for sure. I understand what your saying, but if you watch a wee bit at a time, eventually you will see him displaying all those wonderful emotions..It would be like taking baby steps a tiny ones at a time. Then after you get through to the end, I went back and knew where to just hone in on our SWEETNESS Gerry (Gerard James) Butler...He is delicious from start to finish. Well, anyway, wish you luck whatever you decide to do.. I'm :tasty: with you on some "Johnnie," keeping you company. Bonnie Donn
  14. :funnyabove: Yeah, me too!! :mopboyattila: :greatking: :bouncydrool3: :thudstars: Although I did think of Erik and Terry too!! But Erik was greener than Christine and I thought she did pretty good. But ATTILA :attilasword: ...let me go over to another site and bring my Attila siggie over. You'll like it too Frannie!! * I really must make myself sit and watch The Jury!!!* Attila is brave, strong and manly, but please give yourself a chance to see THE JURY...He goes through so many emotions in that series. The story is pretty darn good too, but if you are not patient wh
  15. Hi, Since I first saw him as The Phantom walking down that candle lite hall at the beginning of the Pix, I fell for him...no questions asked, BUT..I have seen some of those great Kissy scenes from "300." and I want to drool...Yes, first would be King Leo and that's who I voted for....Second will always be the Phantom in his three different poses in that movie...with half white mask, Point of no Return mask (Zorro mask) and Red Death mask...he is absolutely GORGEOUS... But again, I have to admit after seeing some of those scenes from "300." I am drooling to beat the band....and would love to
  16. Hi There SUU, That is the only movie I saw her in PERIOD...with Jaclyn Smith as her step mom and Mr. Johnson, can't remember his first name. Yes, she looked very young in that movie. I just finished reading PS, I LOVE YOU...you need a Big Box of Kleenex when you read that book. I only hope they give Gerry Butler lots of screen time. I would rather see him on a series of DVDs for Holly instead of writing a short note..Maybe the writers will change things. I am trying to figure out what the BIG TWIST was that Gerry spoke of...Maybe he plays two parts...Gerry and Rob???? Who knows...I hop
  17. Oh, dear Holly, where do I begin? I haven't read the transcript yet, but I sat here with tears in my eyes (most unexpectedly) while reading your post, and just had to reply immediately. I was fortunate enough to have met Gerry outside his hotel in Toronto at the film festival last September. After returning home, my emotions ran the gamut from disbelief and elation to depression and heartache. It's amazing the effect he has had on many of us. Reading your post just took me right back to that period after returning home from Toronto. Thanks for that, I'd almost forgotten....also, I hadn't real
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