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  1. OMG! I did so much catching up that I forgot half of what I was going to say to my Galfriends cept the fact that I too miss you all! STEPH!! How great it is to see you Sweetie! You have been missed my friend. Suzie, my Sweet Sweet Suzie.....I can't tell you how so so sorry I am to hear about Teeny .... (((HUGS))) my friend. Sue, my sister of the heart! I know I haven't been around much but to be honest I just haven't been well and I think this is finally getting to me. This Gastro is getting the best of me lately and I can't go to the specialist til April 17th! Soooooooooooooo I've b
  2. I still say Rhett Butler in a remake of GWTW! Frannie
  3. Thanks Suz.......great article and sooooooooooooo Gerry! "Dickhead" HAHAHAHA! That happens to be one of my Dear Hubby's favorite name for his special."friends" Endearing isn't it?? Frannie
  4. ladyfran

    Drawings by Abby

    So far soooooooooooooo good! You have the gift my friend... Anticipating seeing completed drawings soon Hun! Frannie
  5. Great news for my Galfriends that are going to be there! Wish I was one of them....DARN....NO.....DAMN DAMN DAMN! Would love to meet Sam in person and hear him speak! Well for that matter I would love to meet all my Galfriends in person too.....Someday it will all come together for me . Yeah.....someday! *sigh* Frannie
  6. I know I haven't been here much because ....well you all know why......but I want a piece of that action Barbara!! I mean after all we are BFF's right?? So if anyone has to save you from yourself I will be happy to accommodate you.... Sue and Kathy, stand back my Galfriends cause this Gal is ready for a GOOD YEAR!!! But yeah....I'll share! Luv ya's, Frannie
  7. Wow! Great article! I especially like the words Oscar contender or something to that effect. Thanks! Frannie
  8. He looks pretty good to me!! Maybe a little jet lagged but pretty good to me!!! Frannie
  9. First I would give him a smack upside his head and then I would give him a HUGE tight (((HUG)))!! Although I may forget to let go..... Frannie
  10. I'm with Sue.....even though it's not the poster that will sell the movie...... I would take one if it was up for grabs! I'm just looking at him anyway. Wish he had soccer gear on though, you know, like shorts! Frannie
  11. Oh yes! A front hug from Gerry would prolly do me in for sure! But I'm willing to take that chance! Frannie
  12. AHEM! Just clearing my throat here! Could she get any closer????????? Me jealous? Damn straight! Frannie
  13. I think I see a little Leonidas in those biceps too Kathy! I also was thinking it seems it's taking a long time filming for this movie! Why do I worry so about sharks??? Frannie
  14. I soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo agree with you Dee! When I finally did get to see it after traveling for an hour and a half ....there were NO posters in the lobby or anywhere. One other person was in the theater with us... Female BTW so I figure she must have been a Gerry fan! Frannie Big deal....100 cities but where???? I'm sure once again LA and NY will be included in that list. Still.....it's going to be a hard sell without promotional handling!
  15. Of all the pics of Gerry and this is the chosen one??????????????? It might be artsy but it's not too hottsie! Bad bad bad lighting I say! Frannie
  16. I see you have my beautiful guest bedroom ready Sue!! I won't ever want to leave..... Your home is exquisite Sweetie! I love the floors and the kitchen!! Oh and yeah....the dining room chairs are really looking a little lonely! Got my fingers crossed you get your table for TG! Every time I see pics of the boys they are getting so big! I just love being able to watch them grow up....I think now that you have a fresh start in a beautiful new home with your beautiful family all around you is the best thing you could have done for yourself and I'm willing to bet that Dan is as proud of you as he c
  17. Happy Birthday Gerry and may all your dreams and wishes come true! So far....so good! Frannie
  18. Steph Sweetheart, I saw this on FB and was so saddened by the news but after reading your post on here you really didn't have any other alternative. Poor Milo most likely suffered so as a young Pup and the damage was already done by the time you got him. Even though you made a connection with him that no one else could sometimes the scars are just too deep and it's too late. Trusting a human becomes the biggest problem. In Milo's case he did manage to trust one human and that of course was you. You gave him three wonderful and loving years Sweetie and that's all you could have done. I know exa
  19. Have a phantastic time my friends! Wish I could join you.... Frannie
  20. Well I can say one thing! We have the same taste in men!! I LOVE Paul Newman! Always have. I used to compare Gerry to him. Imagine that! Thanks for the vid Theresa! Frannie
  21. Did he say he's got nobody????????????????? WOW! Maybe we should bombard him..... I couldn't hear it very well as my headphones are missing again and everyone is watching TV now.... Behind every good man is a Great woman.....Hey Ger....I'm willing! Just don't tell my Hubby! Oh yeah, great interview...... Frannie
  22. Yeah, I agree with you all.... Sounds like something my gamer Grandsons will like! Frannie
  23. ....We left the cemetery at 11 am this morning and the sun was shining bright even though it was supposed to rain. Peggy has a beautiful resting place next to a lovely great spruce. We said our last goodbyes ....for now. It's quiet now. As you can imagine it's been a chaotic day. So many wonderful friends donated food and drinks....so much food! But now everyone is gone and Hubby and my B-I-L are in bed. Just sitting here reflecting about so many things. Mostly on what to do now? Yesterday my Mom was taking to the hospital but don't worry...she's coming home tomorrow! Just a little glitch in h
  24. My Dearest friends. I had to come to you all tonight as I need to keep my mind and hands busy. I just don't know what to do with myself. Reading all your beautiful prayers and words of comfort have helped me to reflect and remember why I myself am here! It was Peggy that told me bluntly to stop pussy footing around and instead of just looking around and hanging out that I needed to JUST JOIN! So that is what I did.... You don't know how much joining Gals pulled her out of her depression because that is when she really started becoming all crippled up with the Arthritis and the pain from it. Be
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