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  1. It's really ironic....when I was asked where I was on Sept. 10th 2001 I couldn't remember for the life of me. I know exactly where I was the very next morning when the first tower was struck...I was glancing at the paper with my third cup of coffee while watching GMA. The next 2 hours were sort of a blur and numbness. Who could even fathom that such an awful atrocity could be taken place in the United States of America? Living so close to the city of NY I have to admit for a brief moment I was a little frightened that we were also in harms way. The first thing I did was call my whole family. J
  2. Thanks Sweetie! I see BP got his face in there a few times! Glad to see Sam was included.... Frannie
  3. Thanks Barb......Gerry looks like he's really concentrating doesn't he? But of course he always gives his all! Frannie P.S. Dee.....you are soooo right about making a good girl go bad!
  4. And the interviews begin!! I've been waiting for this soooooooooooooooooooooo thanks to you all that are keeping us supplied with the goodies! Moira.......Gerry's buddy did he say? OMG! I would have not been able to speak after that! Guess you are getting used to it now huh Sweetie....I'm thrilled for you and thanks so much for your dedication and always immaculate representation for Gals! He does look good ....just a little beefier and less tousled for me but I could get by with his new look!! Frannie
  5. MY OH MY! Look at that LOOK! Gorgeous......um....nice watch too! Frannie
  6. Wow! That's great Moira, just wish I lived on the West coast cause I would take you up on the offer. You should have NO problem getting the seats sold....It's such a much needed cause and to be able to be at the premier and possibly interact with Gerry and Sam is just an added bonus!! I'd be happy just to be there! Frannie
  7. Thanks Susan ........ I kind of agree about some of the movies but really .....some of the new movies with A-listers that have been coming out IMO are horrible. Maybe Gerry needs to stop bashing himself. Although.....BH and Gamer, and Rock N Rolla were not my faves I wouldn't call them career killers! Frannie
  8. REAL MEN CAN wear Pink....... He does look a wee bit miffed though. Hasn't had his Starbucks yet maybe? Frannie
  9. I also picked up on it Dee! I so agree. Why can't they just get through an interview and write the article without ANY criticism??? First they lift you up just to knock you down!! I figured Gerry would have a hard time with this role anyway....didn't we all? He's just a great big GERBEAR and just goes to show how sincere and caring that man is! Frannie
  10. FINALLY they are realizing that Gerry IS a MEGA STAR!!! Frannie Thanks Cheryl
  11. IN "Freaking" TENSE! I can NOT wait for this movie to come out.... Thanks Spot! Frannie
  12. We're ready here! Got water, roasted some chickens, made a huge cheesecake and blueberry muffins, plenty of water and also my B-I-L has a small generator so we should be OKAY! This will be easier for me anyway.....I'm used to living on bread and water! Stay safe Galfriends!!!! Frannie
  13. Frosty's or Gerry's?? Please clarify! Delene OH YEAH!! Well I'm sure you know ........Frosty .....um Gerry of course!!
  14. I'm willing to bet it is Frosty! I'd be glad to do his back or even his...........um.......you know! Frannie
  15. Remakes don't tend to bother me....mainly because I can choose to go see it or not! Why is it that we can watch certain movies (mainly Gerry's) over and over again but about remakes?? I think Gerry would be great in RTS ....I like KH but....................................................... I guess time will tell and lets face it Ladies....we will all be there with bells on if this should come about! Frannie
  16. ME TOO! I don't understand why it's only coming out in certain areas to begin with! This is total BULL! I refuse to fight the city crowd and traffic so if I have to travel such a distance I guess I WON'T be seeing MGP!! Another Gerry movie that doesn't get distributed like all other movies?? I give up! Frannie
  17. I like his shirt! That's all I'm sayin! Frannie
  18. Got a little shake up here on Long Island. Not much but enough to notice! Frannie
  19. The trailer leaves me wanting MORE! I can overlook the little accent glitches because the acting is looking incredible! Looks intense and I can not wait for the movie to come out! Frannie
  20. Oh EM! I am so sorry that I'm so late with my thoughts and shared horror with the rest of the Gals and world for that matter! I too thought of you on this day I guess because we ARE connected and we are truly family. A lot of sadness in this world as of late and many horrific things happening to the point of us not able to even fathom WHAT or WHY?? I shed many tears with you my friend and especially for the poor innocent young adults that were so viciously attacked ......again we ask WHY!! Luv and miss you Sweetie, Frannie
  21. Gotta get this book! This is right up my ally and Gerry as a bricklayer ............... Who'd a thunk! I thought it was just me but I also like Gerbear beefed up just a bit! Thanks for the heads up Cheryl! Frannie
  22. I'll have to check that out! Thanks Sweetie..... Frannie
  23. *SIGH* What a l-o-v-e-r-l-y sight! Frannie
  24. I was having one of my better days til just about 2 hours ago! but I will survive! Hmmm....sounds like a song! Frannie
  25. Congratulations!! Diane and Sara! I agree that you are all winners but darn....there can only be one! Beautiful job Ladies!! Frannie
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