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  1. Gerry makes the world go round!!!!

  2. The short time you were in my life, you touched a special place in my heart, that I will always reserve for you....I'll never forget our goodbye....I don't know why you're gone, but the world is minus a very special person.....I will never forget you, My Angel Gabriel......

  3. I was the last to speak to you.....Goodbye,My Angel Gabriel

  4. Gabriel,1 year ago today, you left me behind. You made me a promise, but I think you were just trying to ease the pain of goodbye.That pain has never eased.I can't hope amy longer.You are simply gone.I can't keep the poem and the pictures anymore.I hope you still have my drawing with you so that it will remind you of me because I will never forget you.I was with you here, when you left, I

  5. My heart is breaking as my hope of you returning fades away.Wherever you are, please know that you are missed more than words can say...My Angel Gabriel

  6. Saw a robin today.Maybe Spring is coming.Can't even express how much I miss you.

  7. Hi Di!!!!!!!Miss Ya!!!Yes, I can't wait to chat again too.I need to get back to that more often.Maybe see you there tonight?


  8. Hey Mar!First time to try this.Hope to TTYL,

    Love Ya,


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