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  1. Please add me to the virtual con...God knows I'm in Vegas in spirit!!!!
  2. Beachie, I'm right there with you babe!!! Not being there again this year is so heartbreaking!!!Hell, I can't even afford the $20 chance at the BH shirt!!!I hope everyone has fun though, and I too can't wait to see what other goodies I'm missing.
  3. As soon as I get can, there will be a check in the mail...things are REALLY tight right now, but I'm gonna try like hell to come up with that $20!!!
  4. Wow, have been away for a little bit, and I come back and see this little bit of info....Michigan is REALLY close to Illinois....I could use a really good road trip....
  5. Well, I have to agree that Gerry looks amazing....but of course, I think he looks amazing all the time. I've said it before..long hair, short hair, salt-n-peppa, dyed, buff, not buff, beard, no beard, clothes.......well, preferably with little clothing , but you get my drift.....he's amazing no matter what to me.....
  6. I too have shared my little story several times over the last 3 1/2 yrs, but I'd be glad to share that moment that changed my life with you once again.....I saw the trailer for POTO in the theater while watching another movie...I remember just the few glimpses of Gerry as the Phantom immediately caught my attention and I made mental and verbal notes to my husband...I want to see that! Unfortunately I forgot my mental note until the next year when I began working at my current job for a cable tv company....one of my perks is free movie channels.....when POTO began airing on HBO in Dec of 05 I w
  7. Susan...I know I've promised in the past to send some items and never followed through, but this year I AM going to do this!!!I have a few of Gerry's magazines, that I have multiples of, that I can send...I have a few mini TUT posters and 1 large TUT poster.....I will see what I can come up with .....
  8. Girls, I had the same thing happen to me when I tried the first time, but if you look, there are some simple instructions about the URL thing I believe off to the right....it said if you don't have one to make one up...like (your name)123...I entered my name and tried a couple of different number combos and it accepted one...it was very simple....then I voted for Gerry in all of his categories of course!!!Go back and try again!!!!
  9. Bonnie, I'm still here, faithfully waiting....I'm so excited for you and for ME!!!! One step closer to curling up with that precious book in my trembling hands..... Hugs, Amy
  10. I'm also not a big NCAA fan, but I too have noticed Butler moving to the Final Four....it's kind of cool since they are such a small school.....I am rooting for them all the way...I wonder if Gerry has heard about this and if he will be rooting for his namesake?? I might have to check out those Butler shirts...I actually have a souvenier "Butler" bear that i won in a gift box at a Gerry event in Chicago in 06.Just a cute little bear wearing a "Butler" sweatshirt....he sits on my nightstand.
  11. Yep... I totally concur with several of you, here....I really can't wait to see what Gerry does with this....and it does all add up to the perfect recipe for that Oscar we've all been dreamin' of for our Mr. Butler....
  12. I'm very interested in doing this, but I have one question...is PayPal the only option for payment or can we do snail mail......sorry, I don't have a Pay Pal account because I no longer have any active credit cards.
  13. Saw Bounty Hunter last night with 6 co workers and friends.....we all enjoyed the movie....I kind of agree it's not my favorite by far.....it was really slow getting going.....and agree a lot of time was wasted on stupid side characters.....I loved everything with Gerry and Jen...I like their chemistry...my favorite scenes were the patio dinner scenes...couldn't get enough of those close ups of Gerry...his eyes, were mesmerizing......I was really touched by the scene where he makes her cry for real, when she sees the sign on the roadside, and of course the kiss.....I love his tender side so mu
  14. Went straight to Barnes and Noble right after Bounty Hunter.....got my copy of Men's Journal and W....I was a woman on a mission and had them in my hands within 2 mins. I also asked someone who works there about Architectural Digest, because I'm not to familiar with their publishing schedule....she said Gerry's May issue should arrive in mid April......my reply was...I'LL BE BACK!!! Thw 2 magazines were the cherries on top after the movie......
  15. Gerry, If you could pick any role from a past great movie...which role would you choose and would you want to film it the way it originally was or do it as a remake? Amy Lancaster(redroseblackribbon)
  16. A special to the MODS that must step away and a big congratulations to the new ladies stepping in........thanks for everything that you all do!!!!
  17. You buy a Pug(honestly we had always wanted one before I had GALS or knew Gerry had Lolita)....and you name her Miss Paisley Butler-AKC papered....(Paisley of course is Gerry's hometown in Scotland)
  18. I did get your PM beacon, thank you.......I just knew that it was mentioned here back even before Bounty Hunter....I think we initially thought it was the project that Gerry and Jen were doing together, bu then BH was announced, and we never heard anymore about Goree Girls......the only reason I asked was because this article made mention of them completing BH and getting ready to start promoting it's March release, and that they would then start work on their next project together, Gorree Girls.....that's why I was curious, since they seemed well aware of the two different movies, and made me
  19. I will word this post carefully as I do not want to start a debate about reading gossip magazines or spreading rumors about Gerry's personal life. I did purchase an "entertainment news" magazine because it did have a picture of Gerry and a certain starlet on the cover.....I chose to buy it simply out of curiosity as to what was being said about them......It certainly doesn't mean I adhere to anything being "reported" or "rumored"....what caught my attention was the reference that the publication made to another movie project that was once mentioned in conjunction with Gerry and this starlet...
  20. I was just wondering if anyone else watched the premiere of Spartacus on Starz this last weekend? If anyone did, am I the only one who thinks that it was a total rip off of 300? I lost count of how many glaring similarities there were between them......everything from music, title artwork, special effects, fight sequences, love scene sequences....I could continue with about 20 more....just wondering if anyone else felt a little ripped off by how they obviously gained all of their insight from Zach Snyder and Gerard Butler and the excellant work they did with 300......just curious....
  21. Just one of the countless reasons that I absolutely adore this man with my whole heart
  22. I could listen to that man talk for hours....I absolutley love to hear him laugh and giggle....and when he spoke I couldn't catch my breath from laughing so hard.....it would be so much fun to just sit and shoot the shite with him....he is adorable!!!!
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