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  1. Tonya, Even though I am new to this sight and I was not in Vegas, I just wanted to tell you that it means so much to us fans that you have taken the time to send us a message.I signed up in Jan over on GB.net and took part in the Chicago Beowulf and Grendel event.(my first) It was amazing. All of these ladies are so incredible and I have made so many new friends, and it's all because of our man Gerry. Please et him know how much we love him(as if he doesn't know).Give him a big hug and kiss for me OK! Thanks again. Hopefully I will have to opportunity to meet you in person someday.
  2. Gerry, as so many others have said, I just wanted to tell you that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Losing a friend is never easy and please know that we are all here for you. Life is so precious , we must all remember that we never know when we will be called home, so we need to live our lives to the fullest each day. Find comfort in knowing that we all would take your pain away if we could. :hug99:
  3. Sign me up!!!! I would love to hear Gerry sing again. My POTO cd is just about worn out. I have thought many times that he would be incredible dsinging songs something on the lines of Josh Groban. I would do absolutely anything to hear him sing "When You say You Love Me". His voice would fit that song beautifully.
  4. I have one that I got about 3 1/2 yrs ago. I drew it myself and then the artist made the template for it from my drawing.It is a red rose(imagine that) with a banner wrapped around the stem that has my son's name and birthdate on it. I am considering getting a black ribbon added. Wouldn't take much. That would seal my love for Gerry in my eyes.
  5. Hi Spotty, Good luck tomorrow @ Com Con. I too am getting quite green with envy, but I hope your dreams come true, as will mine someday.Just don't do this: and gett lots of pics for us GB starved Gals OK? Thanks!!!!Have fun!!!!
  6. Hello, I have been recruited to this sight from GB.net. I just registered and messed up already. I want my screenname the same as on GB.net, but I messed up and put my name in the box. How can I change this?If anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it.
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