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  1. Just thought I would share you this news since.... you might be interested.... duh! There was a post on the Nim's Island board on one of the film sites not to be named here.. lol. The poster said she called the following number and found out there will be a free screening in California for Nim's Island on Sat January 12th near Los Angeles. The number is the information number for people that have invitations. 866-827-8280. It is a recording for the people who have recieved a flyer/invitation for them to register. How you get that flyer/invitation is not really known. One poster said they t
  2. Hiya everyone, I don't mean to be the voice of doom here, so please don't think I am being negative. And this only applies to the US. Ps I love you has done very well over the last 16 days for a rom com, in the US. It has held it's place on the charts and in the theatres, recovering very well from that 1st opening weekend. It should break 50 mil by Thursday, or come close, which is the magic number to break even for the studios. (keep your fingers crossed!). But I just checked Box office mojo and found out that new and expanded movies are going to take over 9000+ screens this next we
  3. Hey Swannie, It's amazing how stuff just trickles all over the place... lol... I also added after that the following: Early reports from the UK, where Ps I love you went into wide release this past weekend: Although no figures have shown up yet on the net, Ps I love you is showing as #2 in the top 10 movies seen this weekend in the UK. Go UK! Thanks Sancre
  4. Hiya, On another board someone reported that Gerry was on tmztv on Dec 21st or 22nd. It was just a brief thing showing him coming out of that restaurant and greeting a fan. Did anyone tivo or copy that? I can't find it on the tmz website. thanks Sancre
  5. Hi Lady Alex... I am not sure what you mean by it will be posted at " RT Burns" ... is this a special section here at Gals??? Thanks Sancre ADD EDIT: I think I found it... is it in the "all things Gerry" forum? See below. Will you be putting up a link on the front page of Gals? Gerard Butler GALS > HIS ROYAL HOTNESS > All things Gerry > Gerry Movies
  6. Rebekah What I find absolutely hilarious about this are two things... One that we actually have done this... lol... found out what type of underwear he was wearing.... Two, now that we know, there will probably be a massive run on this type of underwear for hubbys and boyfriends..... lol... just don't tell 'em where and why you got the idea...... Sancre
  7. Unless I am hugely mistaken, even VIP's have to go thru that first security check?? I think it is after that point that they can go to the VIP lounges. I maybe wrong... Sancre
  8. OMG.... someone (RB) on another board did some special investigating..... Gerry is wearing Lupo underwear!!!!! We now know what underwear he wears and he probably got them when he was in brazil... Here is a link to the two types he may be wearing..... I personally can not imagine seeing Gerry in the one on the left because if I did, I would probably eat him alive.... MOTHER OF GAWD!!!! Can you imagine Gerry standing in front of you .... just in those??? :spontaneous: The link to the brazilian site.... Brazilian Lingerie Sancre going to her secret place...... Hugs to all San
  9. I had a particularly crappy day... unitl about 30 minutes ago... Came home, opened my email and then looked at Gals and another site I will not meniton and found these photos..... Can I say this again......... : Yee-Haw: Can he look any better? I don't think so... Gerry!!! Thanks so much for this pick me up!!! Hugs to all Sancre
  10. Just thought I would share.... The sparkle is back!!!!! ohhhh mama!!! He looks absolutely ger-or-geous!!! This was taken from a japanese cinema site. I can't read the article but the photo is date june 7th. He looks a little bit... laid... erm back, if you know what I mean... lolololol. Very rested and relaxed. I actually sighed long and hard when I saw this one!
  11. The nose "boo-boo" has actually been there prior to the Gala. We think he had it when we saw photos of him at the hockey game. As for when it happened? Who knows... It was not there in the last known photos of him in LA... ie out and about with the blonde lady buying mags and lunch. Then, if you remember, we did not see a photo of him for almost a whole month. Then we saw the hockey photos and the Gala photos. I noticed it during the Gala photos. I didn't say anything until another blogger blew up those photos and it was extremely obvious that he had some kind of wound and brusing.
  12. I said this on another board. I think Gerry tends to just lay off all and any type of diet or regimene when he in between filming. He does this all the time. I make no complaint, lol, if anything, just means more Gerry to like. It doesn't alarm or bother me cause I know this is his way of just kicking back and relaxing. He sure probably needed it after all the hoopla surrounding "300". And although I love seeing photos of him, I tend to hate the ones taken late at night by paparazzi. For one thing, they, the photographers are in their face... it has to be quite horrible. Also, I look
  13. Hi everyoone, I guess our man is going to be at the MTV awards. He was spotted by Just Jared at a club in Hollywood last night as he was leaving the club. Here is the link to Just Jareds blog: Just Jared link And here is a link to my photobucket for the four photos (admin is welcome to copy and store them here)! Gerry 1 Gerry 2 Gerry 3 Gerry 4 Can't wait to see the awards news tonight!!! Hugs Sancre
  14. ladyfran, Leo was the "BIG NAME" after Titanic. Titanic is STILL the #1 blockbluster movie of all time. No other movie has hit the amount that Titanic has made at the box office. And that doesn't include dvd and vhs sales. After that Leo could write his ticket and he did. Until recently, most of Leo's films actually made a huge profit. Leo has begun chosing his roles and I think that is his right. I want Gerry to be able to reach that point where he can chose the roles he WANTS to make and they will automaticlaly be backed. Unfortunately, as much as we think he is great, he is not
  15. Hiya, Okay, I have to chime here. The role of Capone must go to a "big" name. I know many of you have suggested several names, but none so far have the capacity to draw at the box office. If you go with someone like Mark Rafflo, it will not draw people to the box office. Someone might be physically perfect for the part, but not have enough clout to do what needs to be done in this movie and that is sell the tickets. Gerry needs several "big" box office successes to have the clout to do that on his own. As successful as 300 was, it was not enough to do that. I love the man and wa
  16. Stef, What site was the source of this photo. I have looked all over the net and have not been able to find it and it doesn't quote the source on the photo gallery? thanks Sancre
  17. hiya Madamina, No problem, seriously, there is no way everyone would know about this... lol. Thanks so much for responding to my pm so fast. I know this is going to crop of up periodically. They are cute piccys and the video was so cute. But we have to honor the owners request. I got involved because she asked me to liason with the admins on this since I was a member of both sites. I let her deal with the rest of the net about this. Thanks, Sancre (Sandy)
  18. Hi everyone, I hate to rain on everyone's parade but these photos are from the vid that showed at imdb. The owner shared it for about 10 minutes, then people copied it without the permission of the owner and she removed it and requested that everyone NOT COPY it. I can't do anything about the site where those photos are, but I think GALS decided to respect that request. I hate to ask this, but would the original poster step in here and remove this link. I know this is something simple, but the owner was extremely nice, but firm that she didn't want this linked or posted around the net.
  19. Stacie, I think the emoticon is soooooooo appros for this... But he is beeeeeeeeee-u-teeeeeee-ful in this photo! and so worthy! Hugs Sancre
  20. Hi everyone, On another board someone else found a blog by an industry guy who is in Cannes. He and his friends saw Gerry at the VIP room, a club in Cannes. It's not clear what night he actually was talking about. Here is the link to his blog: Check out both links, cause Gerry is mentioned in both: Opening a Canne of Worms-blog They show movies here too-blog As for the photo, here is a link to the photo they took of him: Gerry in Cannes at the VIP room club Ummm... if you are under 18, you may want to skip that photo... it looks like Gerry left something back at the hotel.... B
  21. One of the reasons we probably won't see a lot of photos of him in Cannes is because he does not have a movie in or out of competition. The paparrazi seem to only want to shoot photos of the main red carpet and promotional stuff. I have seen less photos this year of stars out and about than I ever have and you can bet once the stars from Oceans 13 hit town and Brad and Angelina, that we will see even less. On a Gerry note, Relativity Media had a party scheduled at the White Lotus Club in Cannes on Fri may 18th, so I bet Gerry was there, since he seemed to arrive in Nice with that delegatio
  22. hiya everyone, I am not seeing this anywhere on the RSS feed so I am just posting the link... this is the original article that states the information about Gerry and "Capone Rising". Variety Article about Gerry and Capone Rising I wanted to alert everyone because in the article it mentions that Gerry made an 60 second appearance during the announcement. This announcement was probably made at Cannes during one of the distribution shows outside of the Festival. If I were everyone, I would be watching Access and E! for clips about this, especially since they also announced Cage would be p
  23. Hiya everyone, Was just looking around the website for the newest GBcast? For some reason I thought you were aiming at putting up the new one at the first of April? Am I just missing the link? Cause when I click on the one to the right, all I see is the older one done right after the convention. Have you done any since then? Hugs to all in Gerryland!! Sancre
  24. Hi Jph, First, I have heard several reports here and other places that neither you or your sister were any problem. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Second, I doubt you or anyone just being in that video will be banned from GBnet. If you read it correctly, I think admin meant that if the reports are true, anyone identified as causing any problem with the car and if they were identified as members of gbnet, they would be banned. She did not say that all people identified in the video would be banned. I think most of us can look at that video objectively and see the differ
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