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  1. I've loved reading all the Las Vegas report about Gerry. He is a very special man. Just wondering, since Gerry is my "first" actor involvement of any kind, do other actors have a fan base as dedicated as Gerry's? Videos, etc.? I've been really amazed at the talent demonstrated on GB.net and GALS and the hours and hours some of you work to create Gerry videos, work on charity, promote films, etc. I think he is deserving of all this attention and am so happy that the work is done, but is that basic fan behavior or does Gerry have a monopoly on the truly dedicated fans? Anyone here ever been
  2. I think Gerry deserves his privacy; however, I don't believe that anyone who got involved in chat or posted a thread about whether or not he had a date should be bashed for it. I have a friend who just broke up with her significant other and I'm really anxious to know what happened. Is is my business? No. Am I interested? You bet. Gerry does get lots of credit for being a celebrity who makes himself available to his fans... that's wonderful of him and he deserves lots of praise for that, but he's human and we're human and we're curious. I think wondering aloud about his personal life is n
  3. It seems to me Gerry may be making an attempt to broaden his fan base. He made Attila, Dracula, etc., but they were "beginner" movies. So far not many people have seen any of this work. BOAW will appeal to a broad base and the Priest role will introduce him to many young people who had absolutely no interest in POTO, Dear Frankie, etc. This could be a great movie, at this point we really don't know what their plans are for the characters and since every actor brings themselves into the role, we can certainly hope to see some good Gerry here, we'll at least get to SEE it, that's a big improve
  4. I'm reading as fast as I can, but I haven't see a post on why Gerry was having the convention taped... anyone know what the plan is? Will we ever get to see?
  5. Loved the pictures... The flat Gerry was funny, aren't we glad he has those big hunky shoulders and not those poor sloping shoulders in the picture... What was going on when everyone seems to just be sitting around in the dining room(?), the pic where one lady has her legs up on another chair. Getting ready for something? Glad everyone had a great time!
  6. What a great, great story! I can see my daughter and I doing the same thing. What a wonderful memory this will make for the two of you. I'll bet she learned a lot about her Mom she wasn't aware of. TOOOOO FUNNY! My daughter thinks I've completely lost my mind, but she'll snap to eventually.
  7. About the documentary... will we ever be able to see it? Have any idea why Gerry had it done?
  8. I'm loving reading all the reports of the personal times with Gerry and there are moments that are bring tears to my eyes because of his sincere connection to fans. BUT, for the most part everyone's mind went completely blank and except for the strength and sincere hugs that were received... no one remember's what happened! Don't remember what HE said, don't remember what THEY said... Just completely lost in the Gerry fog! I understand it completely... congratulations to all of you who managed to stay on your feet in spite of spaghetti legs! Way to go girls! Glad everyone had a wonder
  9. Hear, hear! Let's not expect to much of our sweet man. There are opportunities to see him at other times, when fans are expected and he will be up for a "meet and greet", but not at work.
  10. He's more handsome than ever, Really! There is a more chiseled look to his face... yummy. Interested to see who the girl is, just think... she's got Gerry DNA all over her by now (if she didn't already)! She's a knockout. He does seem to prefer exotic looking women and one thing's for sure, he's got his choice of nearly every available woman in the WORLD! Life should be good for Gerry about now.
  11. I just watched POTO and DF again. Well, I call it watching them, I watch the Gerry parts. I'm sure I'd recognize him on the street, but I'm not sure I've ever seen his whole face on the screen. I'm always focused on one part; lips, or eyes, ears (even his EARS are perfect), hairline (I LOVE his hairline) or something. I never put a whole face together like I do for other actors. Tonight I even CONCENTRATED on trying to see his whole face, couldn't do it. I see other actors whole faces, very strange. There's just so much emotion in everything he does. I STILL cry during Dear Frankie and I
  12. Gerry makes a girl fiesty, huh!!! :wideeyes: Okay, I understand about the nekkidness that's not necessary, I normally feel that way myself. There must be some way to compromise. He could stay clean during the movie and amaze and astound all the critics with his abilities, then they could do a trailer completely unrelated to the movie where he's absolutely HOT and naughty and amaze the everyone with all his other, um, abilities. They could actually charge more for the movie because there'd be something for everyone. Win/Win. :headspin: :inlove:
  13. I've been thinking about Gerry's new role. A Dad. Then I'm thinkin', who would cast Gerry in a movie where the Dad whose child is abducted is a wimpy, cry baby that can't figure out what to do next and just goes around wringing his hands? I'm sure there will be a lot of emotion here, and I'm sure he'll so some fatherly concern that will include some anger as well (damn, he does anger WELL), I've got to think that this Dad is going to show some balls (damn, he does BALLS well). :wideeyes: I really like Pierce Brosnan and I think he is well aware of Gerry's ability to show all kinds of emot
  14. Okay, in order to attempt to get off everyone's s**t list, let me jump back in. I didn't say that we shouldn't have respect for Gerry, I love Gerry, voted my butt off for Hello, I would not spread rumors about Gerry that were hurtful. Never, never, never. I didn't say I was upset at the mods, I'm not. Good grief, my only thought was that it shouldn't be a SECRET. We heard about Jackman and Babderas being considered for Phantom and the world didn't come to and end. It's not as tho' if we hear a false rumor we're going to get suicidal! I think we've all encountered enough "true life" disappoi
  15. I guess I don't quite understand the need for secrecy. Okay, it's a rumor, it was obviously discussed in chat where any number of people could have been and it may not be accurate. I think most of us have had the experience of believing a rumor and then having it turn out to be untrue. In my opinion, it comes off like a group of little girls singing "I've got a secret, I've got a secret." I'm not trying to be a turd here, I can certainly wait for an announcement, I just kind of don't get it. It's as tho' GALS has not bred out the genetic code stored from the gb.net lineage, where so many t
  16. I think it's great that Gerry fans made him #1 in the Hello poll, and I think at this time any press he gets that is fan based is good news. I think it's absolutely amazing what a "team" Gerry fans from many sites fielded for that poll. It's not really even a big deal, Gerry may not even know there was a poll. But, WE did, and because we want everything that's good for him there was a sincere desire for him to win. But, what I'm wondering is, as STARS (which is what he will be very soon) move into a bigger career, is the fan base as important to them as it had been? After they become a well
  17. I'm so excited by Sarah's post about Gerry's moving coming up IMMEDIATELY AFTER 300! I think very soon, Gerry's going to be everywhere. Everyone will find out in the not too distant future what we've know for some time now. I for one am going to LOVE it. I feel just the tiniest bit sorry that we won't be an "exclusive" little group anymore because I really think that this guy is so talented and magnetic and he's going to shoot up like a rocket HE'S GOING TO BE A STAR!! I've haven't had the opportunity to meet him and probably never will, but just think, some of you will be able to say "I
  18. Since I've never been a "fan" before, I'm a little blank on how things go. Is it usual for them to "announce" at some point that a movie will be made, who the stars are, etc., like they did with POTO, 300, etc.? If that's the case and it starts filming in February, we should know all about it soon, huh? If not, maybe Sarah....... way the Hell over there in Australia can keep us informed about what's going on here in the States! Sarah, I want to know how you do that, you got friends in high places?
  19. I hope that's all true!!! YEA for Gerry and YEA for US. I know Tonya had said that he would be busy for another three months or so after 300, so this must be it. Pump (or hump) your informer for more information! Go, Sarah.
  20. :doof: Below is what I posted today, and I was SO EXCITED. I noticed it was dated January 2005, but that was okay with me, I'm still having 2005. I wanted to hurry and tell everyone about the good news for POTO soundtrack... ***************************** I hope no one has posted this, I just found it and have to get to work in the next few minutes, so if you've been pissed about what everyone had to say about Gerry's singing performance, take a look at both these articles, you'll love it! http://emol.org/film/archives/phantomoftheopera YEAH!!!! :inlove: I'm sure these people found G
  21. I can't think of anyone I'd compare Gerry to... there certainly have been lots of great looking guys out there, good actors too, and some that have inspired droves of fans, but in my mind there is no one quite like Gerry. Most of the people I'd even consider comparing him are long dead and I didn't really even know much about them. The only real actor I'd compare him to now, strictly on a professional and ability at their craft basis would be Gary Oldman who is an amazing actor but falls short for me in the raw sex appeal department. I'm so glad he came along! Makes my day. :: (I forgot
  22. Alright! Now this is the kind of "vote" that I'm interested in... one that may do some good! I hope they are covered up with requests for GOTL! This one counts, let's be heard! ::
  23. I've been voting, but I'm a bit confused about why... this is such a screwed up contest that I can't believe anyone gives it much credence. I didn't even know Hello magazine existed until a few weeks ago. I'm not being rude here, but do people who "count" see these kind of things? Oh well, I'm crazy for Gerry so, I'm votin' ::
  24. I notice posts with all the "identifying characteristics" you relate to in your post. Then, I remember a time in my life when, a bit less mature than I am now, I found much pleasure and fun and at just the opportunity to "join in" and be heard in my own style in some sort of community connection. As with any other group, there are going to be some people/posts that you are drawn to and others than you may not feel the same affinity for. As with television, radio, or internet, we always have the opportunity to become involved only with those that we find consistent with our own interests.
  25. Thanks! I was gettin' a little crazy... I miss those lil smilies.
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