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    Reading, Shopping, Travel *(don't do that much, but like to dream),<br />Robert Burns, and.... uh...OH right - Gerard Butler :)

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About Me

Hello, my name is Deborah Ann. DSLPBS knows me, the Lady of the Chicago Rose !. Pat's a good friend, and keeps encouraging me to come and visit GALS. Well, she's right, as usual, you are all a wonderful group of Phantom Phriends.

About me. I'm 58, never been married,

but there is someone I sort of have a teeny little crush on he's

SHHHHHHHH 5833670a1948089805b391108362l-1--1.jpg

yea, well

he has a wonderful personality and he really

enjoys SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 5833670a1948089805b391108362l-1--1.jpg

O. K. He's the tall, dark,

handsome and SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 5833670a1948089805b391108362l-1--1.jpg

AND .............. he is on the shy side viewThumbCAYMGMBXred-1.jpg

Pretty boring stuff, I know, if I think of anything else about myself, I'll add it later.

See you around and SHHHHHHHHHHHHH 5833670a1948089805b391108362l-1--1.jpg

OH! Alright. Catch you later.

Deb Ann

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