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  1. Nope...I do not like to roller skate......eeekkk, I'd probably break a hip! TGBM owns an ornate masquerade mask.
  2. List character in tv sit com A) Archie Bunker ( All In the Family)
  3. A) ADA Benjamin Talbot (Moonlight) B) Barnabas Collins (Dark Shadows) C) Carol Burnett Show (The) D) Donald Schanke (Forever Knight) E) Ernie (from Sesame Street) F) Fred Mertz (I Love Lucy) G) Granny Clampett (The Beverly Hillbillies) H) Happy Days I) Illya Kuryakin (The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) J) Jeffersons (The) K) Kono Kalakaua (Hawaii Five-O) L) Les Nessman (WKRP) M) Marian Cunningham (Happy Days) N) Nick Knight (Forever Knight) O) Opie Taylor (Andy Griffith Show) P) Pamela Ewing (Dallas) Q) Quentin Collins (Dark Shadows)
  4. Yes it is Deetz.....I will call you so we can watch Leno together via phone LOL. Hope Bobby makes me a copy of Graham Norton and Leno on DVD! Hugs, Poppy
  5. Thanks Sara. We look forward to seeing you and all our friends once again. It's amazing the wonderful friendships we have all made over the last seven years. Now, Donna (Deetz) has to get her fractured foot into order and healed by the big Vegas week! Hugs, Linda
  6. Deetz...you are my partner in crime...LOL. Vegas here we come again!!!!!!
  7. Gerry, Hope you have a had a wonderful birthday! Hugs, Poppy
  8. Dearest Frannie, My sincere sympathy on the loss of your beloved sister, Peggy. She was a wonderful lady and will certainly be missed by all. Please know that I will keep you, Peggy and your family in my thoughts and prayers during this very difficult and sad time! Hugs Always, Poppy
  9. I look forward to attending convention each year. It has been my privledge to meet some wonderful GALS from all over the United States. When I first started on Gals, we use to chat quite a bit and it was so great to finally meet many of the ladies in person. We all have a special bond....Gerry of course. But, Vegas for me is not about hoping Gerry will grace us with his presence....it's about catching up with the people I get to see once a year. Spending time with people who come from all walks of life and enjoy our short time together. Helping out at the Shade Tree has been a reward
  10. Deetz and I got in two hours ago from Vegas...was very sad to see our GAL time come to an end. Hugs Poppy
  11. Andrea, Thoughts, prayers and positive energy on it's way. Hugs, Poppy
  12. Poppy


    Hi Cheryl, I also have 2 raffle baskets and will get them to Susan by Thursday at the convention. Hugs Linda
  13. A) Attila's towel holder in the bath house B) Butler's Personal Massage Therapist C) Clyde's personal assistant D) Dracula's Fang polisher E) Erik's Muse F) Frankie's future father's fish and chips fixer. G) Gerry's personal pedal pusher H) How To Train Your Dragon Teacher I) Instant Bounty J) Jackie Jrs. Yellow Towel Adjuster K) Kilt presser L) Leonidas's cod piece polisher M) Mike's jello tester N) Neil's Secretary O) Opera Erik's cape swirler P) Phantom's Swan Bed polisher Q) Quinn's right hand man R) Red Death's sword sharpener S) Shelton's weapons sharp
  14. Swannie, My thoughts and prayer are with both you and your beloved Bill! I will keep you all....Nathan too in my daily prayer vigils. Hugs, Poppy
  15. My dear, sweet Frannie.....my heart is broken for you in the loss of your beloved son. No words could ever express the sadness that I feel for you in the loss of Tommy. Please know...I will keep your son, family and you in my ever vigil thoughts during this very difficult and extremely sad time! Hugs, Linda
  16. I've known Di for almost 6 years and I'll vouch for her too! She is an awesome gal! Good luck Di....keep us posted on how you make out! Hugs, Poppy
  17. Poppy


    I'll be doing a PS I Love You basket. Almost finished. Linda
  18. Poppy

    The rig-out

    I plan on wearing island wear on Friday and then something more dressy on Saturday. Linda
  19. Elisa....so glad to hear it was good news! Hugs, Linda
  20. Deetz and I will be in Vegas. We look forward to going every year.....it's all about seeing and spending time with our friends that we have made over the last five years!!! Nothing better than that! See you in Vegas, Linda
  21. Drea....so very sorry for the loss of your wee little grandson. How very devastating! I will keep you, your family and that little angel in my thoughts and prayers!!! Hugs, Linda
  22. Alas....I was in NYC yesterday for a day of shopping and unfortunately did not run into Gerry. I was looking for him and his cell phone...LOL Hugs, Linda
  23. Can someone please PM me with an address to send all my Kable goodies to. Thanks, Linda
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