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  1. Bella, Please PM me your address and I'll send out the stuff I collected from Rhode Island. Hugs, Linda
  2. Congrats April!!! Also keeping your Dad#2 in my htoughts and prayers! Hugs, Linda
  3. So glad he enjoyed his birthday. Would have loved to see him singing Mustang Sally! Hugs, Linda
  4. Hmmm, Cheryl....what shall we ask for?......LMAO!!!!!
  5. Oh...Binks....Cheryl and I have the goods on you!.....ROFLMAO
  6. Recieved my goodies in the mail.....Bounty Hunter Tee. Love it! Thanks Gals!!!! Hugs, Linda
  7. He arrived today Bonnie! All safe and sound. Loving all his adventures and photos. Hugs, Linda
  8. Thanks Bonnie. We were not sure who had him at this point. Sorry he missed your daughter's wedding....that was a real bummer! I sent you a pm too. Hugs, Linda
  9. I was wondering who has Kable? He was due at my home on September 15th. Bermos was suppose to have him before me....but he was never sent to her. I leave on vacation tomorrow and unfortunately....Kable will not be joining me. That's a bummer. ~Linda~
  10. I voted too! Good luck Swannie and Frannie. Hugs, Linda
  11. Suzie and Elissa....I feel your pain.....it was the only one that I missed too!
  12. Happy Anniversary Libby!!!! Hugs, Poppy
  13. Happy GALS Anniversary sweet Songbird Katie!!!! Hugs Always! Linda
  14. Happy Gals Anniversary, Misty! Hugs, Linda
  15. I grew up on a small street that had lots of kids. All our parents knew one another. One of my fondest memories were rollar skating in the street. We would mark it off like a giant roller skating rink...set up the radio....use our metal rollar skates with the KEY....LOL. Never used our good white skates with wooden wheels for out door skating...that was a big no no. Anyway, all the neighborhood kids would be out there skating to the music....boys as well as girls. The older kids would help the younger ones too. We had so much fun. Hugs Linda
  16. Oh that must have been a major PAIN!
  17. LOL....I was quite young.....but my first crush was the Cisco Kid. (Repeats of course) By the time I got into my tweens it was Ricky Nelson and then Bobby Sherman. Oh...I had a beautiful pair of skates to which I had the biggest pink pom poms on the front. It was the fad to make those pom poms out of yarn and a fix them to the top of the skates. We thought we were soooooo cool....LMAO! hugs, Linda
  18. One of my favorite movies was Imitation of Life with Lana Turner and Sandra Dee. Oh that was such a great movie!
  19. I hear you. Since the site got it's upgrade ...I can not get into chat. When I try to...it immediately closes my browser and turns it on and off and on and off. I didn't have this problem prior and do have the latest Java. Like you....I find it a real pain since I can't chat.
  20. Do I dear say.....I have pics of Cheryl, Bex, Binks, Tina,Lugerry, Deetz, me and a few others pole dancing in the PARTY LIMO................Oh what a night that was!!!!! LOL
  21. Have one heck of a PHANTASTIC time, Barbara! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that you have a safe journey and great weather! Hugs, Linda
  22. This is one of my favorite films. And why this scene was deleted....I have no idea.
  23. Frannie...you were lovely then and just as lovely NOW!!!!
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