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    My Artwork

    Wow Nikki.... you are incrediably taleted. I have been to your website and have been blown away by your talent. It is amazing to see how you have captured the the true essence of your subjects.....ohhh, especially Gerry. :ohbaby2: Can't wait to see more. Pop
  2. Poppy


    I watched Ami on Miami Ink and she loves doing portrait tatoos. Imagine having one of Gerry... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Pop
  3. Wow, what great pics. Lucky little girls with Gerry are so cute. And Gerry....always looks so good. Thanks for the pics Stef. Linda
  4. Amy, Your drawings are awesome. I can't believe how many talented artists are part of GALS. You go girl!!! Pop
  5. Poppy


    I have no tatoos. My hubby has a scale of justice tatoo on his arm....he is a police officer....how fitting. I have no desire for one ...but you never know. Linda
  6. Hey Cassie, You go girl! I would buy that magazine with the G-man on the cover in a heartbeat. Damn proud you told them that too! Pop
  7. Poppy


    Hey Foxxy Girl, Your artwork is INCREDIABLE. I knew you were talented....but this is over the top! Can't wait to see MORE! Hugs, Linda
  8. Irene, I was so very excited when I saw you had finished chapters 3 & 4. They were so well done. I can't wait for the next ones. :goodjob2: Linda Ps....I loved your slice....I have to tell you Irene, I had so much fun in chat that night. I was laughing so hard.....we all were really quite clever.
  9. Hi Irene, I just finished reading chapter 2 and can't wait for the rest. I'm really liking this new Rene with the beautiful green eyes. Keep those chapters coming!!! Linda (Pop)
  10. I am so excited about the big news! I think Gerry and Hillary will be terrific together and compliment one another too. A romantic comedy...how wonderful! I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself. Will have to get that book ASAP. Poppy
  11. Barb thanks for WBZ-AM Boston Radio interviews with Gerry. It is always so nice to hear his voice. I was lucky enough to see Beowulf and Grendel at the Landmark Theatre on Kendall Square this past Saturday. It was wonderful. Thanks again for sharing the interview. Poppy
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