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  1. Deetz and I will be arriving on Monday, May 31st in the am. Hugs, Poppy
  2. Anne, What a lovely article about you. Wishing you reat success on the sale of your book! Hugs, Linda
  3. Frannie, Peggy is very lucky that she has you as a sister.....and that you urged her to go to the hospital! Pulmonary embolisms (blood clotts in the lungs) are nothing to fool around with. Very happy to hear that she is recieving treatment! I will certainly keep dear Peggy, you and your family in my thoughts and prayers! Hugs, Linda
  4. Deb, Keep me posted on the hotel situation. A few weeks ago, I was checking out hotels. I'll get back to hunting for a good one...with decent prices. Hugs, Linda
  5. Oh...it's all finally coming together!!! I can't wait!
  6. My hubby's a police officer and with so many cuts in the departments across the country....any money helps. Congrats to the men and women in blue in Philly. Thanks to Law Abiding Citizen for their gift. Hugs, Linda
  7. Is there a code up for the hotel yet? Inquiring minds want to know. ~Linda~
  8. Hi Gals, Donna and I are arriving on Monday, May 31st....we are up for anything! Hugs, Linda
  9. I still can't believe he said that out loud!!! LMAO!!!
  10. Binks.....Deetz and I are interested in either one of those shows. Just let us know. Cheryl...can't wait gal to see you again. Yes Barabara...Vegas, here we come! Balloon ride....OMG!!!!...lol Hugs, Linda
  11. beacon, Timeline is a definate must!!!! Andre Marek.....swoon! Watch it....better yet....buy it!!! Hugs Linda
  12. Poppy

    My Gerry vector!

    That is awesome!!!!
  13. You make me laugh Katie!!!! Can't wait to see you again....Ms. Songbird or is it Snogbird. Either...or...we'll take you....LOL Hugs, Linda
  14. Count me and Deetz in! Thanks, Poppy
  15. OMG.....I am TOAST!!!!!
  16. Poppy....Linda Deetz....Donna We'll see you in Vegas too!!!
  17. Cheryl and RAZ.....hey girlies.....can't wait to see you again in Vegas. We had such a blast last year. Hugs, Linda
  18. I was thinking the same thing, Frannie! Thanks Lisa...great find!!
  19. Loved it....and yes he was so nervous....LOL
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