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  1. Reggie, I'm so glad you are going! You are so going to have a blast and it will wonderful to see you again! hugs, Linda
  2. Can't wait Cheryl!!!! It's just around the corner! Hugs, Linda
  3. Bex, Tell them it's for a really good cause.....The Shade Tree....and helping this charity is near and dear to your heart....amonst other things too....lol "So don't make me feel bad about going to this!" Be firm...LOL ~ Linda~ PS....You are going to have a blast!
  4. Well, heck yea! TGBM is planing on going to Vegas Convention
  5. Poppy

    The *VS* Game

    Gerry with longer hair. Gerry with in Dolce & Gabana vs. Gerry in casual attire
  6. He is very sexy Eve....... and Sue...he certainly does warm up a very cold January!!!! Hugs, Linda
  7. Most definatly ......SCRUFF!
  8. What a lovely wedding! Congratulations and your Jessica just looks so beautiful! Hugs, Linda
  9. Sue...I certainly had another Butler in mind when I saw your new pooch and his name....LOL! Let's say he's the only Butler that we seek! LMAO
  10. Anna....your cake looks perfect and the little pies look scrumtious! I'll be heading to your house along with Suzie. Bex....can I borrow you to organize my closet and drawers? Congrats on the loss of 60lbs...that is awesome! Sue...Your little babe....just adorable....I just want to scoop him up and give him a kiss! Bonnie and Butler...I loved Gone With the Wind too Frannie....I love your little tree and your pointsettia's are just beautiful! To all my east coast maties that were walloped by the blizzard....I hear you. We just dug out of 21 inches of snow and I have 4 foot drifts in
  11. I need a giant glass of some Gerrita's.....so please pass the pitcher! Hugs, Linda
  12. Glad I'm not the only one that didn't care for that poster. Hugs, Linda
  13. Poppy

    Winter Pics

    Just beautiful!!!! Hugs, Linda
  14. Happy Hanukkah To All our Jewish friends. Hugs, Linda
  15. Great Job BELLA! All of Scotty's loot looks wonderful....I'm sure we'll all take any of his "baggage" any time.....LOL.
  16. Those are beautiful doorways, Swannie. And Sue...nothing nicer than Gerry in the winter look! Hugs, Linda
  17. I absolutely adored this article! It should have included that we have made wonderful friendships along the way.
  18. And that's why I love you, Gerry ... (and I just made some siggies and part of this is going in one). Yes indeed!
  19. Oh Miss Amy....I feel I am in need of one of your beautiful siggys.....hint hint.....lol
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