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  1. Hi Guys, I am still on my own? Anybody needs a roomie? I am up for it!
  2. Oh, you will definitely need an agent now LadyJ! And YES, I am available for the job!!! Hugs! :outdoor: to you!
  3. Check is on its way!!! Here I come Vegas! I already got the dress and jewerly for the Ball!!! Can't wait. Wake me up when we are there!
  4. That was a hard one to choose...But I think I would definitely prefer to sightsee Scotland, than have a dinner at a restaurant, then skinny dip in the pool and then cuddle by the fire....aaaaaah, dreams.
  5. His music is very sophisticated for student movies. But, you know, everybody starts somewhere. I do think he has a great potential. He did an awesome job for Chanson already!
  6. I thought the music was FANTASTIC and way too beautiful for the movie!!! I did like how the tone of the music would change depending on the scene. Good luck! I do hope you succeed!
  7. He is so handsome...and I am so gone :spontaneous:
  8. OMG, Nikki you are soooo sooo good! Great job!!! Loved it! I just can't quite understand how you start with eyes and draw the face around them...I always do it the other way around.
  9. OMG, girls you are so pretty! Marissa your eyes are gorgeous!! And kids are just cuties...and your husband - well, I told you I thought he is pretty cute, actually very handsome!!! It is me and my son.
  10. I really appreciate your feedback! Your feedback (good or bad), especially constructive critisism, helps me improve. Thanks again! Love, Flattie
  11. Dear GALS (LadyFran and Susan), Thank you so much for your opinion. I am really flattered and thankful for you telling me what you feel. I know I am not alone! Love ya! And see ya in Vegas!
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