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  1. Tina, I know that none of the Admin or Mod team would ever say anything bad about anything made for donations. And honestly, because of how opinionated most of the GALS are on here, it would not surprise me that an opinion of an item they received would be given, good or bad. But don't let one bad comment stop you from doing your thing. Many people appreciate everything they get in the auctions or goodie bags, and while I understand your feelings were hurt (mine would be too), your efforts are anything but unappreciated by the majority of those working to make the con great and those who at
  2. There's so much to say, I just want to make sure I find the right way to say it. Before I get into my personal reasons for why I haven't been to conventions and what I would like to see to help me go to another, I want to really acknowledge everyone who has spent hours of their personal time, personal funds, and really put their heart and soul into making the conventions fun and entertaining. The Admins and Mod's who think all year about what the convention will be and actually make it happen - you GALS are absolutely without question... AMAZING. You have bent over backwards to make it a r
  3. To one of the nicest, sweetest, silliest women I have ever met - Happy GALSiversary - and I hope that the Con was just the icing on your special day!
  4. Congrats, Swannie! Who is your publisher?
  5. I had the honor of meeting Ruthie as part of GB.net way back in 2007. She was a wonderful lady and I am so sorry and very shocked to read this bit of news. Prayers are being said for her and her family, although a bit late.
  6. Your siggy makes it look like poor Gerry's man bits are on fire. We don't want that!
  7. Oh sweet Lord, thank you for creating such a gorgeous specimen. I realize that at this very moment I may be fornicating in my mind and this is a sin, however, can you really blame me when this is what you give me to gaze upon? Can we call it a tie and forget about the whole repentance thing? It's been quite a while since I've had a Gerry Juice moment, but... um, yeah. This is one. Bless the people in Hawaii who have offered up this tropical porn buffet. BLESS YOU.
  8. Happy Birthday AimeeMarie!!


    zany xo

  9. Happy GALSiversary to you too, Linda! Yours is today, right??
  10. We've had our ups and downs but after all is said and done, you're one of my best friends. If not for meeting you here on GALS, I don't even want to think where my life would be right now. Happy GALSiversary, Cabellero-Ho! Love you!!!!
  11. I think they have already been looking into this - I posted about this error a few months back.
  12. hi there,how are you?

  13. Those pics look very 'Neil' to me. Are they even recent?
  14. Happy GALSiversary, my friend! I am so blessed to have you in my life. **loves**

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