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  1. Aw Gerry words just fail me and if you knew me you'd be surprised as most people have a hard time shuting me up!!! Remind you of anyone only kidding x A little something I wanted to share with you, Because of you I found this site, Because of this site I found people who have brought me more joy than I can tell you, Because of those people I found real courage in myself for the first time, Because of that courage I began to really live again, Because of feeling alive again I went to America to meet my friends, And it's all because of you!x I celebrated my own birthday looking
  2. Hi Betts, hope you're doing good. I wanted to let you know what a lovely idea I think this is, but i'm not sure Gerry would want his fans giving so much money to get it. I don't know Gerry and never will, but I would hope that if the wonderful amount of $25,000 was raised by people that love him, he would want that given to a charity or an organisation that could do amazing work with it. I've always wanted Mr B to start up his own foundation (obviously when he isn't so busy) because there are so many people like you who want to do something special for him that it could change a lot of live
  3. The top picture always cracks me up. Ger surrounded by barbies and twiglets and he looks bored out of his brains You go Mr B!!!
  4. I don't really know what to say... I only really saw Dee from a distance in Vegas and unfortunately never got a chance to speak to her, but the truly heartfelt memorials here have moved me more than i can tell you. What i genuinely hope is that Gerry sees this and knows through your words how special a fan he had in Dee. Too often you hear the bad side of what fame must be like for him, but unfortunately sometimes too little is made of the joy, love and magic that this man has brought so many which is such a shame. To be able to change someones life and to give them hope is a true gift and i'm
  5. Hey Simone, if you go by LA, make sure to let me know! Thanks for the well wishes and have a great day yourself!

  6. Nice to have met you in Vegas, you are alot of fun. Thanks for letting us hang out with you & Barbra on Sunday, enjoy your long stay in the states. Hugs,


  7. I've had nothing but trouble with these i think rude and unproffessional people. It took four fookin phone calls to try to send me an email and guess what i never got it. I'm not going to see this now out of principal and i'm very sorry you've all been let down. I just can't believe they didn't even have the decency to let the gals know seeing jusy how much money we've spent with them. I don't think i'd enjoy myself now if i did go because the whole business has left a bitter taste in my mouth. I personally wouldn't give them a dime let alone $150, but that's just me. What a shame i thin
  8. Just love this piccy i just found, i've grown to really love puggies! All the best Sim xxxx
  9. Sorry Mel should have put that they are 91cms x 61cms
  10. I was just wondering if anyone would like me to bring them over any of these 300 posters? I understand from Lugerry that it's very difficult to get hold of any of these in the US, so thought i'd offer to bring them over for anyone who would like one. I have bought the bottom one to bring with me to donate to the auction anyway, but if i can help let me know. All the very best and see you soon. Simone xxxxxxx PS Should say that in the shop i got mine you could pick any three for about $19
  11. :dance: Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely *sings this while skipping up and down dining room* did i say lovely? What i love most of all is that he looks rested and HAPPY, hoorah!!!! Bout time Mr B was worrying for ya! See you in 18 days everyone Sim xxxx xxxx
  12. I can only say i'm thrilled that Mr B is getting the attention/opportunities now he so rightly deserves, but for me personally i am moved the most when i see him in films with one on one close relationships and not so much action, action, action. I LOVED 300 because it is just fookin great, but my fav part of all of it was when he was teaching and play fighting with his son. He kisses him and rubs his head and that's what made the film for me. If it weren't for the extremely touching parts like that and how much he obviously loved his men, then i don't think it would have had the affect on me
  13. Forgot to say could that avatar be any cuter? I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off that lil tuft of hair he he xxx

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