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  1. Not sure if i'm posting this in the right place, but can't find Lolita's thread. (Does she have her own sub-forum ) I saw this picture, sent it to Pilar and thought OMG Lolly this pug was made for you. I thought he could keep her company when Daddy is away and she wouldn't miss Ger too much. The tartan will comfort her, i know it does me! Must go i'm late for my psychiatric appointment Much love xxSimonexx :erikrose:
  2. I have a lovely purple butterfly on my lower back and am thinking of getting a new one. I can't make up my mind between a rose with ribbon (can't think why , but maybe not as that's very popular) and a little Jerry mouse from Tom and Jerry (I know its not spelt the same, but he's as cute as the actor guy, umm i've forgotten his name ) Jerry and Gerry both have the same length whiskers and are forever being chased by Queens with majorly long talons (uh oh did i write that ) Forgive me, but writing about this is making me think of lapping up cream (can't think why ) Guess i'm all kinks t
  3. I'm going to get into big trouble when i EVENTUALLY get to see it. I won't be sitting in a seat, nope i'll be sat up by the screen with my face right up to it. It will take military intervention to move me too. I can see it now, the staff will be saying "Move or we'll have to get security" and i'll be like "I'm not moving, i'm not moving." Gee wizz no one will able to see what's going on because i will be in this position :headspin: How much longer til March? Ger, You've always been A List for all of us, but please don't disappear into the dark recesses of Hollywood never to
  4. Gerry, I'm not really sure what to say as others have put what i feel and think about you more eloquently than i could. I'm writing a book at the moment about you in which the character Rebecca starts off by being a fan of yours and after a chance meeting in Glasgow (in a coffee shop ) and in Vegas both of you fall for each other and i'm not really explaining this properly as it's complicated but, Beck writes you a birthday letter every year that you are together and this is the first one. It says it all really. Excerpt from book "Dear Ger, .ak.a Bear, a.k.a Git, I promised to write down
  5. Oh they'll be sweet all right honey. Silly i know, but i always say "god bless" to him before i turn out the light at night. He'll never hear me, but i do it as if he could. Love and hugs and a special "God bless" to Bjorn. xxSimxx :erikrose:
  6. Can i just concur with you Eva Marie I LOVE HIM TOO BTW I may have the chance to sculpt a Gerry head in clay at college, so if i ever see him i will officially be able to give him head. (Sorry that was naughty, but it is his birthday tomorrow, i guess i need someone to :whip: me.) Oh geez best go to bed as am having trouble focusing. It's my own fault i shouldn't have mentioned the three deadly sins (1. Gerry's birthday suit, 2. Being spanked and 3. Worshipping at the Butler temple.) Forgive me, this was supposed to be about drawing Guess i'm a gutter gal today. If you read this
  7. Thank you everyone. I'm going to try to draw this one next, i love happy and relaxed bear best and he looks it in this one. I love the one that was taken when he was in Iceland recently, where he has on a navy blue t-shirt. Loving it, loving it, loving it. Now it's just finding the time to draw him With the last one i did a little bit at a time and concentrated on each bit of him (I wish) individually. His stubble was easy as i developed my own trick when i was drawing Erik (the fawn). You just continually keep turning the pencil around as then you never have two strokes (Mental image of
  8. Loving all your songs Gerry comrades. Here's a few more of my fav's. 'To Be Loved' The song of a little bird The joy in three little words I know it's real That's how it feels To be loved by you The stars from a midnight sky The melody from a lullaby There's nothing real That I wouldn't steal To be loved by you [Chorus] To be loved by you If everybody knows It's only 'cause it shows A smile to put you on a high A kiss that sets your soul alight Would it be all right if I spent tonight Being loved by you [Chorus] Your love is released And you move me wi
  9. Hey Lu, Thanks darlin'. It was fantastic there. (I've had major :cuss: moments today so this is why i'm writing this to you here.) When you come over i thought we could have a few days in London, then back here for a rest or clubbing whatever you're into We can fly up to Glasgow for a couple of days, then onto Glencoe, then i'd love a few days in Inverness (we could probably go via Edinburgh if you'd like) then we can fly back here from Inverness. Any other GALS want to join us? I leave it totally up to you. Whatever hon, we'll have a blast, 212 days til :meninkilts: Lots of love
  10. Great choice with the above song. I asked Katie (songbird) to sing that for me one day and she said she would, but is going to change the words to 'The first time ever i saw half your face' . Because that was the moment my heart went for bear. xx :erikrose: xx
  11. Thank you Helen, That is truly beautiful and i will look it up now. Thanks for sharing xx :erikrose: xx
  12. Thank you Susan, I love Richard Marx too. It's been so great hearing about all these new songs and fan videos. That's what i really wanted, to find some new music that inspires me as it has you guys. Have started to check out these songs and it's silly, but have been . I guess music and Bear are both very emotive for me and when you put them together it's grab the kleenex time, but in the best way ever. Just a thought, but maybe we could put together a Gerry CD that all the fans contribute to or vote for their fav's and have it playing at the cony. I love 'Right Here Waitng' too Oceans
  13. Here's another one i love, it's called 'Just When I'd Given Up Dreaming'. I was an island desperate and barren Praying for someone to save me Felt like an ocean drowning alone Searching for hope you once gave me So what are we made of, what keeps us strong It's your love that carries me home I wanted to let go and give up the fight Tell my heart it can stop beating You gave me a reason to believe in myself Just when I'd given up dreaming Just when I'd given up dreaming You are my lifeline willing and able To guide me through every season Your heart is a beacon shinin
  14. Hi Gals, Was just wondering if you have a special Gerry song that when you hear it you instantly think of him. Would love to know the music or lyrics you love and that really move you about Ger. This is my favourite, it's called 'Written In The Stars'. I especially love the words of the chorus and the 'Been through lot of heartache But I made it back to you' part. Gives me goosebumps, because i do feel that what has happened to me good and bad has brought me to the point when i found Gerry and the special people who are his fans. Not trying to be too melodramatic honestly Maybe whoever i
  15. Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm and kindness for my pic's. It is a real pleasure sharing them with you all believe me. Scotland has such a special place in my heart as you can probably tell has done so for a long time BG (before Gerry) and it will continue to do so always. Forgive my ignorance, but until POTO i hadn't seen Bear before. Even then it was only after i'd watched the 'Making Of' that i found out he was Scottish . (Guess i was a little slow doing my homework ) Some people know why the night i watched that was so special to me and when i heard him speak i just Not t
  16. I'm so glad you all liked them. I was lucky enough to spend some time travelling around the highlands three years ago and visited Stirling, Fort William, Inverary, the Kyle of Lochalsh, Oban and Skye so i class myself as a very lucky lady to have done so. As pleased as i was with the pictures this time there is no way to really put across the beauty or complete splendor of this place. I wish that everyone had the chance to see this magical country and meet the wonderful people that make it such. (Hi Macwilley) I'm a Scotaholic, can you tell. Always have been, always will be. I really think (a
  17. Thank you Judy, Any help finding gorgeous pic's is always very much appreciated by me. I've looked at a little of the site and wow wee i think it would take me years to look through them all. Now i just have to find a job which pays me to do so. It would be a tough job, but heh someone's got to do it. Thanks again xxSimonexx
  18. Just thought i'd show you some of my piccy's from my second home Scotland (well i wish i had a second home there) These are the views from the garden of the cottage i rented in Ballachulish. It was beautiful as you can see and so peaceful. The hills are called the Mamores. I'm not sure if my camera work does this amazing part of the highlands justice, but i hope you like them. This is the view behind where i sat to write the journal to Robyne (his eyes) and i had the view from the first pic above to look at as i wrote. :yippee: These are views taken from the Connel Bridge. The
  19. Hey Fran, Loving that one too. Every time i see that pic i think he's thinking 'if one more fookin photographer calls me GERard, i'm going to give him a Glasgow kiss' I'm all giggly from seeing that first pic like i've had one too many espresso's. It's sad i know, but seeing that piccy has made me fall for him all over again. Is there a thread where horny tarts um i mean wonderful gals like me can find old photo's to bring to the masses that maybe haven't seen them before. :angel2: Has anyone written a thesis on what it is about bear that does it for us because that is a subje
  20. I love loads of pic's of him, but this one is the ultimate O...M...F...G... moment for me. I was like I WANT YOUR FOOKIN BABIES But then i guess we all do I almost fell out of the chair AGAIN. Must stop doing that. Respect gals xxSimxx
  21. I hadn't come across this picture before today and was wondering if anyone else had done so. Maybe i'm just not up to speed on all the pic's, but god i loved this one. Hope you do too. http://republika.pl/blog_uz_622468/1297127/sz/gb.jpg Enjoy gals Love and respect xxSimonexx
  22. Oh Eva Marie you crack me up. One question "Why the fook hadn't i seen the swimming shorts pic before?" When i saw that i fell out my chair and onto the floor. Normally i wouldn't mind as i have a little padding to cushion my fall, but i almost landed on the dog! Sorry Lucy Thank you for all your kind words and thoughtfulness. Amanda T Thank you for all the continuing praise and good wishes for me my sweet sis. You know how i feel about you. Geez i love all you guys Respect, love and admiration always xxSimxx
  23. Hey Darlin' Well what can i say other than it's lovely. Heh a date with Mr B, you lucky lady. Whatever made you think you weren't good with words huh? I really hope you get your boob squishing hug in November if not before. Who'd have thought from a few months ago that now you'd be asking Ger out on a date. You go girl. If you do see him in November please send him my love and respect. It's such a complete joy to see your confidence and self esteem improve every time we chat or i read a post, just keep it up and if you don't see Ger (but i hope you do) know that i'm sure if he could of he wo
  24. Oh Cuddles "Firming up our plans" you kill me Can i just ask do any of the Chips look like this? http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l62/erik...rose/chip-1.jpg This is who greets me when i wake up in the mornings Ok, ok i admit it he's just a picture fook it He must have sand in all sorts of places, wouldn't mind dusting him down Um where was i, ah guess you can count me in, am i going to be led astray though because i'm a very good girl honestly. Well i keep trying to tell myself that. I don't suppose any of you know if any of the Chips dress up in a cape and mask do you as we shou
  25. Myself and the lovely Barbara (lugerry) will be roomies for Vegas. If there are 200 of us then that means we each get 2.4 minutes with Ger each night. Glad we're staying a whole week Well a girl can dream can't she? Is it June yet? No, oh fook, wake me up on the 5th someone please so i don't miss my flight. Love to all Sim x It's got to be June now or else i'm going to have to
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