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  1. Thank you everyone, OMFG imagine him before me when i draw, no chance. If he were to pose for me it would go as follows. 1 My hands would shake and he'd end up looking like Homer Simpson 2 Everything would shake 3 He would probably pull faces and make me laugh so much i'd :headspin: 4 I'd slip over with all the :tasty: 5 See above Gerard James Butler's lips drive me absolutely fookin nuts. There is always some bit of him i have issues with. The first time i drew him it was his eyes. The second time it was his nose and now it's those lips. I hope maybe one day all the bits w
  2. Hi Swannie, What a beautiful letter and i think you say it all hon. I'm sorry, but i'm not up on all the recent news. Does the 'no more gifts' come from Gerry himself then as i find that a bit strange. Like you i think of all the people who spend time and love on sending something to him on the smallest chance that he might get it and to know that both that person exists and cares for him. I also understand that the amount of things he gets must be enormous, but i feel for everyone who won't now be able to give as they would choose to. I think like you that everyone can give a gift to G
  3. This is a drawing i completed a few weeks ago, but didn't upload it as it is a gift for a wonderful lady who i adore. It should arrive fingers crossed in Colorado today as i drew him on the inside cover of a journal i wrote for her about my travels in Scotland, so i hope i don't spoil the surprise. Robyne, if you do see this and your package hasn't arrived yet, you're not allowed to look ok. Would love your opinion on the most gorgeous unshaven Scot in history. Oh to have some stubble burn heh! http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/coppermine....php?pos=-15902 Love and respect gals Simone x
  4. Thank you for your wonderful words Susan and i really appreciate them. I'm going to try to go over a few days early and it would be great if the other ladies that do could meet up and we could break the ice so to speak. Personally speaking it really helps to know that their will be friendly faces to meet me. I'm lucky enough to be able to meet up with my roomie in New Jersey and travel with her from there, but i understand others will be travelling alone. If it helps i would love to meet people and help them feel at ease. GALS i know it's scary, but go for it i say and never look back.
  5. I'm glad that some people can see that i was only speaking from the heart and voicing my own opinions. You do still have the freedom of speech in the US i take it. Or is that only when people like what is being said. Never meant to ever cause offence gals Thanks Huggles Love ya xCPx
  6. Personally i hope that Ger gets loads of screen time. When i read the book (in 6 hours straight) i kept seeing the scenes in my head. Especially when she's sat on the sofa and on the beach reading the first note. I thought it would be lovely for him to simply be just sat beside her. Uh oh getting :cry: I'm such a girl when it comes to this book. I hope everything goes well for him and God bless Ger x Simone x
  7. Simone, I'm glad that you will fulfill your dream of visiting the US. That being said, I live in Reno and have visited Las Vegas. I know about the cost differences when going to Las Vegas. The flight for me would be relatively inexpensive and I know there are hotels that are more resonable. I know that all the people involved will do an amazing job with the convention again...but, I never asked nor expected anyone to "pick up the shortfall" for me (or anybody else for that matter!) I do hope everyone has a good time and I know that they will. I just know that the $225.00/$250.00 for me, w
  8. Eva Marie You're a sweetheart and thank you for all your kindness and encouragement again. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rose, thank you honey. God bless Sim x
  9. Will i be :whip: if i say i'm a bit annoyed at some comments. I'm from England and i know and appreciate how much Vegas costs. I believe Dayna has posted what each day will cost with the hire of the venue, catering, decorations etc... and it is crazy how much it will be. I have a lot of respect for her and admin for doing all the work to make it what it will be. I very much doubt they get paid for it either. I don't see why she and this site should have to pick up the shortfall and me personally well i am very grateful just to get a spot. I respect others comments about money restri
  10. Eva Marie, Sorry if my words came across wrong, i just meant that everything i've drawn is special to me and i couldn't throw it away. I very much respect your advice about the equipment and have asked for lots of things as Christmas presents . I have charcoal pencils and a range of artists one's now, it's just knowing how to use them. I'm sure that will come when my confidence inproves at college. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement it means a great deal to me. I've just almost finished a new drawing of Ger, but i don't want to post it yet as it is a gift for a
  11. Ooh i got a mention from the legend that is Dr Em. Thanks Dayna, I particularly wanted to go because of everything i'd heard about this years con. (Not just the wonderful guest of honour) I have three very close GALS who i adore and being able to meet them properly will be a dream come true for me. I feel honoured every day to have friends like them in my life and i look forward to meeting loads more wonderful people. I am a little sad as one of my closest GALS can't come for personal reasons, but i'm going to go see her after the con. I'm going to Glencoe, Scotland on the 29th of this mon
  12. Great thread Swan, It was a little scary for me to register, as i have never been to American before, but what gave me the motivation is wanting to meet all the ladies that have been so very wonderful to me in the last few months. I've even decided to do some travelling while i'm over the pond, all by myself. I don't know what it is about this site, but i've begun to get my strength back in my belief as a person and am jumping about like a kid in anticipation. It must be the people that make it great. How many days to go? I love the quote "Tell someone they are brave and you help the
  13. Thank you Foxy I'm so glad that the gals like what i've done. I was a little worried that they would fall short compared with yours and other peoples work here. Whether i'm drawing, writing or TRYING to do other creative things, i always try to bring my heart to the page and hope i succeed. I love eyes and truly believe they are the window to the soul. It was what drew me to Mr B the first time i saw him and he was the reason i picked up the pencil again. I wanted to see if i could maybe bring the beauty of those eyes to life on paper too. I'm very proud of what i've done so far and
  14. Hey Eva Marie, Thank you for your kind words. I started to draw again on the 29/03/06 and Erik was finished on the 7/06/06. Gerry (from my siggy) was drawn after the fawn (Erik) and before the Arabian stallion which was completed on 25/06/06. I know i should have probably used all the specialist equipment, but i wanted to see what could be done with the basics. I wasn't sure if i would be any good anyway and didn't want to waste a lot of money. I thought it might help people see what can be done with a simple pencil and piece of paper. I hate to use the word inspiration about myself as i
  15. Thank you hon, Um i don't really know how i did them i just sat down at work and started to draw. I look at a picture and study it and seem to be able to connect what i see with my hand i guess. I can't really draw from my head, i have to have a picture in front of me. The little fawn 'Erik' is one of my favourites. I saw that pic from a magazine about Exmoor which is a national park near where i live and thought how beautiful he is. I hope he's still doing well. The Arabian stallion and Attila are from a book i bought as i'm a bit of a horse nut. I would love to draw some real one's on
  16. These are the rest of my drawings i hope you like them. I've listed them in the order i drew them. Thanks for taking the time to look. http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l62/erik...errypics244.jpg http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l62/erik...errypics245.jpg http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l62/erik...errypics246.jpg http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l62/erik...errypics247.jpg http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l62/erik...errypics248.jpg http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l62/erik...errypics249.jpg http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l62/erik...rypics250-1.jpg http://i93.photobucket.com/alb
  17. Thank you so very much. I've asked friends and family what they think of my drawings and they like them, but when it comes to pic's of Ger i wanted to ask the experts. I've got about 10 pencil drawings 2 of Ger including the one in my siggy. If anyone would like to see them i could try to upload them on photobucket and post the link here. I would love to know what you think. Thanks again for your kind words With respect Simone x
  18. Hugs right back at ya sweetheart and i didn't know about your son. Do you mind telling me? With respect Sim x
  19. Bella, You aren't the only person that can see the beauty of your soul. It comes shining through darlin'. I love your quotes under your siggy. The Eleanor Roosevelt one is lovely. I personally think the future also belongs to those who never try to take anothers dreams away. Everyone, Can i just say that the only reason i put what i did about how ill i was, was because i wanted to open up and give a bit of myself. No doubt 'some' will think i'm trying to get sympathy from you because 'apparently' i've used being near suicidal in the past and the death of my close school friend as a
  20. I wouldn't be able to concentrate with him sat in front of me. My hands would shake. Not just because of his presence, but because i have so much respect for him and would be way too critical of every ummm "stroke" Back in gutter sorry. Sim x
  21. Hey Eva Marie You are a complete sweetheart and thank you for sharing this pic. It's silly, but seeing something so genuinely beautiful has renewed my faith in a lot of things. You have SERIOUS TALENT. I love how most gals share, but also care. Sorry sounds a bit cheesy that, but i hope you know what i mean. With great respect and to you i :worship: :worship: :worship: Simone x
  22. Hey sweetie, Think mine's a bit boring, but i'll share. 'Erik's English Rose' speaks for itself i think. Not many people know this, but POTO is incredibly special to me because i almost died in February. It would take too long to explain, but the only reason i'm still here is because i got up out of bed to watch it. I had such a high fever that night that my Doctor told me if i hadn't done so i would have had a massive fit. Please don't think me weird or a loony, but i heard someone say Phantom to me that night. That's why He is and always will be so very important to me. 'Whats Under Y
  23. Thank you to everyone for all your kind words. My art & design college course starts tomorrow and i'm hoping to have Ger as my end of year exibition piece. Wonder if he'd pose for it in person. Well a GAL can dream can't she? Very kind regards and best wishes Simone x
  24. These are the pictures of Ger i really love. He looks happy and relaxed and everything i wish for him to be. I would just love to :hug99: him. He just looks so (I hate to use the word about him) ordinary. Just a lovely man sat having his picture taken. I love how he just doesn't seem to have the 'celebrity' ego at all and that's part of why i have so much respect for him. Simone x
  25. Hi Amanda T Thank you for your very kind words and hurry up and get your pic on the site so i can tell you how fab your's is too. Stef should be able to help, just send an email to the drem@ address in the contacts. Good luck and thank you again for caring Best wishes Simone x
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