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  1. Thank you very much for your kind words and i respect what you've said very much. It's especially meaningful as today was very upsetting for me, i won't go into it here. Thank you again and Amy, just send Stef your pic's and she'll upload them for you. She was very kind and helpful with mine. I'd love to see your work. Very sincerely Simone x PS Amy, i'm in awe of your lovely words in your siggy they say it all and have moved me greatly.
  2. I've been completely blown away by the work i've seen on this part of the forum and would love to know what you think of my attempt. No Leonardo i know, but i'm really proud of it. His eyes are my favourite part for me and i'm still not 100% happy with his lips. They were a nightmare to draw, but a nightmare i didn't want to wake up from . http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/coppermine....php?pos=-15150 With respect Simone x
  3. Hi Eva Mari Just got to say WOW. Your pic is genuinely lovely. Paintings to me are things of beauty and how you've captured that gorgeous little boy is beautiful. I uploaded a drawing i did of Ger in the gallery and would love to know what you think. Go easy on me though, i'm no Leonardo . NEVER worry about putting yourself out there when you have obvious TALENT like you do. All the very best to you and the rest of your commission. With respect Simone x
  4. I only meant that i didn't want to get too carried away spot as this is a post for King Loveliness after all. He might think i only liked him for his feet . Oh what feet they are!!!!! Concentrate Simone, concentrate. How about if he read War & Peace, that way we'd still be listening to him in 2020. My all time favourite book is To Kill a Mockingbird, but again i'm not sure the accent is right. I would just love to hear him say "and they all lived happily ever after, The End". That would never happen, though as he aways dies. There is always the phone book, that way he'
  5. I think i may have been a little too naughty in my last post, so i apologise. I would love to hear Gerry reading anything. It would make me go to hear him read the menu from the local chinese take out. :eat: Where was i ummmmmm yes. On a serious note, it would be amazing for him to do a talking book as long as it isn't PS because it broke my heart just imagining Ger in the role, let alone him actually reading it. I think Mr B will be filming 'Burns' sometime in the next decade so perhaps he could record reading the poems to go alongside it. Shakespeare would be fantastic too, i lo
  6. We have so got to dance to that song in Vegas. Only one problem i can forsee not enough Gerry Juice *ahem* to go around *pouts*. Sorry spot i seem to have changed a post from a serious one into a Mr B lust-fest. Oh well it doesn't take much for me to slip/jumped/wildly abandon myself to the gutter. I have nothing but utmost respect for the voice, the eyes, the heart, the soul and all the other bits as well . Ger has got to be TTP (the total package). When it comes to reading something, i would love a bedtime story please Gerry. Have you read my alternative Little Red Riding Hood it says i
  7. Thank you so much, it was great. He's got way too much clothes on though and needs to be saying it actually in bed.
  8. Hey Simone! Gerry did read for the part, but they ended up casting Liam Neeson for Aslan, who did a spectacular job. Although I'm with you... I would have loved it if Gerry had gotten the VO role. :smile: ~Mel Hey Mel Liam who He is a fab actor (have you seen Schindlers List?)OMG how amazing would it be for Ger to do something like that. He has the talent as we all know and one of the biggest hearts to match. I'm so glad he's finally getting the recognition for it. Like you i think Mr B would have been splendid as Aslan although he does die (kind of) which is no change for
  9. Is it my imagination or was Ger going to record the role of Aslan the lion in the Chronicles of Narnia film. I'm sure i've read that somewhere. I've never wanted to hear a man purr so much in my life. A lion is the perfect animal for Mr B i think, couragous, strong, yet gentle when needed. Uh oh getting I love hearing him speak too. The letters in Dear Frankie always get me choaked up especially when he says "Be good for your mammy, with love from your Daddy." I :cry: every time. I also love the classy way he speaks in POTO. I know it's without his beautiful accent, but i have never
  10. I meant paint him onto canvas Suz, not paint him with chocolate sauce etc.... How is the gutter today?????
  11. I was just wanting some advice from my fellow gals really. I had a meeting today with my soon to be Art Tutor and she was telling me about the topic's and project's that i would cover in my course. For our end of year exibition we can submit a portrait and we can choose anyone as long as they are an inspiration to us. I've always wanted to paint Mr B and the drawing i did of him that is in the gals gallery is the reason i was accepted onto my course, so i thought it only fitting that my end project should be of him too. I know it might be strange to say i want to ask permission, but as my wo
  12. Rebecca was 11 and i had just turned 15. If you'd like to know more i explained in the thread named 'A tribute to the gals kind enough to care' in the thank you's and left a prayer for her named 'Beloved Rebecca' I didn't know that Gerry's dad had died of the same illness. I did read that he had died of cancer, but didn't know what kind. I felt a bit uncomfortable reading about something so private and didn't want to feel like i'd intruded into a part of his life that is so very private and so very personal. Maybe that's why i feel so connected to him, we share a huge loss from the same hate
  13. This book has got to be one of the most heart-wrenching and beautiful works that i've ever read. I've had to bite my lip to hold back the tears at least twice (didn't want to, but as i was suppose to be at work i tried my best), the June letter from Gerry has got to me the most and i would recommend any gal to read it. It's very emotional, but also extremely touching and the respect i have for Mr B's choices in roles just keeps growing. It was hard for me to read how Holly cares for him at home during his last months, but it also greatly helped in a way and it feels like Gerry is reaching ou
  14. Simone, I doubt very much they will show that much reality in the movie, but I bet it will still be hard enough to see for anyone who has lost someone like that. I think once the character Gerry "dies" the rest of the movie will just be very touching and sweet. Hugs...Robyne Thanks Robyne. As difficult as it might be to say this, i do hope they don't just show Gerry going to sleep, as it just isn't like that. I don't want to see great suffering on his part, but i do hope they keep it real because then it doesn't take away from the people who have cared for and had to watch loved ones
  15. :cry: This is going to be a very, very tough one for me and i hope i don't spoil it for anyone, but 'Gerry' dies of a brain tumour. I don't think i'm going to be able to watch it as i've witnessed first hand a lovely 11 year old girl waste away in front of my eyes from that and to see the same thing happen to Gerry even though it isn't real would kill me. I just hope they don't show him suffering as i don't think any of us could cope very well with that. I don't know if anyone has seen what that can do to a person and my stomach still turns over when i think about it. No doubt Gerry will do
  16. Hiya Simone here a.k.a whatsunderyerkilt. Having a nightmare with computers at moment so am eriksenglishrose for the time being. I've loved reading everyones ideas and just thought i'd share a few of mine if that's ok. I would love for us to have a Scottish night or something like that. (I can provide the Whiskey) It would be fantastic to have a traditional Celtic band, but i'm not sure if it would be possible. I don't suppose we could get the band that played on the 'Titanic' film. (Keep dreaming Simone ) I love the idea of the disposable cameras on tables and going to see Phantom woul
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