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  1. Hi Barbara. I'm one of the GALS who plays the Quotes game, and we are having problems with the email notifications. I suddenly started getting them again a couple of days ago. My co-players are still not getting notifications. I went into my settings and found something that says "Browser notifications disabled." Could this be the problem?


    Thanks for your help.


    Rayna (raynbow)



    1. becozy


      Yes! Thank you!


      The example I posted - from my own account - showed  Browser Notifications Allowed in a green box with a check mark. You're the only one who noticed, I guess, LOL! 


      That is a setting each person has to do on their individual devices - go into their browser security settings

      and choose allow notifications. In Firefox (which our site is designed for): Tools/Options/Privacy&Security and then

      scroll to Permissions and go to Notifications click on Settings and if www.gerardbutlergals.com isn't listed, you can add it in the entry field. click "Save Changes" and it should be good to go.


      There have been updates to Firefox and other browsers, so perhaps that's when it went astray. I'm not sure, exactly, but the Notifications are going out. Screenshot_2020-02-28 WhoSaid_notifications.png


      I'll add this to the post on the Forum.


      I hope the other gals will be able to get it adjusted and start receiving notices!


      Again, thanks! :ty:




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  2. for of us are not receiving notifications from the gaming site.


    please have someone look into this. thank you.


    Asunta  (Lyn)

    1. becozy


      Sent you info via PM :D


  3. hey there :D 

    1. becozy


      :hello: Eva! :welcome:

      If you need any help navigating the Forum, let me, or any of the Mod Squad know.

      Have fun!





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  4. "He's there......inside my mind."

    1. becozy


      Zany! Good to 'see' you! :hug1:


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