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  1. With thanks and love to Gerry, the reason for GALS and Dr. Em/Dayna for creating our fun Gerry wonderland! And thanks to all the members who keep us going with support and memories.
  2. A little trip down memory lane! It's been 13 years since the first Convention...unfortunately, for a number of financial reasons, they are no longer viable. I thought those of us who were there, would enjoy this post, and a video slideshow, of Gerry's visit on Saturday, June 10th, 2006. Swannie (Swansong-Best Talent) and Mel (Abrock - Best Video) were presented awards by Gerry, assisted by his good friend, and then assistant, Tonya. and he had a few moments with Bethy (Cleobethra). The video captures from various GALS was hard to process, bec
  3. Our coffers are running low again! We have monthly obligations that we have to meet in connection with gbGALS.com. If you're able to pitch in, ANY amount is appreciated. Please paypal your gift to support@gerardbutlergals.com. If you'd rather send a check: Mailing Address: Address the envelope to Katie Steuart, but please make the check payable to: GBGALS, note: support Katie Steuart 2010 Oakwood Dr. Fayetteville, TN 37334 THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! gbGALS Admins & ModSquad
  4. Yes, sadly for those who wanted to watch, it has been removed.
  5. Someone added the full movie to YouTube...doubt it will stay on the site for long, but if you want to check it out:
  6. https://gerardbutlergals.com/content/press/gerard-butlers-afterburn-gets-a-director/ The original Thread was lost in an forum update. Reposted 2/1/19
  7. More about the event, with photo links https://gerardbutlergals.com/content/press/gerry-at-the-bafta-burns-night-dinner-jan-24-2019/
  8. Full lyrics provided by the above account: The hour has deepened The wind has weakened Your sails are hung and low Tides unforgiving Rocks lie in waiting Adrift of grace's hand The light will bring you home The night won't take you down Duty sent me home My distance from your hand 'til time allows return My love I'll keep your song.
  9. Hope you have a wonderful day and wishing you Health and Happiness in the year ahead! Hugs, Barb
  10. christy40 is looking to exchange holiday cards with other GALS members. Anyone who is interested, can send her a PM and you can exchange address info. Of course, any members who want to communicate via snail-mail can do the same. Remember to PM your info DO NOT post here, as this is an open Forum.
  11. https://gerardbutlergals.com/content/press/first-official-trailer-for-thevanishing-2019/ https://twitter.com/gbGALS/status/1064898812433571841 https://twitter.com/gbGALS/status/1064898812433571841
  12. https://gerardbutlergals.com/content/press/gerrys-malibu-home-destroyed-by-the-woolsey-fire-11-11-18/
  13. https://gerardbutlergals.com/content/press/gerard-butlers-keepers-renamed-thevanishing/ Variety reports: Mad as Birds Brings on Warner Bros. Marketing Alum Con Gornell (EXCLUSIVE) excerpt: The first project that former Warner Bros. EMEA marketing exec VP Gornell will work on is “The Vanishing” (formerly known as ‘”Keepers”).
  14. Updated as info is added. To check for updates, you can head over to https://www.interbridge.com/lineupsdate.html?fbclid=IwAR0_tEn0HByRlnF71Fo1MG-FBxE5MOC2mxPsSxxp_2ydZNda2lI7TJuBoq4 Wed 10/24 Stephen Colbert Thur 10/25 Live with Kelly & Ryan Thur 10/25 Seth Myers Keep an eye out for updates!
  15. Love it!! I wanted to share this from Facebook
  16. Good News!! Barbara was able to return to her home today! One of her family is keeping her company for a few days. She is still under doctor's orders to rest - so she has only light computer use on her agenda Barbara will have to wait until next week to get more news from the doctors, so she is still asking for prayers as she is not 'out of the woods' yet. As she told me 'I ain't down yet'!! for all the love and support for Barb!
  17. UPDATE 8/31: Posted to Facebook a few minutes ago: Barbara would love to hear from her friends - she has her cell phone at the hospital. Her tablet isn't working, so she cannot check on FB or the Forum. She did bring some coloring books and other books for herself, but with no friends or family close by, she has no visitors. So if you can, she'd love a call! Barbara loves and appreciates the friendships she has made as part of our FANmily, and the prayers, posts, cards, etc. give her great comfort. Thanks for being such caring gals!
  18. I posted first on Facebook GB GALS group: UPDATE: lugerry called this evening, post surgery. She is doing well so far. wanted to thank all the GALS for the prayers and healing thoughts - they help her get through. Barbara also wanted to share: when the surgeon (who is female) saw her right before surgery, she showed Barb a photo of Gerry that she had on her phone. The surgeon, who also likes Gerry, told her that she should take a good look and dream of G during the surgery. 😀Barb was thrilled that the surgeon was thoughtful enough to do that, and it made her feel so comfortabl
  19. Once again, we're asking for our GALS Prayer Brigade to pray for our dear lugerry (Barbara). Lu is scheduled for surgery August 28th (2018) - one week from today. She will need a second surgery as soon as she recovers from the first. It's not my place to give details, but Barbara knows our prayers in the past have helped her, and she's asking for our help again. When we have information to share, we (or Barbara, when able) will post an update her progress. all! ~Barb for all the Admins and Mods at GB GALS
  20. First official trailer for #HunterKiller from Lionsgate New poster for #HunterKiller released
  21. Today is Gerard Butler GALS 13th Anniversary! Thanks for all who have helped us grow into a friendly and fun FANmily, celebrating and sharing our love of Gerry. Thank you to Gerry for always being so supportive of GALS, and all his fans. And, of course, thanks to Dr. Em, Dayna, who founded GALS as a gathering spot for all our Gerry love.
  22. For all the latest Gerry news, social media and images click through to http://gerardbutlergals.com/content/
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