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  1. Here's two more: http://www.zap2it.com/movies/news/story/0,...--26537,00.html and http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/0...r1526736665.jpg
  2. Bethy! You are so much fun! We'll have to start saving for your 'honeymoon'! Hope I can be there to support Gerry (since he'll be flat and all :wink: ) and you; and I'll bring bubbles to blow and rose petals to throw! (And yes, I was thinking gutter and was going to make bold a couple of the previous adjectives so they'd really pop ~ahh hemmm~~but I knew it would occur to any GALS gal, without my help!!) :rofl1: Barbara
  3. Hi! Wait 'til Bethy's computer is fixed before sending her any messages! She's probably going to be inundated with messages here, from GB.Net, Kinks/Vanilla and her e-mail! What a mess for her! Hope the repair guys can save her computer and save her graphics/programs. When I talked to her the other day, she said she thinks it's all gone. :o Yikes! I know of another Tart who's trying to buya Gerry's-bracelet-look-alike to donate for the silent auction at the 11/12 NYC fundraiser. I'll pm her to see what she found out, and I'll post again, here! ~Barb
  4. Yea!! Beanie and Sporan! Thanks for helping Dr. Em, Nurse St.Giles, and the other mods!! "See" ya round the boards! :hugbear: Barbara
  5. Candy, Sporan, zanyzombie! I love your pic choices... mmmmm... :gg1: :gg2: Yeah, what's not to like! Their all our G man, in his ...ummmm...glory! You know what the boys in school used to say...don't stick it out unless you plan to use it!! Such temptation.... http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a301/becozy78/294594.jpg Hope I can keep up over here at gbgals Forum! I can barely handle GB.Net! But I'm tenacious and I'll learn :wink: to Dr. Em and Nurse St.Giles!! We loves ya...thanks for all ya do! Bethy...we're praying for that computer to be 'healed'!! and now a little pr
  6. Think he has a personal planner? A Blackberry (or not cause he just learned how to use a computer?) More likely his "Little Black Book"???
  7. Hi, I'm late to the party... but oh! I'm glad I found it! What pics! I shall have very pleasant dreams tonight! Barbara
  8. Hey, those are cool! Now get back to work!! :rofl1: Only kidding...I'm here instead of doing laundry and dusting...hmmm :o better go do my own work!! :hit: becozy
  9. Good luck and have fun, Abrock! :wink:
  10. Hi, Abrock! It would be fun if one of the two 'interests' would blossom into a friendship, and from there, perhaps, something more! I always found my best relationships were with men I was friends with before I dated. One wasn't right for me, after all, but we stayed good friends. The other I married 26 years ago! It wasn't love at first sight, but a slow, steady friendship. And it still is, and it's still fun, and we still surprise each other with new discoveries! Maybe one of your new 'interests' has the same interest in you!? Hugs, Barbara
  11. Jenni~ Congratulations! What wonderful news about Mistress! I think I sent you a pm on GB.Net, but I forget to hit 'save' sometimes, so I'm not sure! Thought I'd add a big cheer here! Yea, Jenni!! I have pic of your book in the gift box I gave as a 'door prize' at our CT Tart party on 7/23. The other Tarts were so intrigued they were going to buy copies! Yea! I'm making my husband's Aunt a Mistress romance package for her birthday, too! Spread the Jenni-joy! Here's a link to the pic: http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a301/bec.../goodybags2.jpg and me presenting to the winner, scrib
  12. Bethy! Cool bracelet!! Glad you posted the pic, my little 'Gerry's Tart'!! Guess Gerry can cancel the bodyguards he hired after seeing your 'I want your braclet' campaign on GB.Net and here at GALS! :roflmao: :rofl1: Enjoy, wear it in good health! Hugs, Barb
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