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  1. Truth! Wisdom! Thanks for the giggle
  2. It IS very quiet here! No new Gerry news certainly slows down the lusting pace Here's a little 'throwback' yum
  3. First published on GB GALS Hunter Killer character portrait via Mitch Jenkins Instagram
  4. dear Suzie, to you!! May your day be filled with the people and things you love
  5. Many people do a screenshot, and then edit it in Paint or other photo editing software. There is a Print Screen button, usually top right of keyboard (PrtSc), click that. Open the saved photo in photo editing program, and 'crop' to get just the photo. 4 Ways to Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Windows - wikiHow How to take a screenshot on your Mac - Apple Support Traditional method, for most photos on the site, hover the cursor over the image, right click, click 'save image as' This will open to your computer and you can add it to the appropriate folder i
  6. http://gerardbutlergals.com/content/press/gerry-as-manoftoday-for-boss-bottled-tonic/ Man Mits alert for songbird!
  7. Totally IMDb shows a July 28, 2017 release for A Family Man. Surely hope so! There is a poster, finally: http://gerardbutlergals.com/content/films/a-family-man/
  8. Sue !! Wishing you all the best in the year ahead!
  9. We have a chatbox instead of a shoutbox on the current version of the Forum. This version allows you to edit your own shout. Go to the shout you want to edit, click on the little 'pencil' icon in the right hand corner of the shout, and it will open the dialogue box. Once you edit, hit enter and it will 'take'. Clickable image:
  10. Elissa, you sure have a lot of fun stuff going on. Lucky! I see I forgot to say to Cat. I'm trying to find out more about "A Family Man" but all of my old resources and contacts are defunct. IMDb shows a US Release as July 28, 2017. Ending on a 'happy note' Gerry from GALS '06 Convention:
  11. Alison! Wonderful to 'see' you here!! Irish! Glad your all worked out for your son! Elissa, you sure are busy! Sounds like a wonderful time, and really interesting about your family Alamo connection. Wow! Suzie, Bonnie! for all!! And now a little Gerry yum to enjoy
  12. to you, to you! Wishing you health, happiness and all good things in your year ahead!
  13. Updated the links, included embedded video. The current listing for the clips (2017): http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/beauty-and-the-beast/n12574?snl=1
  14. First published on GB GALS 3/16/17: Gerry new photoshoot featured in Moda.cz for Boss #ManOfToday There are 5 wonderful photos at link. *rightclicksave* 'em or click on the image at Moda and then on the right, cursor over the curved arrow, click 'download'!
  15. Article was first published at GB GALS Mar. 15, 2017 New photos! Gerry in elmundo.es/Papel Magazine feature article for Hugo Boss for article, tranlated from Spanish, click here
  16. Well, heck! I didn't read the article attached to the trailer. Thanks to Blue Jean And lugerry for pointing out this sad bit of info... "A Family Man premiered at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival and opens in May as a DirectTV exclusive." No big screen views?
  17. First published on GB GALS 3/210/17: Den of Thieves get January 19, 2018 release from Deadline STX Den of Thieves, the action thriller that stars Gerard Butler and an ensemble cast that includes Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson, has been pegged for release on January 19, 2018 by distributor STX. That’s the weekend after the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Right now that date is clear but comes after a slew of films a week earlier such as Lionsgate Liam Neeson starring The Commuter, Sony and Studio 8’s White Boy Rick, and 20th Century Fox’s Maze Runner: The Death
  18. Oh!! Do you remember where you read that? There is another movie called "The Family Man" - Gerry's is "A Family Man"....could it be they are confused?
  19. Good to see you here! We are trying to get more posting to the forum - so please feel free to post in the Movies section, etc. The GALS FB group abides by the same posting and topic guidelines as the Forum: https://www.facebook.com/groups/4287708133/ Have fun!
  20. Originally published at GB GALS on Aug. 24, 2016 From EW: Gerard Butler brings ‘depth and heart’ to The Headhunter’s Calling — first look The Headhunter’s Calling centers on a Chicago-based headhunter, Dane Jensen (Gerard Butler, in the exclusive image above), who goes head-to-head with his ambitious rival, Lynn Vogel (Alison Brie), to control the company upon news his boss (Willem Dafoe) is retiring. But things take a different turn when he learns that his 10-year-old son, Ryan (Max Jenkins), is diagnosed with cancer. Ahead of the film’s Sept. 14 premiere at the Toronto I
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