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  1. Originally published at GB GALS Mar. 16, 2016 Gerry’s G-Base to produce Wild Blue Yonder interactive app featuring Gerry as voice over Comic book company Noble Transmission is partnering with Gerard Butler’s G-Base production company to produce the Wild Blue Yonder interactive app featuring voice over from the actor, Variety has learned exclusively. Wild Blue Yonder, a six-issue limited series published by IDW, is set in a post-apocalyptic future where a fighter pilot and her family fight to survive in the skies after radiation has made Earth uninhabitable on the surface. The app
  2. This looks sooooo good! I got all teary-eyed from the trailer! My husband and son thought it looked really good, but, depressing! Gerry looks in top form, too! A movie with LOTS of Gerry face time! What 'cha all think?!
  3. First published at GB GALS: ‘Geostorm’ Trailer: Some Deadly Weather Is Brewing Trailer version with glimpses of Gerry:
  4. Wonder how much Gerry we're going to get in this CGI heavy movie? Looks like it could be a fun popcorn movie, though! Guess we'll know more once the full length trailer(s) are released
  5. Published first at GB GALS: Skydance/Warner Bros. release a storm of Geostorm teaser trailers
  6. hi all! Cat, it's so good to see you posting! 100 degree days would have me flattened! Thankful for air conditioning in our summers, for sure! Sue, so sorry about your ankle. Ooooh! Hope it heals quickly! Suzie! Bonnie! Snow! We're expecting a bit on Friday. One year it snowed in April and ruined my son's birthday party (he was about 10 and parties were a big deal! And when my daughter was younger, her March 12th birthday parties wer snowed out quite a few times - enough snow to cancel school! And this is Connecticut for crying out loud!
  7. First published on Gerard Butler GALS October 31, 2016 “Keepers” is a psychological thriller, to be directed by award-winning Danish director Kristoffer Nyholm (The Killing, The Enfield Haunting, Taboo). Gerry will play “James” one of a trio of lighthouse keepers pitted together on a remote island off the Scottish coast It is scheduled to start filming in the UK early 2017. Cross Creek Pictures is financing, and G-Base is a producer. “I feel incredibly fortunate to have Gerard Butler, Peter Mullan and Joe Alwyn leading the cast of Keepers – great actors who are deeply com
  8. Social Media roundup mid-February 2017 Various Social Media postings of Gerry in Atlanta during Den of Thieves filming, mid February. Social Media roundup w/o 1/30/17 for Den Of Thieves Roundup of Social Media posts, including bts for Den Of Thieves. Updated as available. 1/30: Filming Underway on Action Thriller DEN OF THIEVES Filming commenced today on DEN OF THIEVES. Producing are Mark Canton, Tucker Tooley, Gerard Butler and Alan Siegel, long-time partners in the
  9. UPDATE 10/31/18: https://deadline.com/2018/10/jon-bernthal-evan-peters-charlie-plummer-josh-gad-snow-ponies-afm-1202491754/ First published at Gerard Butler GALS Feb. 3, 2017 THR reports Gerry to star in “Snow Ponies” – to start filming late 2017 Gerard Butler is set to star in Snow Ponies, the action film that marks Darrin Prescott's directorial debut. Sierra/Affinity is handling sales and will introduce the project to buyers this month at the Berlin Film Market. CAA and WME Global are handling domestic rights. The film follows a crew of men who trav
  10. IMDb: “A Family Man” new title for “The Headunter’s Calling” http://www.voltagepictures.com/details.aspx?ProjectId=68149bef-3497-e211-b3c9-d4ae527c3b65
  11. IMDb: “A Family Man” new title for “The Headunter’s Calling” No firm release date has been set at this time: Voltage Pictures: http://www.voltagepictures.com/details.aspx?ProjectId=68149bef-3497-e211-b3c9-d4ae527c3b65
  12. It was sold at the AFI and other film distribution markets, and should be released in 2017 (IMDb) Hunter Killer teaser poster from AFM16
  13. Information and links in the original post have been updated 2/2717.
  14. Hello, Newest GALS gal! Welcome to our community. We are all here to have fun, and push the envelope a bit. We are a great bunch of fun loving GALS - and we look forward to lots of good, (and naughty!) times with you. Just a few points to start you off! 1. Just a reminder, please read and follow the GALS Forum Guidelines . Also, please read and follow our Photo Posting Guidelines. 2. Don't forget to check out our site, with lots of Gerrylicious pics and great updates, Gerard Butler GALS 3. Another great place to start is the GALS Support Center, our
  15. We are sad to announce the closing of the GALS Gallery and Multimedia. Thankfully, we can get our Gerry pix fix with a quick click on a search engine and video goodies are available on YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Photos/videos will be included in News posts via embed or links. We hope to have some form of Gallery available later this year. GALS YouTube (thank you scotsmanstuart!)
  16. Bonnie, hi! To do a quote a post in your reply: click on the word 'Quote' that appears directly under the post in the dialogue box of the post you want to quote. Once you click on it, the post will appear as a quote in a new reply-dialogue box! I have used the procedure to reply to you! Hope this helps
  17. Thanks to Bonnie for flagging the problem with posting to many of the Forum areas. The last upgrade severely messed with the permissions and other areas of the Control Panel. There was no info on why...and we still need another upgrade! Ugh!! If anyone finds a glitch please email or PM me and I'll see if I am able to fix it. Some things I can't do, such as apply new themes and plug-ins (the missing parts of the old forum like the Shout Box, Gerry graphics, color of the page, etc.). So how is everyone?! The weather sure is wacky in the U.S. - we had a real 'snow day' today, here in Con
  18. Solved! Fixed the permissions! Closing the thread!
  19. Thanks for contacting us, Bonnie!! I'm closing this thread since we got it 'fixed'!!
  20. Hi, Bonnie! I moved your post to the GALS Support Center! The new forum is confusing and doesn't have all the bells and whistles we are used to ... it took me a few tries to get this moved. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that your 2017 will be healthy and happy! Hugs Barb
  21. For those of you who know Zanyzombie/Suzanne, there is an update - she and her family have been put out of their home and are now homeless. She needs financial help and lots of prayers and good thoughts. I have posted her FB info and plea in the post:
  22. Links and or/embeds: http://www.hollandse-hoogte.nl/search.pp?showpicture=59065754&page=2&pos=55 http://www.hollandse-hoogte.nl/search.pp?showpicture=59065725&page=2&pos=58 http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/605832514 Embed from Getty Images http://www.tribute.ca/tiff/index.php/2016/09/15/gerard-butler-returns-to-toronto-for-tiff-premiere-of-the-headhunters-calling/hc-4/
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