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  1. hey ill be home toorrow -- around 8 pm

    I MAY be going to Killeen this weekend.



  2. WAIT!!! WHAT?!!!!

    You called me? When?? Did you leave a message? Go to New Mexico?? Be an extra in Gerry's movie??? LET'S GO!

    *hugs* Btw, I never answer my phone lol.


  3. Love your lonely brain cell post! Absolutely hilarious!

  4. I tried calling you to see if you wanted to go on a trip to NM, but unfortunately you were a bum and didn't answer your phone. I know that unlike Binks, you wouldn't have talked me out of it and would have jumped on the bandwagon.. Guess we'll never know if we could have been extras in a Gerry flick!!!

  5. Hello! So glad you came and joined our crazy little community! You're gonna love it here!

  6. Dee, I know that you are up there in Heaven with God and he has welcomed you into his loving arms. May you forever be in his embrace and enjoy the glorious rays up there in paradise. You will be loved and missed by all.

  7. I'm pretty sure that even if I did go to Vegas (and that is still real iffy) I wouldn't be going to the Chippies. It's a little too much for my fragile innocent eyes. hehehe
  8. Oh Bethy.. you are the best. Just thought that you needed to hear that today. And this...

    P.S. I Love You

    (I really do lol)


  9. Pilar, if Binkie and I make the trip can we come live with you for a couple days. We live in Texas so not that far.. and I'm definitely in the right age range!!! I would just die if I could do this. Totally worth skipping class over!
  10. Hey Zany, Just wonderin' if you could add the names Co-Creator of Clue GB Edition and Eater of Gerry's "Pancakes" to the name list!!! Thanks so much! (I almost said "Thanks and Gig 'Em".... I've been in College Station too long LOL!!!) Fanci
  11. WHAT's GONIN DOWN?!?!

    - i might have a place for us to stay if we take that road trip ti NM?!? -- just a thought

  12. You took the words right out of my mouth Zany!!! And if I have anything to say about it... I'M going to be one of those girls!!! HAHAHA :inlove: BESIDES.. how awesome would it be to see an actual film in production, no matter if Gerry was in it or not. And I don't think anything like this is going to get any closer to Texas...
  13. I hope he does make it and with a bigger part than The Comedian because then there would be another chance for him to make it to Comic Con '07!!!
  14. AWWW Binks.... your convention picture looks awesome! You look so great!!



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